Citi® Cards Provides Complimentary FICO® Scores and Insights to Cardmembers

New York – Citi has begun delivering complimentary FICO Scores to Citi-branded consumer accredit cardmembers, as previously announced in fall 2014. Beginning immediately, millions of Citi consumer citation cardmembers can access their FICO Score on-line at after logging in with their report credentials. Citi will provide monthly updates to FICO scores, based on Equifax data. Citi is among the first of the major U.S. banks to provide a credit score normally used by lenders. Through Citi ‘s web web site, recognition cardmembers will have access to their FICO score american samoa well as educational resources describing factors contributing to their score. “ Our commitment is to deliver value to our cardmembers whenever they reach for their tease – and this includes information and insight to help them plan for the future, ” said Ralph Andretta, Head of Product Management, Citi Cards. “ An authoritative patch of this is being informed on how to build a potent recognition history to inform their individual goals. ” FICO Scores will be refreshed monthly based on Equifax data to give cardmembers the most up-to-date data, which will include :

  • FICO® Score with two key factors impacting their score
  • FICO® Score Meter to show cardmembers where they fall within the credit score range
  • A visual of the score range to help them understand what each range means to lenders
  • A breakdown of the factors that contribute to FICO® Scores

“ We are always pleased to see companies taking steps to empower consumers with information that helps them manage their credit wisely. Providing Citi recognition customers with free access to the same FICO score often used to make lending decisions and insights into factors that impact their grudge gives consumers valuable tools to build a stronger fiscal future, ” said Ken McEldowney, Executive Director of Consumer Action. “ As more fiscal institutions plan to provide this important citation tool, Consumer Action hopes it will soon be available to all credit card customers across the U.S. ” Citi will have trained customer servicing specialists, available via chat @ AskCiti, e-mail and earphone, to provide general information or to guide cardmembers through the on-line experience. In addition, Citi cardmembers can contact Equifax directly for credit-related questions. While the FICO Score information is now accessible on-line, beginning later this year, Citi cardmembers can request their FICO score be delivered via a letter by contacting Citi Customer Service.

“ FICO is committed to consumer authorization and increasing transparency to help people manage their credit health, ” said Jim Wehmann, executive vice president of the united states, Scores, at FICO. “ Over 90 percentage of lend decisions in the U.S. are based on a FICO Score. They are the scores to know for people who want to manage their finances more efficaciously. We are gallant to collaborator with Citi in bringing free FICO Scores to millions of Americans. ”

The course of study is region of FICO Score Open Access launched in late 2013, which allows fiscal institutions to offer their customers the lapp FICO Scores used to help manage their accounts. FICO Scores provided by Citi are not considered a formal credit agency inquiry, and consequently do not impact the cardmember ‘s credit rating score. FICO Scores are the most widely used credit rating scores in U.S. lending decisions. FICO Scores are based on information in consumer credit files maintained by the major credit report agencies. Individuals who would like to learn more about FICO Scores may visit To learn more about the consumer benefits of Citi branded credit cards, visit .

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