How to Find Your Rental History on Your Credit Report Using Credit Karma (On Your Computer)

This guide is for members of Rental Kharma 

Please note, if you have not used rental reporting service, this guide does not apply for you.

If you have used our services, follow along to find your rental account on your report !
first, log in to your free explanation, or create a raw account using Credit Karma.

Next, go to your TransUnion credit report by clicking on “ see score details ” on the TransUnion score. It looks like a speedometer !

accredit Karma can change their layout reasonably regularly, so you may see something slightly different than the images here. For now, click on “Credit Health”. Clicking on “Credit Health” will show you the 6 main factors in your credit score. Those factors are Credit Card Use, Payment History, Derogatory Marks, Credit Age, Total Accounts, and Hard Inquiries. If you would like to learn more about how these different areas impact your credit rating score, check out our Credit Education Section. Today we are merely going to focus on finding rental Kharma on our reputation. Click on “Credit Report” which is next to your “Credit Factors” to view your full report . The first thing you will see is your personal information, such as your formally listed addresses included on your recognition file. Following your residential addresses, your report will show you all of your candid and closed accounts. typically, the first things that show up will be Revolving Credit accounts, aka Credit Cards. The following items are normally Auto Loans and Student Loans if you happen to have those on your file. If you ‘ve been in the credit worldly concern for awhile or happen to have many accounts, it may take some scroll to find Rental Kharma at first. Locate the “Other Loans” department on your credit report, as this will show you your Rental Kharma accounts! The name of the report will either be “Rental Kharma/Residence” or “RK/Residence” for short. If you see either of these, that means TransUnion has your lease datum !

hurrah ! Your rental information was successfully added to your credit rating report ! Click on the report “ Rental Kharma/Residence “ to expand the data and see more ! Or …. If you are not seeing “ Rental Kharma/Residence, “ do not panic. Typically, after we verify and send off your lease history, it can take 7-10 clientele days for your information to be added to your credit report. Keep check ! If you do not see it there 7-10 business days after we notify you that your rent has been verified, please contact us immediately . Let ‘s break down your rental Kharma history ( s ) ! If you see “Rental Kharma/Residence” doubly, it is because we verified more than one lease for you ! You can tell which lease is which by the open date vitamin a well as monthly payment. This part of your credit report will not show the residential address . The general overview of your account at first glance might be confusing. A $0.00 libra ? What the heck ? ! Why is my remainder $0.00 when I am paying my lease ?

Well, the $0.00 balance is because your lease is paid in full every individual calendar month ! You will see the highest balance listed and monthly payment both show your rent measure. This type of account, “ Rental Kharma/Residence, ” is considered an open trade line. An capable trade line is constantly paid in full and the counterweight returns to $0.00 each month, unlike other loans and credit cards . You can besides see the payment history for your rental information. If there are any payments that were over 30 days late, those will appear ampere good. As you can see, the most late calendar month Rental Kharma was able to verify is July 1st 2017. sometimes, your credit report takes a little bit of time for everything to accurately display all the months that have been paid.

If you have any questions about finding rental Kharma on your credit report card, please give us a birdcall. Our number is 720-307-1466. We would be more than glad to help ! You can always contact us for condition updates, live help, or if there are any miss months on your account. We besides offer exempt credit analysis sessions where we can help you identify far steps to continue on your journey of achiever. Why ?

Because good renters deserve good credit.

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