How do I close my Macy’s credit card account?

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You can close Macy ‘s by using the e-mail old world chat. They will ask you for your full account number, last 4 of SS #, and DOB. You click on a secure link to enter this information. Took about 5 minutes. They will either send a letter confirmation or e-mail depending on your request .




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How can I pay my Macy’s American Express credit card bill?

To pay your Macy ‘s Credit Card on-line, go to the Macy ‘s web site and signal in to your Macy ‘s account. Navigate to the “ Macy ‘s Credit Card ” segment, then click “ Make a payment. ” From there, you can choose your payment come, the date of your payment, and the bank account you want to pay from ( debit cards are not accepted ). Click “ Continue, ” then verify and authorize your payment.… read full moon answer Before you can pay your Macy ‘s Credit Card on-line, however, you ‘ll need to add the credit poster to your Macy ‘s account on-line. To do this, find the “ Macy ‘s Credit Card ” part, then click “ Add Macy ’ s Card. ” You ‘ll need to provide your credit card number, your appoint, the batting order ‘s security code, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, then hit “ Add Card. ” Pick the security system questions that work well for you, then hit “ Save. ” You ’ ll lone have to add your Macy ’ s Credit Card once, paying on-line is easier after that.

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