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Have you always opened a recognition card statement entirely to discover that your credit rating card issuer had sent you a few blank checks ? These checks are called credit poster checks, or public toilet checks, and can be used to make purchases, pay off other accredit cards or pull cash advances from your occupation of recognition. Although a count of today ’ second best credit cards offer them, that doesn ’ thyroxine mean convenience checks are constantly a good option. In fact, thanks to the fees and interest rates associated with cash advances, writing a convenience check could cost you a fortune more money than you anticipated. Should you use your convenience checks ? It all depends on the situation—and whether you have any better alternatives. Let ’ s take a spirit at how to get public toilet checks from a credit card, where you can cash a convenience assay, whether you can write a appliance check to person else and more.

What are convenience checks?

A appliance discipline can be used as a personal check—but when you write a public toilet check, the money comes out of the line of accredit associated with your citation calling card. If you want to make a leverage with a convenience check, you merely make the check out to the merchant for the amount of your leverage and signal it. If you want to get cash for yourself, plainly make the check out to yourself and cash it anywhere you would cash a personal check. When you use a public toilet check, the sum will be deducted from your citation card in the human body of a cash advance. Be mindful that your cash progress limit might be lower than your credit limit, and be prepared to pay cash overture fees and cash boost sake rates on the money you withdraw from your agate line of credit .

Benefits of convenience checks

public toilet checks allow you to access your argumentation of credit in situations where credit rating cards are not accepted. If you need money to pay lease, for exemplar, your landlord might not accept a credit card, but you should be able to use a appliance check to make the requital. convenience checks besides allow you to access cash in situations where you can not use your debit card or checking explanation. If you need cash quickly but do not have the money in your bank account, you could write yourself a convenience check and cash it barely like you would a personal check. You can even use a public toilet check as a way to pay a recognition card with a credit card. Most credit card issuers will not let you pay your citation card bill with a convenience crack from the lapp issuer—in other words, you can ’ triiodothyronine use a Capital One convenience check to pay off a Capital One credit card —but you could use a convenience check to pay a credit batting order bill with a different issuer. That said, if you find yourself unable to pay your credit calling card bills without withdrawing money from another credit poster, it might be time to start looking into recognition menu debt resources .

Drawbacks of convenience checks

convenience checks work like cash advances—which means they normally include overture fees, higher interest rates and nonindulgent penalties around repayment. The average credit poster APR is about 16 percentage, but appliance checks can have APRs of 25 percentage or more. public toilet checks do not have seemliness periods like credit card charges. alternatively, your appliance see will begin to accrue interest a soon as you use it. If you ’ re unable to repay the symmetry in full immediately, the matter to charges could start to add up. There are no restrictions in locate to prevent you from writing a convenience check that puts you over your credit limit. Further, your cash advance credit limit might be lower than your total accredit limit, so keep that in mind as you use appliance checks. If you go over your credit rating limit with a convenience check, penalties may apply.

How to use credit card checks

Credit circuit board checks function about precisely like personal checks and can be used wherever checks are accepted .

Where to get them

How can you get a public toilet check from a credit batting order ? many credit tease issuers regularly send cardholders convenience checks in the mail ; for case, convenience checks might arrive with your monthly affirmation. other card issuers only offer convenience checks to cardholders with sealed levels of creditworthiness. If you would like to request public toilet checks from your credit card issuer, call the number on the back of your credit card .

Where to cash them

You can cash a accredit tease convenience check anywhere you can cash a personal check, including bank branches and check-cashing services. Before you cash your appliance check, you need to fill out the check, putting the discussion “ Cash ” adjacent to “ Pay to the order of. ” Write out how much cash you ’ d like to withdraw from your line of credit, then augury and date the check mark. When you write a match that contains the words “ Pay to the order of : Cash, ” anyone who has the check in their possession can cash the check. This means if your appliance check is lost or stolen, person else could claim your cash. For security ’ sulfur sake, try to avoid filling out your appliance check until right before you turn it over to a bank narrator .

Can I write a convenience check to someone else?

One of the advantages of credit calling card convenience checks is the ability to write a check to person else, such as a landlord, utility company, friend or family member. public toilet checks are accepted everywhere personal checks are accepted, so feel dislodge to make your appliance check out to a third party .

How do convenience checks affect your credit score?

public toilet checks do not directly impact your credit score. however, using a credit batting order public toilet check mark could raise your credit utilization ratio by increasing the total of debt you are carrying on your accredit cards. Since citation utilization makes up 30 percentage of your credit score, racking up a senior high school accredit utilization proportion could lead to a lower credit score overall. Any cash progress fees and cash progress interest rates associated with your convenience checks will besides add to your debt and raise your credit card balances. Unless you ’ re able to pay off your appliance checks relatively cursorily, you could find yourself using more of your available credit than you realized. high credit balances aren ’ t the only things to worry about. The fact that you ’ rhenium using convenience checks to withdraw money from your credit cards might mean you don ’ t have a distribute of available cash in your match or savings accounts. This could make it more unmanageable to make on-time credit batting order payments. Since credit poster payment history makes up 35 percentage of your credit score, missed or former payments could have a serious impact on your credit.

Alternatives to convenience checks

If you need access to cash but don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have the money in your bank accounts, credit card public toilet checks are one option—but you should besides consider a few alternatives to convenience checks .

  • Personal loans: Taking out a personal loan can help you get the cash you need, and personal loan interest rates are often much lower than cash advance interest rates.
  • Borrowing money from family or friends: According to a 2019 Bankrate survey, 60 percent of Americans have loaned cash to a family member or friend, so you might know someone who is able to help you out. Just make sure you agree on a repayment plan, and do your best to stick to it.
  • Picking up a side hustle: Sometimes the quickest way to get access to cash is to earn it. Side hustles like Uber and DoorDash could be the solution to your cash flow problem. Use Bankrate’s list of top side hustle services to get started.

The bottom line

While convenience checks can be helpful in a top, they can cost you more money than you realize. In fact, the high price of convenience checks can even damage your credit score over time. Make sure you understand all of the pros and cons before you use a convenience check, and look into appliance check alternatives before you write a check that lets you borrow money from your credit menu .

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