Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks? Yes, But There Are Limits

possibly you don ’ t have a bank account. Or possibly you happen to be shopping in Walmart and have your most holocene paycheck in your pouch. In either case, Walmart makes for a bang-up option when it comes to cashing a check. Their fees are reasonable and their determine limits are high. here ’ randomness everything you need to know about cashing checks at Walmart in 2022 .
Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks? Here's Exactly How It Works

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks?

equitable capitulum straight to the Walmart Money Center, or customer service desk, and promptly get your personal check cashed.

You do not need to register ahead of time to cash checks at Walmart or have a Walmart credit card to make it happen .

Does Walmart Also Cash Two-Party Checks?

Walmart will indeed cash your two-party check, up to $ 200 per confirmation, and charge you $6 each .
Most retailers and grocery store stores charge up to $ 10 to cash a 2-party check, making Walmart a great option .
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What Other Types of Checks Do They Cash?

aside from personal and bipartisan bridle, Walmart will besides cash the stick to types of checks…
– Pre-Printed checks
– Payroll checks
– Government checks
– Tax checks
– Cashiers ’ checks
– Insurance settlement checks
– 401 ( kelvin ), retirement expense checks
– MoneyGram money orders

What I.D. is Required to Cash a Check?

Walmart accepts the postdate forms of I.D. when cashing a arrest .
– Driver ’ s license .
– Military I.D. and Tribal I.D .
– State Issued I.D .
– U.S. Passport .
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What Fees Will I Incur?

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– Checks Up To $1,000 – For checks $1,000 or under, the maximum fee that you ’ ll pay at Walmart is only $4 .
– Checks Over $1,000 – The maximum fee for cashing checks over $1,000 is $8 .
– Two-Party Checks – For bipartisan checks up to $ 200, the maximum fee you ’ ll wage is $6 .

Is There a Maximum Dollar Amount That Can Be Cashed?

Walmart limits check cashing to $5,000 per arrest, but they extend it to $7,500 from January to April .

What About Business Checks at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart will cash checks written to you from a occupation adenine well .
The same fees and maximums use .

Can I Get My Cash Put on a Walmart Money Card?

When cashing a check at Walmart, you ’ ll be given the option of transferring the amount of the check onto a Walmart Money Card for future spend .
While clearly a way for Walmart to get you to spend your money within their doors, it could be a smart way to help you control your outgo .

Can I Cash a Stimulus Check or IRS Check at Walmart?

Walmart will happily cash your stimulation check, or tax refund assay, arsenic long as it doesn ’ triiodothyronine go over their hindrance limits .
Ask the Reader: Do you ever cash checks at your local anesthetic Walmart ? Is it equally easily as it sounds, or am I missing something ?

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