How to Choose an LLC Name

For many LLC owners, choosing a diagnose for their business is probably one of the most authoritative things on the disturbance list. After all, you want a business name that ’ south distinctive, but does a good job of telling people what services or products you offer or sell. You want something that ’ mho memorable, but at the same time easy to pronounce. And above all, you need a name that ’ s legal—that is, one that meets all the rules for LLC name set out by your state .
so how do you choose an LLC mention ? Begin by brainstorming a list of LLC name ideas. once you have a number of four or five electric potential names, run them through the surveil list to help you pick out the best mention for your new company .

Make It Legal

The most authoritative thing when you ’ re choosing an LLC mention is to make surely it ’ south legal. In most states, this means including required words and avoiding restricted words.

  • Required identifiers. Most states require that you include in your name an indication that your business is a limited liability company. In order to do this, you’ll need to include either the phrases “limited liability company” or “limited liability,” or abbreviations such as “LLC” in your company name.
  • Restricted words. Many states have a list of words which cannot be used in an LLC name, or words which can only be used in an LLC name with permission. For example, use of words such as “bank” or “insurance” are commonly restricted. You’ll be able to find a list of restricted or prohibited words on your state’s business website (usually your Secretary of State or Department of State). For example, New York State provides this list of words and phrases which are restricted or prohibited in the name of a business registered in the state.

Make It Memorable

You want your LLC identify to be something people can remember. Whether you use alliteration or a play on words, choosing a list that ’ mho memorable assistant people keep your company in mind. The future time a potential node or customer needs the kind of service you offer or the type of merchandise you sell, they ’ re more probably to pull up your company ’ s mention if it ’ s a memorable one .

Make It Meaningful

A meaningful name tells people what you ’ re in the business of selling. Albert & Laura ’ s Fascinating Whatzits might sound like a playfulness, engaging mention, but it doesn ’ t give any clue as to what you ’ ra deal. Your name is an authoritative character of your marketing design, and choosing one that lets people know what they can expect can be invaluable .

Make It Original

Having said that, however, there are certain situations—Internet-based companies, for example—where originality in a name is more valuable than meaning. Take a attend at some celebrated Internet companies and you ’ ll see the ability of originality in a diagnose. If your ship’s company is Internet-based, an master name may help you stand out from the rest of the competition.

Make It Distinctive

so you ’ ve brainstormed, and you have a tilt of several LLC names which might be a good meet for your company. now you need to go through your number and see which ones are actually available for you to register. Generally, you ’ ll be prohibited from choosing a name which is identical or bewilderingly exchangeable to the list of another occupation already registered in your state. Most state agencies which maintain occupation name registrations offer a searchable on-line database of business names registered in the express. Conduct an LLC name search of each of the names on your list to see which ones have not so far been taken as a clientele identify .
You should besides conduct a search of the US Patent and Trademark Office ’ s hallmark database. This research will help you narrow down your list of electric potential names, as you ’ ll want to eliminate any names on your list that are identical or alike to a name in the database. If you do find any identical or similar names, check the condition of the identify to see if it is “ live. ”

Make It Domain Name Ready

Most businesses today, even ones which are bricks and mortar only, need to maintain an on-line presence. Go through your tilt of electric potential names and come up with a issue of possible world names for each ( longer business names in particular may have respective possible variants ). Check with a name registrar to see what domain names are available. There ’ randomness nothing worse than picking the perfect name for your LLC entirely to discover none of the potential world names are available for registration .

Make It Social Media Friendly

Are you planning to use sociable media to help promote your modern business ? With most sociable media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, you will need to choose a username for your company. other sociable media platforms, such as Facebook and Pinterest, allow you to choose a vanity URL. Whichever sociable media platforms you decide to use, it ’ s a estimable idea to check to make certain some version of your LLC name is available for you to use .
good business names are worth their weight in gold. Choosing the right LLC name for your business is an important contribution of the start-up work. Your future LLC name not only works to identify your company. It ’ sulfur besides the name on which you ’ ll be building your brand .

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