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We strive to provide the best service possible and will work on behalf of our clients to rectify any regrettable circumstances regarding your reservation. however, we act lone as an mugwump agent to secure services of an air out carrier, cable car rental supplier, hotel, or early travel related supplier. consequently, we have no dominance over personnel, equipment, or operations of these suppliers and shall not be held liable for any inconvenience, personal injury, property damage, or other loss incurred as a result of any wrongful acts, omissions, or nonpayment on the part of the suppliers. All grievances must be reported with any and all supporting documentation to us within 60 days of the mail of the beginning recognition menu argument showing any discrepancies for charge and requital issues or within 60 days after the completion of travel services provided. double check that the document or email containing your mental reservation total was sent from us – If you are hush having issues accessing your reservation, contact us on 1800 244 400 ( INTL. +61 3 9850 6966 ) 8:30am – 6pm. One of the best resources for tracking news program and government advice regarding other countries is at – from this locate, you ’ ll be able to see current warnings issues by the australian government vitamin a well as a breakdown of risks and issues in the nation. Is it safe to travel on my specified dates ?

Is it safe to travel on my specified dates ? Our deals are on frequent rotation and are capable to change without notice. You can search specifically for specials by entering your address, selecting ‘ Refine ’ and ticking the ‘ On Sale ’ box or sorting results by best value or lowest to highest price. What discounts and specials are available ? What discounts and specials are available ? You should check with the local embassy of the area you are travelling to if you are diffident of the documentation you are required to bring. As a general rule, you will need a recommendation with at least six months valid until the death date arsenic good as proof of lodgings and return transit. many countries besides require a visa be lodged and approved prior to departure.

Can I check in or check out outside of the allocated times?

Most hotels allow for visitors to store their bags while waiting for assay in meter. flexible control in may be on offer at some properties, but this should be confirmed by you directly with the hotel .

Can I add my property to the website?

At this stage, we ’ re not accepting any more listings. however, this is discipline to change .

Do hotels have minimum age requirements?

Please be aware that some hotels may have minimum age restrictions or requirements when reserving a room. For case, some hotels with casinos may require you to be 21 years of senesce to check into a room. Please investigate with an agent or with the hotel immediately if you are uncertain .

Is there a hotel shuttle service to/from the airport?

many hotels offer shuttle overhaul to and from the airport. This may be listed on the properties page. If it is offered, there may be a charge by the hotel for this service .

Is parking available? Free parking? Long-term parking?

Most hotels offer barren parking to their guests, although some may charge. long-run parking is offered at the discretion of the place ( much in conjunction with parking lot and fly rates ). This may be listed on the properties page .

What if there will be more than two adults in the room?

Most hotels allow extra guests to stay in the rooms at a charge ( normally between $ 5.00- $ 20.00 per person ). Some hotels have a specify on how many people can stay in a room. This may be listed on the properties page .

Our children will be with us. Do they stay free?

normally children under 12 years of historic period last out for absolve in their rear ‘s room using the existing go to bed. The age necessity differs depending on the particular hotel ‘s policy. This may be listed on the properties foliate .

Are rollaway beds/cribs available?

Most hotels and some vacation rentals offer rollaway beds and crib ( typically at a charge of A $ 5.00 – A $ 20.00 each ). Some may have restrictions on what room types will allow rollaway beds. This may be listed on the properties page. If special requests are accepted, these can be entered on the ‘ Complete Booking ’ page .

What are the directions to the hotel?

A map of the hotel ’ second surroundings is available on the properties page. You can use this to identify nearby landmarks or the distance to the airport .

Is breakfast included?

many hotels offer release breakfast. Often this is a continental breakfast but offerings can vary. If included, it should be listed on the properties page.

Where do I pick up my vacation rental keys?

The e-mail you receive confirming your reservation for a vacation lease will provide details as to where and when you should pick up the keys to your whole .

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