How to Close a PNC Account

Closing a bank account can be a pain. It ‘s easy to make a mistake. Find out how to by rights close your PNC score on-line, over the call, or at a branch .

This lead will take you through the entire serve of closing your PNC bank report. Learn what to do before you close your account and the steps to take afterwards.

Is it Possible to Close a PNC Account?

Yes, it is potential. You can close your report in four ways by :

  • Visiting a branch
  • Phone
  • Sending a written letter
  • Submitting an online request using chat

however, before closing your account, there are a few things that you ‘ll need to do. This way, you ‘ll make surely the march goes smoothly .

Before You Close Your PNC Account

You ‘ll need to take a few steps before closing your PNC account. They will help you avoid extra charges and overdrafts .

1. Open Another Bank Account first

Before closing your PNC bill, you need to open another account in a different bank .
That way, you ‘ll have an active account where you can transfer your monthly subscriptions and your paychecks .
If you have n’t yet found a new bank, check out some of our picks below :
Tip : You can normally open a modern report on-line or at a physical branch. If you go in person, be sure to bring a government-issued ID ( such as a driver ‘s license, recommendation, or military ID ), your Social Security number, your physical and mailing address, an initial deposition ( if required ) .

2. Switch Over Subscriptions and Auto Payments

When closing your PNC account, you ‘ll need to transfer all funds from that explanation to your new bill .
Check with your savings bank for withdrawal/transfer limitations. If you empty your report without closing it, you may be charged a balance limit fee. To avoid this, it ‘s a good estimate to cancel your score on the same day you move your money .
If you have any automated transactions set up, make indisputable to transfer them to your new report. For example, consider your electric bill, credit card payments, car payments, etc .
It may be beneficial to review your most late charge statement to check that you have covered all the bases .

3. Review your Direct Deposit

Be certain to change your direct deposit to your new score if you have one set up .
This means handing your employer a invalidate check from your newfangled history or permission paperwork .
This direction, you will ensure that your paycheck is sent to the correct location .

4. Pay off Outstanding Balances and Fees

If you have an overdraft or extra fees that you need to pay, make certain you pay them before closing the account .
This way, you can avoid extra charges .

5. Consider Overdraft Protection

If you decide to close only one of your multiple PNC accounts, this is how you can protect yourself from a storm overdraft .
To shield your PNC checking report from overdrafts, link another PNC account of yours. This way, any available funds can be used to cover overdrafts. [ 1 ]
You can link :
If you overdraw your Spend account using Virtual Wallet, PNC will move available cash from your Reserve and/or Growth accounts to even out your counterweight .
The one thing that you need to keep in mind is that overdraft security is not available for modesty or emergence accounts. however, it is available for your virtual wallet merchandise with a spend-only feature.

How long does It take to close a PNC bank account?
It takes roughly a day or two to close your account. This depends on how long it will take to cancel any subscriptions and zero out your bill before close up .

How to Close Your PNC Account

There are four ways you can close your account. They are all viable and leave you to choose which matchless you prefer .

1. Close the Account Online

inaugural, you ‘ll need to go to their web page and snap “ Login. ” The drop-down menu will give you respective options. You can choose between these two :

  • “Sign on to Mobile Banking” if you are closing your account from your mobile phone
  • “Sign on to Online Banking” if you’ll be doing this from your computer

once you are logged in, find the option to close your report and follow the instructions .
Can I close my PNC account from the app?
Yes, you can close your PNC history from the app. It is the same work as close it online .

2. Close the Account at a Branch

You can close your report by visiting a branch. Go to PNC ‘s branch locator, enter your city and state or your zip up code, and then unselect ATMs and Partner ATMs .
then, you can visit the branch, and from there, a trust teller will guide you through the process .
These are the documents that you ‘ll need to have with you :

  • Your identity proof documents
  • Account Number Documents (optional)

If you do n’t have a branch nearby, you can always close your account over the earphone .
Does it cost money to close a PNC account?
No, it ‘s completely free of care .

3. Close the Account Over the Phone

PNC has a toll-free customer service telephone line that may provide fast, easy, and safe explanation information. The numeral for this lineage is :

  • 1-888-762-2265

A customer serve agent will help you go through the steps. merely keep in mind that the customer service agent may require confirmation in writing before closing your explanation .
Before making the call, you ‘ll need to gather these documents :

  • Your identity proof documents
  • Your account’s User ID and password
  • Your registered Telephone PIN Number with your account (this is the same as your PNC Debit Card PIN)
  • Your credit and debit cards

After you close your explanation with PNC, be sure to ask for a written confirmation. You can keep this in your records as proof that your account is closed .

4. Close the Account by Writing a Letter

Although this is a slower choice, you can close your PNC history by mailing a letter .
You can look through their liaison page and send the letter to a nearby address. however, it may take a while before processing your question .
Will closing my PNC account affect my credit score?
No, closing a bank account won’t hurt your credit score. The exception to this rule is if you leave your account with an outstanding balance, such as an overdraft fee that you never paid.
No, closing a depository financial institution account wo n’t hurt your credit score. The exception to this rule is if you leave your account with an outstanding balance, such as an overdraft fee that you never paid.

The bank may decide to send the debt you owe to a solicitation agency. If they do n’t manage to collect the money you owe them, this will be reported to the credit chest of drawers. And a collection account on your credit report can cause a dangerous spend in your credit score .

Bottom Line

Closing a PNC score is pretty straightforward and fast. however, the chief thing to focus on is finding a suitable surrogate .
There are many options out there. Therefore, finding a depository financial institution that resonates with your needs and expectations is the key to a longstanding reciprocal collaboration.


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