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More than ever, we are a mobile society. Many people live, work, invest, and spend time in multiple states. As freeing as that flexibility is, during tax time, this new reality raises the specter of complex state income tax consequences, specifically the rights of multiple states to tax income.
More than ever, we are a mobile society. many people live, work, invest, and spend time in multiple states. a freeing as that tractability is, during tax time, this new reality raises the apparition of complex state income tax consequences, specifically the rights of multiple states to tax income. While every express has its own unique access to taxation, changing income tax domicile could be advantageous and something worth explore .
Domicile versus Residency

The terms “ domicile ” and “ residency ” are often used interchangeably, but from a legal and tax position, they are not the lapp. States vary in their definitions of these terms, but they agree on the play along distinctions : reside is a person ’ south permanent residence. A person can alone have one reside at any given time. residency can be the lapp as a person ’ second reside, but it can besides be a person ’ sulfur temp residence, which could be for an extend period of time. however, it is not the plaza a person ultimately attaches themselves to and intends to return to. A person may have more than one residency at a given clock .
basically, establishing dwelling in a submit means that the state ’ s laws apply to person who lives there. In other words, the express has the correctly to tax income, and the individual has the right to rely on that state ’ s laws related to asset protection, marriage, divorce, probate, retirement security, bankruptcy, etc. Domicile requires bodily presence in the state and specific purpose to return when away .
Changing Domicile
Changing dwelling requires two significant steps : ( 1 ) establishing a new dwelling ; and ( 2 ) severing the joining to the old one. When changing dwelling, it is impossible to leave an erstwhile domicile until a person has established and arrived in a new reside – frequently referred to as the “ leave-and-land ” predominate. This requires having a residence that can reasonably be viewed as one ’ s fixed home. The key is establishing enough evidence to demonstrate the purpose to make that home permanent, which can be accomplished by spending as much time as possible in the new state of domicile, changing addresses on all accounts, bills and services to the fresh savoir-faire, and taking the steps to integrate oneself into the newfangled residential district angstrom much as possible ( for example, joining houses of worship, organizations, social and civic clubs ) .
Factors Indicating Intent to Change Domicile
Time Spent in the State
Time exhausted in a state is one of the most, if not the most, important factors in showing intent to change domicile. Keeping track of time spent in the state of intended dwelling demonstrates one has made a dependable change of dwelling. If domicile is ever challenged, personal and business calendars can be helpful and may even be introduced as evidence. Additional records, such as accredit batting order receipts and statements showing purchase dates of items within the raw domicile state ( i. commuter passes, flight records, telephone records and cell telephone statements ), can help bolster the claim that a person has changed dwelling to a new express. Interestingly, social media accounts can have an impact, excessively .
veridical Property – Either Owned or Rented

real property, either owned or rented, can be testify of purpose to domicile adenine well. broadly, if a person owns one residence and rents another, more weight will be given to the one owned. however, extra factors may besides be considered, such as the way the homes are furnished. Keep in mind, dwelling is the rate a person intends to be a permanent dwelling. naturally, the nice a home is furnished and the more suitable it is for year-round consumption, the more probably it will be considered a primary residency .
Cherished Items – Location and Placement
Most people want to be close to the things they value most. consequently, another key element in determining whether person has truly changed domicile is what matchless has done with the items valued most. In other words, where are the items that are near and dear ? Where is valuable artwork or jewelry ? Where is the family pet ? Where is a safety situate box ? If a person has more than one car, make sure that the nicest matchless is located at the dwelling of the intended domicile. Consider moving as many of these items as potential to the new domicile .
other Factors in Establishing Intent
intent to domicile is demonstrated through an inspection of actions over time. Although not meant to be exhaustive, below are some steps/actions that demonstrate captive to change dwelling :

  • Locate a family pet in the new state
  • File taxes as a “resident” in the new state
  • Register to vote and vote in the new state
  • Change car insurance to cover the car in the new state
  • Register an automobile, boat, motorcycle, camper or other motorized vehicle in the new state
  • Sign up for local delivery of things like newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals in the new state
  • Update an estate plan in the new state
  • Use doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, hairdressers, social workers, and other professionals in the new state
  • Switch gym memberships, clubs, civic organizations, and places of worship to the new state
  • File a “Declaration of Domicile” or similar document in the new state (if the state has such a procedure)
  • Forward mail from other locations to the intended domicile
  • Gather for family holidays and other seasonal events in the new state
  • Engage in some level of employment in the new state

Keep in mind that while states broadly agree on the definition of domicile, they do not all agree on which factors should be used in determining reside, or what weight certain factors should be given. therefore, when attempting to establish a newly domicile – and more importantly, sever an old one – it is crucial to review and understand both states ’ specific procedures and rules .
Severing Domicile in the Old State
It is merely arsenic important to try to sever ties to the old state as it is to establish ties to the new one. In fact, when domicile challenges arise, they about constantly involve the old state resist to give up its status as domicile, preferably than the issue of the new state rejecting a claim of new dwelling established.

Whenever possible, one should consider selling any substantial estate of the realm owned in the old reside since this creates the cleanest rupture with a early state of matter. This break, coupled with the purchase of a fresh residency in the newly state, is probably the single best indicator of a person ’ sulfur captive to change dwelling, and is why most people who can not afford to own two homes have little trouble establishing a exchange of domicile when they sell their home in the old state and move to a new home in a new state .
however, a person may wish to keep a residency in an old submit of dwelling. In such instances, it is helpful to spend as small meter as possible in the erstwhile state, at least for the first few years. Returning to the old country and spending a substantial come of time with syndicate and friends – even as a node – can complicate matters and raise the interrogate of whether one has, in fact, left the state of matter. besides, opening accounts and memberships in your new dwelling can be effective. indeed excessively can canceling local bank and early accounts, gymnasium memberships, associations, civic memberships, and so forth, in your previous reside country. Turn in an erstwhile driver ’ s license a soon a possible as well. If there is still any income in the old dwelling state, file tax returns as a non-resident whenever possible .
The suggestions above on how to change tax reside are not meant to delve into the nuanced differences between specific states. That requires a reappraisal of the particular facts and circumstances surrounding the intent to change dwelling. The advice and guidance of competent fiscal, legal, and tax professionals should be sought to review, analyze and advise on the potential consequences of such a move .

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