Types of Student Loans

You must know what type of scholar lend you have in order to understand your options. You can use the National Student Loan Data System ( NSLDS ) to find out what federal loans you have. As of February 2020, the NSLDS web site is found on the Department ’ s StudentAid.gov site. There is a large “ Log In ” push button on the right side of the filmdom that you must use to see your account information ( besides known as your “ dashboard. ” ). Once you enter your FSA ID, you will have access to a bunch of information, including your scholar help drumhead .
You must have a FSA ID to access your loanword data. If you do not already have an FSA ID, you can create one by clicking on the “ Create Account ” clitoris on the StudentAid.gov web site. The Department has posted answers to frequently asked questions ( FAQs ) about the FSA ID system .
once you access your loan “ dashboard ”, you will see an help drumhead a well as more detail data about each individual grant, loan, and aid overpayment. The Department says that the new dashboard will allow you to keep track of your remaining eligibility for Direct Subsidized Loans ( Subsidized Usage Limit Applied – SULA ) and Federal Pell Grants and Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants ( Lifetime Eligibility Used – LEU ). You should besides be able to track your progress toward repaying loans and track the number of qualifying payments made toward Public Service Loan Forgiveness ( PSLF ) if applicable. In addition, the care drumhead will include information about your lend servicer and a liaison to the loan servicer ’ s web site .
You can besides call the Federal Student Aid Information Center, 1-800-4-FED-AID, TDD 1-800-730-8913. The Center ’ south counselors can help you figure out what types of loans you have.

union lend promissory notes and applications will department of state the diagnose of the union loan program ( Stafford, PLUS, Perkins, FFEL, William D. Ford Direct Loan Program, etc. ) at the clear of your monthly bill, and loanword compress .

federal Loans :

There is no central data establish similar for private student lend information. You should contact your lenders or loan holders to get more information about secret loans. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a private student lend ombudsman and an on-line scholar loan adjunct tool. The Department of Education besides has data about the differences between federal and private scholar loans.

Most private student loans will have a disclosure argument alike to the data that is included on mortgage loans and car loans. This is because most private loans are covered by the Truth in Lending Act while federal loans are not. sample disclosures from the Federal Reserve Board :
sample Application and Solicitation Disclosure
Sample Approval Disclosure

sample of Final disclosure
You can besides get information about your student loans by checking your credit report. Be mindful, however, that some loans, particularly older loans, may not appear on the accredit composition .

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