How to Find Out Which Debt Collection Agency You Owe Money To

We promise to always deliver the best fiscal advice that we can. That ‘s our first base priority, and we take it seriously. Our writers and editors follow rigid column standards and operate independently from our advertisers and affiliates. Learn more about how we make money. With countless debt collection agencies out there, it can be difficult to know which one owns your debt. fortunately, there are ways to figure out which debt collector you owe money to. If you have a seriously delinquent debt, the company you in the first place owed money to ( e.g., your credit circuit board issuer or trust ) might have sold or transferred your debt to a debt buyer or debt collection agency. When this happens, you have to deal with whoever owns your past-due debt rather of your original creditor .
If you think you have a debt in collections but wear ’ t know how to check your records to figure out which debt collection agency you owe and how much you need to pay, there are four easy ways to find out.

Try these methods to track down debt collectors :
List of the four ways to find out which debt collection agency you owe
The simplest way to find out who owns your debt is to contact your original creditor or report servicer directly. They should be able to provide the mention and contact information of the debt collection agency you owe money to .
You might tied learn that your debt hasn ’ thymine been sent to collections yet. Sometimes there will be a slowdown between your creditor charging off your debt and sending it off to a collector. In this case, you can just pay your original creditor directly and assume that any debt collectors calling you about the debt are scammers .
If you ’ re uncertain about how much you owe, you can ask your master lender when you contact them, although they may not be able to discuss the score with you if they no long own the debt. alternatively, you can confirm the sum you owe by checking your previous bill statements .

2. Review your credit reports

Most debt collection agencies report to at least one of the three chief credit agency ( Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax ). For this reason, checking your recognition reports is an easy way to find out the appoint and contact information of the debt collection means that owns your debt .
You ’ re entitled to a release copy of your citation report from each of the three main credit agency every 12 months ( due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they ’ re presently available every week, improving until December 2022 ). 1 To request copies of your accredit reports, travel to .
There ’ s no knowing which citation agency your debt collector will report to, so you might have to check all of your accredit reports. besides, hold in mind that accounts that are brand new or older than 7 years may not appear on your credit reports. 2

3. Check your voicemail or caller ID

If debt collectors call you and you don ’ t picking up, they may leave voice mail messages explaining which representation they represent and how to contact them .
If all they say in the voice mail is the company name, search for it in this list of common debt collection agencies to find out everything you need to know about your debt collectors, including whether they ’ ra legit and how to contact them.

Another way to track down the debt collection means is to get their call number from the voice mail message or your caller ID and enter it into a research engine. other people may have posted on-line about receiving debt collection calls from this number .
If you can ’ thyroxine find any information about the debt solicitation agency on your own, you calm have one other option—wait for them to contact you by phone or mail .
however, when they do get in touch, continue with caution. Never provide debt collectors with any medium information before confirming that they ’ ra not scammers who are posing as debt collectors to try to collect money from you .
If in doubt, ask the debt collectors to send you a debt validation letter. This letter will provide details of your debt, including the name of the original creditor, the amount you owe, and data about your right to dispute the debt. By jurisprudence, they ’ ra required to provide you with this data within 5 days of first contacting you. 3
once you receive this communication, respond with a debt verification letter. Despite the similar names, this is very different from the debt validation notice they ’ rhenium obligated to send you. This is a letter that forces them to provide further evidence that you owe a debt, which provides extra protective covering against debt collection scams .
You can create your letter using the template below :
Debt Verification Letter Template

Debt Verification Letter

Use this debt confirmation letter template if a debt collection representation has contacted you about a debt and you want to dispute it. The debt collection agency is obligated to respond to your letter with verification of the debt .



What to do after confirming which debt collection agency you owe

Assuming you ’ re able to identify the agency you owe and it turns out that the debt is legitimate, you ’ ll need to decide how to proceed. You have a few options :
Regardless of which approach you choose, rest assured that there are many ways to rebuild your citation after having a debt send to collections .
With a little attempt, you may even be able to remove the collections from your credit report wholly. Just make certain to monitor your credit then that you constantly know who ’ randomness managing your citation accounts and watch out for debt collection scams .

Takeaway: To find out which debt collection agency owns your debt, ask your original creditor or check your credit reports.

  • The most effective way of finding out which debt collection agency owns your debt is simply asking your original creditor who sent it to collections in the first place.
  • Debt collection agencies usually report to the three major credit bureaus, so you may be able to see the company’s information in the collections records on your credit reports.
  • Check your voicemail or caller ID for information about the debt collection agency that’s pursuing money from you.
  • Be wary of debt collection scams. Never share sensitive information with debt collectors before verifying that the company is legit and the debt is valid and belongs to you.
  • Once you know which company owns your debt, you can choose to pay off your collections, settle your debt, or ignore your debt collectors (if the debt is time-barred).
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