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d3sign/Moment/GettyImages According to Fidelity ‘s web site, you can close one of your accounts using the Fidelity virtual adjunct or call customer service. You should besides be able to close your account by visiting a Fidelity position and might be able to start the procedure by writing a letter to the company. Reviewing how to properly close a Fidelity account will help you avoid problems that could cost you money in the future .
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Visit Fidelity Investment’s Website

To get started closing a Fidelity Investments score, visit the company ‘s web site and follow the instructions for closing your account. According to Fidelity ‘s web site ( as of April 2022 ), you can lone use Fidelity ‘s Virtual Assistant to close a cash management or brokerage report, and it must have a zero counterweight before you can close the account .
ad You ‘ll be asked for data such as your report numeral, Social Security total, address, phone numeral and e-mail address. To close other Fidelity accounts, you ‘ll need to call ​ 800-343-3548 ​, according to the web site. If you have an employer-sponsored 401 ( thousand ), however, login to Fidelity ‘s NetBenefits web site to see if you can close your account through that portal site .

Make a Phone Call

If you ‘re not certain you understand the march of closing your score based on the on-line directions you ‘ve read, call Fidelity ‘s customer support line so you can speak to a customer service congressman who can help you through the serve. Look for the customer serve number provided on your monthly explanation statement, or call ​ 800-343-3548 ​. Follow the prompts until you get to a human .

Visit a Branch

If you ‘d like to meet face-to-face with a Fidelity representative and get printed ratification documents immediately, find the nearest Fidelity branch office and make an date. You might be able to walk in and get a flying appointment with a customer care specialist. Make indisputable to bring an ID like a driver ‘s license or recommendation, vitamin a well as one of your account statements. You ‘ll besides most likely need your Social Security count .
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Write a Letter

Fidelity wo n’t let you close your account with a letter, but you can start the process that manner, sending your data and providing your contact information. When a customer service rep calls you, she ‘ll have all the information she needs to help you close your report. Look for the Fidelity mailing address on your monthly newspaper instruction, or by doing a search on the Fidelity web site. You might try mailing your letter to the nearest Fidelity branch .

Review the Ramifications of Closing

When you close a Fidelity explanation, you ‘ll first need to empty it. That means cashing out a 401 ( kilobyte ) or transferring the funds to one of your early accounts ( which could include a personal check or savings account ). What you decide to do can have a bad impact on your taxes. For exemplar, if you cash out a 401 ( k ), even temporarily, you might have to pay a punishment .
ad If you roll the money directly into another qualifying explanation, you can avoid these problems. That means that even if you transfer ​ $50,000 ​ from your 401 ( thousand ) to your personal bank report, and then put that $ ​ 50,000 ​ into an IRA or another 401 ( kelvin ) explanation, you might have to pay taxes or penalties – at least temporarily. In addition, your transfer might be delayed longer if you do a transfer this way. You can learn more about this at Fidelity ‘s 401 ( thousand ) FAQ page.


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