Cheapest Way to Cash a Personal Check without a Bank Account

When you have a bank account and receive a check, it ’ randomness easy. You open up the app and snap some photos. If your trust doesn ’ metric ton have an app, you take it to the branch and hand it to a teller or use the ATM .
What if you ’ re one of the many millions of people who are “ unbanked ” – without a bank score ? The answer is trickier .
hera are the ways you cash a control, from cheapest to most expensive :
even if you have a trust account, you may need access to this cash immediately. When you deposit a bridle, it can take a couple of days before the funds are available, depending on who the type of check and who issued it. When you cash a check, you get the cash immediately.

Costco, BJ’s Wholesale, Sam’s Club

none of them cash checks !
One of my favorite stores is Costco and it turns out that Costco does not cash checks. The same holds true for their two wholesale cabaret competitors. BJ ’ S Wholesale Club and Sam ’ s Club do not cash checks either of any kind .
What is surprise is that they don ’ t cash business checks, payroll checks, or even government checks ( and obviously personal checks ). I thought they ’ d at least take politics checks as they are the safest, but nope !

The Issuing Bank or Credit Union

Go to the trust that issued the check – their information is on the match itself. They can verify the check ’ s legitimacy, whether funds are available, and will give you cash for a fee. The fee varies from bank to deposit .
This is the cheapest option, particularly for non-official checks. In some cases, it ’ s release ( sometimes only free if under a certain dollar sum ) .
For exercise, Bank of America charges a flat $ 6 tip to cash one of their checks. Capital One charges $ 0. M & T Bank will charges you 2 % of the determine sum with a $ 3 minimal. Call a local branch to find out their claim fee for your check mark .

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Wal-Mart (or Grocery Store)

Wal-mart offers in-store check cashing of Payroll checks, Government checks, Tax checks, Cashier ’ second Checks, Insurance settlement checks, 401 ( k ), retirement distribution checks, and MoneyGram money orders that were purchased at Walmart .
They may cash a bipartisan personal check up to $ 200 for a utmost $ 6 tip, but it ’ sulfur subject to local laws.

The fees are straightforward : $ 3 for checks of $ 1,000 or less and $ 6 for those above $ 1,000 and under $ 5,000 .
More details here .


If you have a 7-Eleven nearby and they have a Vcom check-cashing booth, you can cash a check there excessively. The Vcom check-cashing booth is an automatize touch-screen booth that can handle a variety show of fiscal tasks from cashing checks to paying bills .
You can find out more here .

Prepaid Debit Cards

If you are using a postpaid debit menu ( a.k.a. reloadable debit cards ), like Netspend ( see how you can get $ 20 from a referral to NetSpend ) or Bluebird by American Express, you may be able to deposit your match as a recharge .
To make the transaction, use their mobile app ( if they have one ) or go to a spouse location that lets you perform the recharge. If this is a payroll check, consider mastermind deposit reloads as a way to avoid the reload tip ( if you have a direct deposit, it may be worth getting a checking account ) .
Prepaid debit cards can get expensive, with transaction fees and activity fees, but if you use it wisely it can offer a bum way to cash checks .

Check Cashing Store

These will be the most expensive option but if you have a personal check and no local deposit, it might be the alone choice .
Cash promote, entitle loans, payday lend stores – they ’ re all names for the same type of equip. expensive short term loans with high fees and punitive interest rates. They besides cash checks .
Whereas Wal-Mart alone takes institutional checks, many of these places will take personal checks excessively. Some will require you get a credit check, since it amounts to a unretentive terminus loan, while others won ’ triiodothyronine. Call around to see what the policies and fees are.

A local anesthetic cash checking place in Maryland charges a two-dimensional 10 % fee to cash a personal check. They do the work of calling the issuing bank and confirming funds before they cash you out – sometimes you have to get their debit batting order besides. In this store ’ randomness summons, they need to talk to the person who wrote the check besides .
other places may charge a two-dimensional fee with a percentage on lead – like $ 5 per check plus 1 %, possibly with a minimum fee. Call to confirm the details .
Those are the few options you have for cashing a check – as you can see, some are better than others !

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