How to Charge for House Cleaning Services (Pricing Guide)

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Starting a houseclean occupation is exciting. The possibilities are endless when it comes to increase and expansion. Before you can be a successful entrepreneur in the service field, you need to know how to charge for family clean. Developing a theater cleaning pricing scout doesn ’ metric ton have to be daunting. There are factors to consider that can help you develop the best price steer for your commercial enterprise and clients. You will find answers to all your questions in the keep up firm cleaning pricing lead .

The Big Picture

House clean rates vary from state to state in the US. After looking at different prices, we see that the national average of house cleaning rates per hour is $ 25 to $ 90. Of course, this is fair an average, and some businesses charge more per hour based on location. This data is helpful because you can see what others who are in the same business as you are making. We have taken a expect at the bad painting and broken it down to help you figure out how to charge for your theater clean services .

Methods for Calculating House Cleaning Service Rates

There are multiple ways of charging clients for family clean services. Choosing the right method for you is what is important. There are four methods most normally used by sign of the zodiac cleanse businesses. They include squarely footage of the home, a per-room rate, a per-hour rate, or a flat fee .

The Square Footage Method

Square footage is the measurement used for the size of homes and buildings. This method acting of pricing requires you to decide on a pace per square foot. For example, you may charge $ 0.10 per hearty metrical foot. If the home you are cleaning is 2,000 square feet, then you would multiply 10 cents by 2,000. so a 2,000 square foot home is priced at $ 200.00 .

Per-Room Rates

This method acting of pricing requires you to price each board individually based on how long it takes to clean that room. A kitchen will take longer to clean than a bathroom. so, if you charge $ 100.00 for the kitchen and $ 50.00 for the bathroom, your average comes to $ 75.00 per room .

Per-Hour Rates

As stated earlier, the national average for theater clean rates per hour ranges from $ 25 to $ 50. Your rate should be based upon where you live and what similar businesses are charging. Do not price your services besides broken to get more clients. Base your rates on what it will cost you to get the job done, and leave enough board for a net income. While there is some board to wiggle with an hourly rate, you should remember that your profit could decrease as you become more experienced and clean houses faster .

A Flat Fee

Charging a flat tip is when you perform a avail for a set price. For case, you would charge $ 100 a workweek to clean a family. Charging a bland fee means you make the same measure of money, no matter how fast you get the speculate done or how big the house is. Opting for a flat fee pricing exemplar eliminates the problems associated with charging an hourly rate. The client is paying you not for your time, but for the problem you are solving. It besides eliminates any disagreements or price match between you and the customer .

What Method Should I Use to Charge for House Cleaning Services?

Choosing a method to charge for clean services is not decided upon in one good afternoon. There are many factors to consider when setting your house cleaning prices .


Where you live is an authoritative detail to consider. The monetary value of be will affect how high gear or abject your rates are. In areas such as San Francisco, CA, or New York City, the cost of be will be higher. You will find a lower monetary value of life in more rural areas of the area. The location besides drives demand. Certain areas of the area have a higher percentage of people that are looking for house clean services. You should price your services according to demand in your area .


If you are person new to the clean diligence, then you should not charge more than experience cleaners do. You will not have the references to back up your experience. Once you become more experienced, you will have the ability to charge a premium pace. Check out this article for ways to sell yourself as you gain more experience .


frequency alters prices because of the come of fourth dimension required to clean a house. Homes cleaned more often require less time. The first clean may take longer, with less clock needed for each subsequent visit .

Size of the Home

A larger home means that houseclean will take longer. If you charge a flat rate, consider increasing it for a big home .

State of the Home

Some sign of the zodiac houseclean services require a walk-through before setting a rate. A walk-through will allow you to see what the state of a home is. For homes that will need more than a standard clean, the rate should be higher .

Cleaning Type

The type of clean you will perform could raise or lower your rate. House cleanse services will offer packages with different scavenge services. hera are some examples of cleaning service packages :

  • Standard cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Event cleaning
  • Move-out cleaning

Clients may want extra services such as window cleaning, changing bed linens, or laundry completed from prison term to time. You should include any extras in the monetary value .

How Much Should You Charge to Make A Profit?

When you are pricing your services, it is crucial not to undersell yourself. Paying the bills is not adequate. You need to think about earning a profit and growing your commercial enterprise. here is an exemplar to give you a better theme of how to calculate your house clean rate. If the size of the family is 1,000 square feet, and it takes 1.5 hours to clean it, how a lot should I charge to clean a firm ?

Start with an estimated hourly rate. If you decide to charge $ 30.00 an hour, multiply the clock time it takes to clean the house by your rate. $ 30.00 x 1.5= $ 45.00 following, you need to add FICA and taxes required by your department of state. We will use 18 % for our case. $ 45.00 x .18= $ 8.10 $ 45.00 + $ 8.10 = $ 53.10 Your hourly rate has now become $ 53.10. At this point, you will need to add the monetary value of supplies. For our exercise, let ’ s say supplies will be an estimate 6 % of your business costs. $ 53.10 x .06= $ 3.19 $ 53.10 + $ 3.19 = $ 56.29 It is significant to add your overhead costs. overhead costs are anything that is an employee-related monetary value but not part of the job itself. These constitute travel expenses, market, and web site maintenance. Let ’ s say these expenses correspond to 50 % of your hourly rate. $ 56.29 x.50= $ 28.15 $ 56.29 + $ 28.15= $ 84.44 last, add in your markup. Markup is the sum of net income you are looking to make. Say you want to make a 20 % profit, then your numbers will look like this. Of path, you can alter your markup depending on the node and job requirements. $ 84.44 x .20= $ 16.89 $ 84.44 + $ 16.89= $ 101.33 You can round this final number up, and you ’ re at $ 102 per hour. To sum it up, if you charge $ 102 per hour, then you can expect to earn a profit of $ 16.89 per hour .

Price Altering Extras

As with any business, some things can alter your prices. Let ’ s take a search at a few factors that could affect prices in the clean industry. First of all, cleaning supplies can increase your costs. For clients that prefer an eco-friendly environment in their home, you may need to purchase unlike supplies. Using products that are labeled organic or eco-friendly can be costly. second, as mentioned before, extras such as doing dishes or changing bedding material can alter prices. third, if a client has their own supplies for your manipulation, your pace will need to be adjusted. The key is to ask questions and complete a walk-through of the home. You will get a better idea of the kind of scavenge services the node is looking for and how long it would take to clean their home .

Our Final Thoughts

Figuring what to charge for a service is a common question among entrepreneurs. Cleaning rates can be hard to decide on because of the different factors we discussed above. Taking the frequency, location, and demand into consideration is equitable the beginning. House scavenge business entrepreneurs besides need to consider their experience and what size homes they are looking to clean. Don ’ thyroxine under or oversell yourself ! We applaud your fearlessness in venturing out and starting your own occupation. You should now have a better idea of how to charge a fairly rate for your services and create a profitable business. What do you think you should charge for your adjacent house cleaning job ?

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