How Can I Find, Track and Manage My Student Loans?

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You ’ ve left college and are now the gallant owner of student loans. unfortunately, scholar loans don ’ thyroxine come with an owner ’ s manual – so you might be feeling kind of clueless about what comes future .
You might be asking yourself some questions : What ’ s the easiest way to manage my student loans ? How can I see all my loans in one space ? Where can track and ultimately pay them all off ?
These are common questions late and not-so-recent graduates might have about their education debt. Let ’ s start by reviewing ways to find your student loans, and once you ’ ve located them all, how to manage your refund .

4 ways to see all your student loans

1. Contact the fiscal aid function
2. Pay attention to notifications from servicers
3. Find your fiscal aid via FSA
4. Review spare annual credit reports
many students take out a student lend or two each semester while they ’ rhenium in school. That means you will likely have several scholar loans by the time you leave school .
however, transitioning from college to the very universe can be a busy and chaotic process. Between applying for jobs, starting a career or moving to a newly city, it can be all besides slowly to lose path of student loans .
hera ’ s how you can locate your scholar loans and make certain you ’ ve found them all .

1. Contact the financial aid office

Before you leave college, reach out to your fiscal help office. It can give you a report of the union student loans you borrowed there since it is in charge of disbursing those loans to students .
however, keep in mind that if you attended multiple schools and transferred, your fiscal care position might not have records of loans you borrowed at early colleges .
You should besides make certain the fiscal aid office has the most up-to-date contact information for you ( including a non-student electronic mail address ) .

2. Pay attention to notifications from servicers

closely watch your e-mail and mail for notifications from scholar loanword servicers. They will reach out to you with updates .
For case, they should contact you to let you know when your post-college student lend decorate period is up and when you should begin making payments .
If you lose track of even one student lend, it could go into default – which can add big fees to your student loanword debt and destroy your recognition .
If you ’ re not receiving agreement from your lender or loan servicer, electronic or otherwise, they may not have your up-to-date contact information. To find your loanword holder and correct this error, try the follow footstep .

3. Find your financial aid via FSA

If you ’ ve hear of the National Student Loan Data System but can nobelium long access it, you ’ ra not alone. The Department of Education rerouted NSLDS services to .
To access your loans via this site, log in with your FSA ID and suction stop “ Manage Loans. ”
As ahead, the newly frame-up ( a stepping stone to the adjacent Gen scholar loan servicing platform ), will help you keep track of all your federal loans. The site will besides include the postdate data :

  • Current balance and interest rate of each loan
  • Status of each loan, including whether it is current or overdue on payments
  • Type of student loan, such as subsidized or unsubsidized
  • Student loan servicer that holds each loan

4. Review free annual credit reports

The FSA web site is the best means to see all your union scholar loans, but it won ’ thyroxine tilt any secret scholar debt you might have. To see these scholar loans, you can request your complimentary annual credit rating report .
Your recognition report will include the follow information :

  • All the student loans you have, including both private and federal student loans.
  • The lender or student loan servicer that holds each loan. You should also be able to see if a student loan was transferred or sold to a new servicer.
  • The student loan’s initial balance and most recent balance.
  • Payment history, including any missed payments and the date of the most recent payment on the loan.

While a credit report will probably list all your scholar loans, there are no guarantees. You might want to pull reports from all three major credit agency to be certain no loans are missed .

How to manage student loans in repayment

Although finding all your student loans may take only a few days, repaying them may take 10 years or longer. How can you track and manage your scholar loans in the meanwhile ?
You might start by inputting your loanword details into a spreadsheet — possibly like the downloadable Excel sheet used by a borrower who paid off $ 15,000 in debt — and tracking your counterweight from calendar month to month .
once you ’ ve got your loans organized, consider the trace steps, besides …

Log into the FSA’s loan simulator

once you ’ re logged into the Federal Student Aid web site, you can do a lot more than just locate your loans. Among the newfangled tools of Next Gen, the loanword simulator is a great one to start with .
By inputting information about yourself and your fiscal site, you can evaluate different federal loan refund plans and options, including mastermind loan consolidation .
unfortunately, there ’ s no alike instrument that plug into all banks and could collect all your secret student loans. You can employ our student loanword calculators, however, to explore different possibilities and compare outcomes .
If you ’ re considering postponing your repayment to focus on finding a subcontract, for exercise, you could figure the cost of accruing interest on your debt with this calculator :

Student Loan Deferment Calculator

Loan info

Deferment length






Before After Savings

By deferring a lend ( or loans ) at an average interest rate of 5.7 % for 12 months, your new balance would be . This is a remainder of . scholar loanword refinancing APRs equally gloomy as % . Check your rate in 2 minutes.





$ 0

Figure out your own student loan needs and goals

ultimately, finding a refund plan that works for you depends on your fiscal position and your refund personality .
That ’ s why it ’ mho significant to figure out your student loanword goals. Ask yourself :

  • Do I want to pay off my debt as quickly as possible?
  • Are there other financial goals I should put before student loan repayment?
  • Are my student loan payments affordable right now?
  • Can I refinance my student loans to lower my interest rate?

For exemplar, if you work in public servicing and don ’ t make much money, you might want to pursue the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Or if you make a decent income and can afford to pay excess on scholar loans, you might be more focus on paying them off .

Explore different student loan strategies

As you think through your loans, income and other fiscal factors, you can identify the plan of attack that best fits your situation .
The courteous thing about the tools above is they take the focus off doing mathematics and place it on creating a scheme that works for you .
With therefore much information out there and so many decisions to make, it ’ second easy to become submerge. Don ’ t let fear about your student lend situation paralyze you and prevent you from making decisions that will make your life easier in the long run .
With a little snatch of inventiveness, hard work and help from Student Loan Hero, you can do more than manage your scholar loans — you can conquer them.

Andrew Pentis and Honey Smith contributed to this reputation .

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