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You should besides think about how much you want to pay per month on your newfangled mortgage. If your mortgage repayments are greater than 30 % of your take-home income, you may find yourself “ house poor, ” where you own a house but can ’ thyroxine afford to build up your savings, go on vacation, buy a new car, etc. mortgage lenders will typically lend between 4 and 5 times your person income, or 3 to 4 times your articulation income if you ’ rhenium applying for a mortgage with person else. Every lender has unlike criteria for the utmost sum you can borrow. Affordability is besides crucial : if you already have a fortune of debt on credit cards or early loans, your maximum mortgage may be lower. That ’ s why we have come up with a list of crown tips for choosing a modern mortgage : The bigger your deposit, the less you have to borrow and the lower the loan-to-value ( LTV ) proportion, which means you ’ ll qualify for lower mortgage rates. The LTV ratio is the symmetry you borrow compared to the property price. A £20,000 deposition on a £200,000 home is 10 %, so the LTV ratio is 90 %.

Repayment or interest-only?

With a refund mortgage, your monthly payments are made up of interest and a share of the sum borrowed. As you pay off the debt and the interest goes down, more and more of your monthly payments goes towards clearing your mortgage – until the whole lend is paid off . With an interest only mortgage, your monthly mortgage payments are lower because they only cover the concern on the loanword. mortgage lenders will merely let you get an matter to merely mortgage if you have another way to pay off the loan, such as savings, investments, or other assets . first time buyers are improbable to be offered an interest only mortgage, but many buy to let mortgages are of the concern merely diverseness .

Fixed or variable rate?

With a cook rate mortgage your monthly payments are the same for the duration of the mortgage deal. You won ’ t benefit if interest rates fall, but you besides know your payments will not go up if rates do . variable rate mortgages – which include discount and tracker mortgages – can go up and down, normally in lineage with changes to the Bank of England floor rate .

Watch out for mortgage fees

sometimes, the mortgage with the lowest sake rate will have goodly set-up fees ( say £1,000 or £1,500 ) attached. So it ’ south vital to work out the sum monetary value of the batch over the menstruation you expect to have it ; if you ’ re design to remortgage every two years to a fresh fixed rate deal, the fees can very add up . When you select a mortgage, do the maths and make certain it ’ randomness placid a good share after you include the fees. The APRC ( annual Percentage Rate of Charge ) shows the total cost of the mortgage over the entire term ( normally 25 to 30 years ), but if you want a 2 or 5 year mortgage that ’ s the time period over which you need to compare the price to find the right mortgage.

Do you qualify for a government scheme?

Before picking a mortgage or a home, check to see if you can take advantage of Help to Buy ( Shared Ownership and Equity Loan ), Right to Buy, Starter Home Schemes or Shared Equity Schemes .

Should you talk to a mortgage broker?

When deciding which mortgage to take out, you have two options : go direct to a lender, or get a mortgage through a broke. You might find a whole-of-market broker useful if your finances are complicated, your credit history is tarnished, or if you precisely want to make sure you ’ re getting the best mortgage rates . A whole-of-market agent is not tied to any banks, building societies, or lenders. This means they will be able to assess every mortgage available to offer you the best deal possible .

Mortgage overpayments

Most fix and dismiss rate mortgages let you make overpayments of up to 10 % of the great balance each year. This means you ’ ll pay off your mortgage oklahoman, which can save you thousands of pounds in interest payments. however, beware of early refund penalties…

Mortgage penalties

There are enough of fees linked to taking out a new mortgage and most are ineluctable, including musical arrangement fees, booking fees, evaluation fees and more. Most mortgage lenders charge passing fees of between £50 and £300 for closing your mortgage report, excessively . If you repay your mortgage early or overpay above what ’ second allowed you can besides be charged an early repayment penalty fee. These are normally a percentage of the come of the overpayment. so, if you go over the limit by £25,000, and the early refund charge is 5 %, you ’ ll be charged £1,250.

Don’t forget to remortgage

If you choose a mortgage with a fixate rate or deduction rate that lasts for say 3 or 5 years, it ’ s normally a commodity mind to remortgage at the end of that promotional period. If you don ’ t remortgage, you ’ ll mechanically start paying your lender ’ south standard variable rate ( SVR ), which is normally significantly higher . You can either remortgage to a new lender – which takes 6 to 8 weeks and is just like getting a unharmed new mortgage again – or you can talk to your existing lender and ask them to switch your product to a new fasten rate or discount rate mortgage. This is quicker, but it is worth checking what early lenders are offering before deciding which mortgage is right for you .

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