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How Many Credit Cards Are Considered Too Many?

According to data from Experian, the average consumer in the United States has four open credit card accounts. however, there is no ideal number of citation cards that you should have. Although everyone ’ s fiscal position is different, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to determine whether opening a newfangled credit card is a good estimate. The ideal number of credit cards varies from person to person. It all depends on your personal finances and how you manage each batting order. For model, if you have just one credit card and utilize about all of your available recognition each calendar month, you may benefit from opening more credit cards. By contrast, if you ’ ve opened multiple citation cards but are struggling to pay them off on time, it would not be a beneficial theme to apply for extra lines of credit.

How Is Your Credit Score Determined? 

first, it ’ randomness crucial to understand the different factors that make up your FICO citation mark .

  1. Payment History
  2. Credit Utilization
  3. Credit History
  4. New Credit
  5. Credit Mix

1. Payment History

This is the single biggest gene that impacts your FICO score, and represents 35 % of your overall credit score. Payment history refers to a credit borrower ’ second dependability. Creditors want to ensure you ’ ll pay your bills on time. late payments will hurt you, since credit card companies can be agile to report a late payment to the major citation agency .

2. Credit Utilization

This is the second biggest factor and makes up 30 % of your total recognition score. Credit use is the proportion of available credit compared to the amount you ’ ve exhausted. If you use more than 30 % of your recognition restrict on any given card, that ’ s considered to be a high accredit ratio and can hurt your FICO score. For exemplar, if your credit card has a credit limit of $ 10,000, you should aim to put no more than $ 3,000 on it each month. Opening more credit cards may be helpful for lowering your credit use proportion, in some instances. If you find that you ’ re using more than 30 % of your available credit on your stream cards, opening another card could help you reduce that percentage .

3. Credit History

The longer your credit history, the higher your score. Your credit sexual conquest takes into report how hanker you ’ ve had each account open. In a FICO study of people with excellent recognition scores, the average age of each cardholder ’ sulfur report was 8 to 11 years .

4. New Credit

New accounts comprise 10 % of your credit score. If you submit excessively many newly credit card applications at once, it ’ s likely that your score will be negatively impacted. This is because opening fresh recognition cards will create a hard question on your credit report. hard inquiries remain contribution of your credit report for two years, but your score may bounce back in american samoa little as six months subsequently .

5. Credit Mix

It ’ s important to have a varied mix of accounts to show that you ‘re able to manage your credit. Credit agency will reward you with a higher score if you have multiple accounts that you pay on prison term while maintaining a low utilization ratio. Although using unlike types of citation can be a good thing, it may besides hurt your mark. recognition cards are considered one type of credit, so opening excessively many of them won ’ thyroxine actually increase your recognition mix. A kind of credit accounts could be a blend of recognition cards, mortgage, scholar loans and car loans. however, you should merely open new recognition accounts if you are convinced in your ability to repay your debts .

Will Too Many Credit Cards Affect My Credit Score?

The entire number of credit circuit board accounts you have does not necessarily play a direct role in your overall score. however, having multiple credit cards can either suffer or help your score, depending on how you use them. ( On a relate note, having more cards can make it harder to prevent credit card fraud as thieves have more ways to access your report or target you with credit card scams. ) For example, if you open a rewards credit menu that has a higher recognition restrict than your other cards and allows you to collect cash back on casual purchases, this may boost your credit score – of course, that ’ second assuming you ’ re able to pay your bills on time and maintain a low credit rating use. By contrast, if you open a draw of credit cards in a abruptly period of time and manage them ailing, your grudge will suffer .

Is It Bad To Have a Lot of Credit Cards With Zero Balance?

unfortunately, it can be. Keeping a low credit use proportion is good, but having besides many credit cards with zero balance may negatively impact your credit score. If your credit cards have zero remainder for respective years due to inactiveness, your credit card issuer might stop sending account updates to credit agency. With less credit natural process on your reputation, lenders and other fiscal services companies may struggle determining whether or not you ’ re a responsible credit borrower. Closing fresh cards may besides have a negative impact on your credit grudge. Closing your cards will shorten the length of your credit history, which may result in a lower score. To prevent this from happening, it may be wiser to spend small amounts on the cards you use less frequently and then pay those credit poster balances in entire on their due dates. That way, your credit utilization rate will remain low, and you ’ re able to show lenders that you ’ re a authentic debtor .

Are There Any Benefits To Having a Lot of Credit Cards?

There are decidedly some benefits to having multiple credit cards. Although it may sound counterintuitive, having more than one pipeline of citation may help you better manage your spending habits by maintaining lower amounts owed per card. Lowering your credit use rate by spreading your outgo across multiple cards may help increase your credit mark over time. Try lending preference to credit cards that offer perks like broken matter to rates, cash back incentives, rewards programs, travel rewards, airline miles, and single deals from your favorite retailers. Consolidating your debts via a balance transfer may enable you to pay off your credit rating card bills faster. A balance transmit lets you transfer your remaining balance from a high-interest credit circuit board to one with lower sake. Some credit cards will waive the fees normally associated with a libra remove as depart of their introductory offer. Having more than one credit wag besides means you ’ ll have a backup wag in case one of your early cards is lost or stolen. Having excess credit cards can be useful to ensure that you constantly have a direction to make a buy in case of an hand brake .

Am I Liable for Fraudulent Charges If Someone Steals My Credit Card?

A thief can use a stolen credit card to rack up unauthorized purchases in your appoint. If you report the larceny after they ’ ve already used your credit tease, you may be liable for the deceitful charges to a maximum of $ 50, by federal law ; however, there are no liability charges if you report the circuit board stolen before it ’ sulfur used. here are the FTC ’ s guidelines on imposter liability : A stolen credit circuit board will alone impact your credit score negatively if you fail to report the unauthorized charges, and then don ’ thymine pay your credit card bill. You are always responsible for paying off your credit cards, unless you report the deceitful charges and are able to prove they were unauthorized.

Can Someone Steal My Identity If They Have My Credit Card?

Credit card imposter is a major warning sign of identity theft, and it ’ s much the first gear dance step in a series of more good identity-related attacks. Your physical credit card can be used to make unauthorized purchases in person and on-line. Thieves may besides use your personal information to contact your credit card issuer to open more cards under your name, or shut you out of your explanation. Or, they could use your credit card information to decree endowment cards that ca n’t be tracked or reversed ( a victimize known as carding ). If your credit card was stolen and you ‘re concerned about identity larceny, Aura can safeguard you from a fiscal catastrophe while protecting your entire family along with a $1,000,000 insurance policy for each adult family penis.

Should I Monitor My Credit Report If My Credit Card Gets Stolen? 

Yes, you should absolutely monitor your credit report card if your recognition poster is stolen. Check your deposit statements for signs of bank scams and to see if there are any charges you don ’ t accredit, and be certain to dispute them immediately with your credit calling card issuer. Be certain to review your credit reports from any of the three national credit rating agency ( Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax ) to see if there are records of any loans or accredit cards that you didn ’ t exposed. If you discover anything fishy, contact your credit circuit board company and notify the credit agency to start a fraud investigation and get the account removed from your credit reputation. For help with all of the above, Aura can monitor your credit and protect your finances .

Here’s what you’ll get with Aura:
  • Credit Lock: Secure your credit from unwanted inquiries by locking your credit with Experian.
  • Credit Scores & Reports: Keep track of your credit history with monthly credit updates and annual reports from the major credit bureaus.
  • Financial Transaction Monitoring: Link your bank accounts and set alerts on spending activity to help detect the warning signs of fraud.
  • Bank Account Monitoring: Get alerted if someone tries to add more account holders or remove your name from an existing bank account. Social Security number (SSN) monitoring for your children can also help prevent child identity theft.
  • Lost Wallet Remediation: If your wallet is lost or stolen, we’ll help you cancel any debit or credit cards and work with you on a recovery plan to secure your sensitive information.
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance: Every Aura plan comes with an insurance policy that covers eligible losses due to identity theft.

How Do I Decide When To Open a New Credit Card Account? 

While there are no steadfast rules about opening a new accredit circuit board, here is a general list of questions to answer before you open a new batting order :

  • Will my credit score take a hit after submitting this new credit card application? 
  • Will I actually use the rewards and benefits this card offers? 
  • Does this credit card come with an annual fee that I won’t be able to afford? 
  • Does this new card have a lower interest rate than my other cards? 
  • Can I transfer my high-interest balances to this new card without paying a fee? 
  • Does this card have a higher credit limit than my other cards? 
  • Will I pay off this card in a timely manner to maintain a low credit utilization? 

Answering these questions realistically and truthfully will help you decide if it ’ s the proper clock to open a new channel of credit rating. It ’ s decidedly not a good estimate to open a newly credit menu if you :

  • Have already opened multiple credit cards in the past six months.
  • Will struggle to maintain a low balance and make timely payments. 
  • Don’t feel that you would benefit from the rewards and perks.

What Are The Best Credit Cards for Consumers? 

not all credit cards are created equal—some offer capital bonus points and rewards on everyday purchases, while others are ideal for travel. here are some of our peak credit tease picks for consumers ( and business owners ) .

  1. Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card
  2. Chase Freedom Unlimited®
  3. American Express® Gold Card
  4. American Express® Business Gold Card
  5. American Express Blue Cash Preferred® Card
  6. Citi® Double Cash Card
  7. Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

Those who are new to the earth of credit poster spend and have been bitten by the travel wiretap may find their best credit card in the phase of the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card . It offers some impressive rewards like :

  • Consumers earn 5x points on travel.
  • Consumers earn 3x points on dining.
  • Consumers earn 2x points on all other travel purchases.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card besides boasts a general sign-up bonus with a rewards social organization that ’ randomness easy for everyone to understand, plus a low annual fee. It has an impressive welcome offer, besides, as fresh cardholders can earn 60,000 bonus points after they spend $ 4,000 on purchases in the inaugural three months of their history being open .

Chase Freedom Unlimited®

There ’ mho besides the Chase Freedom Unlimited® circuit board, which is loved by consumers because of its $ 0 annual fee. It has pretty impressive perks, excessively, like :

  • 5% cashback on grocery store purchases on up to $12,000 spent in the first year.
  • 5% on travel purchases through the Chase Ultimate Rewards® card.
  • 3% cashback on dining at restaurants and drugstore purchases.
  • Unlimited 1.5% cash back on all other purchases.

It besides provides customers with a $ 200 bonus after they spend $ 500 on purchases in the first base three months from opening an account .

American Express® Gold Card

For the foodies out there, the American Express® Gold Card provides some serious perks on dining. If you find yourself always on the prowl for the newest restaurant ( or love to cook at home ), enjoy perks like :

  • 4x points on dining at restaurants, including takeout and delivery.
  • 4x points on grocery purchases at your favorite supermarkets.
  • Up to 12 complimentary months of an UberEats Pass subscription.

This card is besides great for those who want to travel, with 3x points on flights booked. It rewards consumers for outgo, excessively, with a welcome bonus of 60,000 points after spending $ 4,000 in the beginning six months .

American Express® Business Gold Card

There ’ second besides the American Express® Business Gold Card, which has perks that are geared towards high-spending minor businesses. What sets this credit poster apart from others is that the customer decides which category in which they will receive bonus points. This menu offers 4x points in the top two spend categories each calendar month, in addition to 25 % cash back on eligible flights booked using the poster. thus, if one month your highest category is advertising, and the next it ’ south ship, businesses will placid earn points in those categories .

Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

Another bang-up choice from American Express is their Blue Cash Preferred® wag, which is typically a great option for everyday family purchases. The rewards that customers can enjoy on this card include :

  • 6% cash back at supermarkets.
  • 6% cash back on select streaming services.
  • 3% cash back on taxis, rideshares, parking and trains.
  • 3% cash back at gas stations.
  • 1% cash back on other purchases.

Customers besides enjoy a $ 300 argument citation after they make $ 3,000 in purchases with their new calling card within the first base six months .

Citi® Double Cash Card

The Citi® Double Cash Card offers generous cash back rewards. not only is there no annual tip, but users of this card will earn up to 2 % cash back—1 % when the purchase is made, and 1 % when payment is made on the report. There ’ second besides no restrict on the sum of cash binding that can be earned. Customers love this poster because it ’ s straightforward and there aren ’ t a lot of rules or exclusions that they have to remember .

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards

many consumers looking for a new credit rating card turn to the Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards card. This one offers moo fees, high rewards, and humble interest, plus no annual tip. Those who use this batting order earn 1.5 % cash back on every buy, so there are no exceptions to how a consumer can earn money back. With a simple rewards broadcast, a solid return, and no annual or foreign transaction fees, it ’ s a popular choice across the board.

Keep Control of Your Credit & Finances 

There ’ s no such thing as a bad number of citation cards to have, but having more cards than you can successfully manage may do more harm than good. On the cocksure side, having different cards can prevent you from overspending on a single card—and help you save money, earn rewards, and lower your credit utilization. No matter how many credit cards you have, be sure to constantly make your monthly payments on time and monitor your credit composition for leery arduous inquiries. Remaining argus-eyed will help you build a better credit rating sexual conquest over prison term while keeping your identity and finances protected .

Ready to enhance your credit protection? Try Aura’s 14-Day Free Trial
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