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Scammers are posing as legitimate debt collectors—threatening Texans with debt they do not owe. Their tactics can be very intimidating. Learn how to spot and avoid these false debt threats.

How Debt Collection Scams Work

It ‘s very childlike : person contacts you — often by phone, but besides by textbook message, fax, mail or electronic mail — and claims that you owe a debt. The debt may be wholly juke, canceled, discharged, forgive or beyond the time period for collection .
In any event, the swindler will use all sorts of techniques to get you to pay — intimidation, lies, harassment, etc .
Before you pay any debt to any collector, confirm that the debt is real and valid. And be on the lookout for the signs of a debt collection scam .

Know What You Owe

One of the surest ways to avoid a debt collection scam is to know all of your actual or valid debt. If person contacts you about a debt you owe, you can quickly identify whether it ‘s very or fake.

  • Learn more about your debts by getting your free annual credit report here.

Note: When you get your credit rating report, review it carefully for delusive, outdated, or inaccurate entries .

How to Spot Debt Collection Scams

Texas consumers have reported many tactics used by debt collection scammers. These scammers can be very convert, which is why you need to spot the signs of a fake debt collection :

They Ask for Info They Should Already Have

real debt collectors already know much of your information — for example, how much you owe, your address, social security number, birthday, etc. But debt collection scammers probably do n’t have all of your information already, so they ‘ll ask for it. If they do n’t seem to know enough about you, there ‘s a good find they ‘re a swindler .

They Won’t Share Their Info with You

Whenever person tries to collect a debt, ask for all of their company ‘s data, including :

  • The collector’s full name
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Company phone number
  • Company website address
  • Company email

Request all of these details. Write them down. Send the agency a letter by mail asking them to confirm their debt in writing. research for the company name on the internet, review their web site, call their number, etc. Do your homework .
If they refuse to answer all of your questions, there ‘s a good luck you ‘re in the middle of a victimize. Don ’ thymine react and file a charge with us .

They Threaten or Lie to You

First of all, the law prohibits debt collectors from lying, threatening you with things they ca n’t do or posing as politics officials. Remember, you have debt collection rights.

Scammers like to use intimidation and fear to get payments. You wo n’t go to jail for your debt, so if the collector says that you will, they ‘re lying. You besides can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be sued in any county early than where you lived when you signed the contract or at the time the lawsuit was filed. Break off liaison with them and file a complaint .

They Insist You Pay Right Now

real number debt collectors will frequently try to get payment cursorily, but if your collector is being very pushful, you should be fishy. Scammers survive by getting people to pay bogus debts before they have a chance to realize they ‘re being scammed. so if a debt collector pushes you to pay immediately, be identical cautious .

They Ask You to Pay by Untraceable Methods

Scammers do n’t want to be found, so they frequently insist you make a payment by Visa giving card, iTunes gift card, electrify transfer—or some early untraceable method acting. veridical debt collectors will accept normal, traceable payments ( for example, check, traditional credit card, and so forth ). Do n’t ever send a debt payment by wire remove, particularly oversea .

If You Are the Victim of a Debt Collection Scam

first base, if condemnable activeness was involved, contact your local anesthetic police enforcement .
then file a complaint with us. The more we know about stream scams, the more probably it is we ‘ll be able to identify or prevent exchangeable scams in the future .
never attack to “ scam the swindler. ” You may be upset, but trying to get retaliation will not work. The more you engage with scammers, the more probably you ‘ll lose more money and meter .
last, contact a major credit report agency. Tell them you ‘ve been targeted by imposter debt collectors. Ask them to place a fraud alert on your credit report. They are required to tell the other two agencies about your fraud alert. :

Remember: Some Debt Collection is Legitimate

If you owe money, the lender will sometimes hire a debt collection agency to try and get you to pay. So, some debt collectors are real, and they ‘re acting on behalf of the company to whom you owe money .
however, very debt collectors still have to obey the law. And you have rights as a consumer. Learn more :
Your Debt Collection Rights

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