Using the Sam’s Club App

App Overview : Download the app and learn how it works
Scan & Go Tax Exempt Info
For aid with double charges or authority holds, contact the Electronic Payments Hotline : 479-277-2643.

  • Hotline Hours of Operation:  Monday – Friday from 8:00 am—3:30 pm Central

note : The Electronic Payments Hotline can not access same-day purchase information. You must wait one sidereal day after making buy before contacting the Hotline to dispute or inquire about charges .



How do I start using the App?

After downloading the App, you must go online and register your information in the Scan & Go App: 

 E-mail address, Sam’s Club Membership#, Password, etc…

Which Android and iPhone versions are supported by the app?

We don’t support based on phone models rather the current OS version. We generally support OS versions two back from the current version.  

Can I save receipts from my purchases?

Receipts are saved on your phone under the receipt tab and can be exported for printing.

Will my scan and go purchases show up in my online order history?

No. Receipts and order history are saved on your phone. Select the menu icon in the corner and select Receipts.

If I reinstall the app, will my credit card and receipt history be lost?
No, but you will need to re-login.

Can multiple payments be used?

Up to 3 payment methods may be added and stored using the app.


s there a limit to how many items I can scan and buy with Scan and Go?

There is no limit on number of items. There is a $750 pre-tax, pre-ISB limit for the total purchase amount.

Can I use a Sam’s Club gift card for payment?

No, gift cards cannot be accepted as payment on the app.

How to fix a Double Charge that occurred using Scan and Go?

This is considered an in-club purchase, so refunds must occur at the club where the purchase/double charge took place. Please take your Scan and Go receipt to the Membership Desk for assistance.

What is the Wallet Sync happening with S&G and

Sam’s Club is integrating the cards saved in your Scan & Go App with your account wallet. This means that any card information saved on your S&G account will be available to use online at

and vice versa.

Can I add my Membership Card to my Apple Wallet?

Yes. You must first select the “Account” icon at the bottom of the screen. The page shows the membership name, tier, number and expiration date at the top. Just below that, is a static picture of your membership card with scannable bar code. Select the icon “Add to Apple Wallet” to add your membership card with barcode functionality to your Apple wallet. See below

Does the app have to run on internal memory or can it run on a memory card?

Android users can generally do this, but running apps from a memory card is rare and not ideal with modern phones. Preferences will be stored on the main memory of the device.


Can I use Cash Rewards with Scan & Go?

Yes, Cash Rewards can be used on the Scan & Go app.

Why can I only pay with Cash Rewards when using the app?

This happens when you have Cash Rewards selected as your default payment method. Please use the toggle to deselect cash rewards as your payment method.

Why am I receiving an error when using Scan & Go?

For troubleshooting and an FAQ specific to the Scan & Go servicing, please see Help with Scan & Go

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