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How To Name Your Graphic Design Business

How To Name Your Graphic Design Business
Since 2020, there are presently around 400,250 businesses working in the graphic design playing field. If you are looking to start up your own graphic design business, then you ’ ll need a alone business appoint to in truth make you stand out from the crowd !
I ’ m Molly, and I am here to guide you through our detail steps to name your graphic design business .
To get started, use our unblock Graphic Design Business Name Generator above and see what options come up ! Or, check out twenty dollar bill examples of graphic design business names below for some inspiration .

20 Graphic Design Business Name Ideas

We have found 20 wholly unique Graphic Design Business names by using our Graphic Design Business Name Generator. Take a attend at these suggestions and see if any stand out to you :

  1. Artish
  2. artwork blueprint
  3. art tide
  4. color cookie
  5. color Graphics
  6. color Insight
  7. Design Mammoth
  8. Design Spectre
  9. Graphic Daydream
  10. Graphic Savvy
  11. Graphic Shoot
  12. prototype manipulate
  13. visualize grok
  14. Picturex
  15. photograph fission
  16. visualize fireball
  17. sketch net income
  18. Sketch Wise
  19. ocular eternity
  20. ocular office

20 More Graphic Design Business Name Ideas

  1. Illustrately
  2. Pixxel Studio
  3. Connected Dots
  4. InDesign Graphics
  5. Comics Corner
  6. Retro Canvas
  7. Colart
  8. Consilio Designs
  10. Colorpix
  11. Abstract Graphic Design
  12. Kreate Tribe
  13. Limitless Design
  14. Motionless Design
  16. Graphix Studio
  17. Photostratus
  18. VitaCreo Studio
  20. Picmatic

Best Real-world Graphic Design Business Names

hopefully you have had a opportunity to use our Graphic Design Business Name Generator and have already spotted some names that stand out to you .
There are hundreds of thousands of graphic blueprint companies out there, so get ’ s take a attend at some of the most celebrated names and explain why they work so well :

Charlie Smith Design

Although this name could be seen as basic and a bite boring, it means that all focus is on the person behind the designs. Because the designer is reputable and well-respected, it means that you know precisely what you are going to get from this graphic design company .
Charlie ’ south team offers a full range of plan services including packaging and digital .


‘ The earth ’ second largest independently owned invention studio apartment ’, Pentagram works with clients such as Rolls-Royce, Warner Brothers and Windows .
The list is reasonably unique, and incorporates shapes which link to the world of graphic design. The audience is very able to visualise some of their work based entirely on their diagnose .


VerdanaBold does presentation plan and graphics for a food ingredient company, and has worked with companies such as Dr Pepper .
The name is successful due to its use of ‘ bluff ’ ; a graphic blueprint term frequently used by designers and known to be used on something you want to stand out. It makes the name stand out, and gives insight into what they have on propose .


Known for working with clients including airlines, automakers, and manner and life style companies, this is possibly one of the more creative graphic plan clientele names out there.

The blend of two different words makes it look and sound unique, whilst representing the creativity of the brand .
 Blend of two different words!

Digital Silk

The trade name is in the name at Digital Silk ; a digital design agency that focuses on web design launches .
The diagnose is a clear representation of what the brand is all about, and the password ‘ silk ’ rolls off the spit nice and easily besides .

Unique Content for the Niche

This is your opportunity to truly let your creativity from your Graphic Design Business polish through the appoint that you choose. You want customers to come to you for design advice, therefore it is crucial that you choose a appoint that reflects this .
Your graphic design party identify is a key part of your trade name identity, and it matters about how it looks and how it sounds. That ’ s why it is significant to pick a diagnose that sounds good, but that you can besides put your graphic design skills to the screen to make sure it is visually appealing besides. Consider this when choosing words to put into our Graphic Design Business Name Generator .
Stand out from the crowd ! The competition is tough out there, and you need a name that not only reflects your sword, but that stands out to the consumer and is memorable for them .
Stand out from the crowd!
Our Graphic Design Business Name Generator is there to give you inspiration and to make the process of choosing a name a lot easier for you. Try it out – you ’ re guaranteed to find at least a handful of wholly unique occupation names that have the potential to stick for life !

5-Tips for creating unique Graphic Design Business name ideas

1. Use Your Creativity

If you ’ re setting up your own graphic design business, then you are probably a naturally creative person at heart. To you, the visuality of the brand is credibly extremely important, therefore the appoint needs to represent this and the aesthetic services that you have on volunteer .
possibly creating a business diagnose comes naturally to you, but even in that case you may want to put your mind into our Graphic Design Business Name Generator to see what other names pop up. This can help you mix and match and see what words truly work well together .
Your creativity is a forte, thus put it to effective consumption ! If you are a ocular thinker, take a few words that you already like and try to visualize them into a far-out logo. This might ease the name picking march and make it more of a fun undertaking alternatively of a job .

2. Get Brainstorming

The best thing to do before any big business decision is to plan, plan, design ! very think about what message you want your business name to convey. Do you want to come across as creative and unique ? Or, do you want to be more serious and swank ?
Every appoint tells a different report, so it is crucial to keep trialling different words to see what combinations you can come up with .
Get Brainstorming!
Try to brainstorm around 10-15 words that you associate with Graphic Design. then, let us do the rest ! Put each one into our Graphic Design Business Name Generator, and sit back as a crop of different business name options will pop up .
If nothing seems to stand out straight away, it ’ s important to not give up. The possibilities are endless, sol keep brainstorming words and phrases until one clicks .

3. Make It Memorable

Remember, you have thousands of other Graphic Design companies out there competing to be the best of the best, so it ’ s crucial that your name stands out from the rest .
Finding a unique and far-out appoint will in truth help you stand out from the crowd. Having a memorable name means that people will talk about it to their class and friends, and you ’ re probably more probable to get recommended to other customers. so, what makes a name memorable ?

  • If it is short and sharp
  • It uses alliteration
  • Using cross-over words
  • It uses a geographic location

4. Check For Its Domain Availability

therefore, you ’ ve found the arrant name ! It looks great, sounds great, represents the trade name well, but wait, have you checked that no-one else has taken the sphere identify ? This is often a common error that many businesses make, but don ’ thyroxine concern, it can well be avoided !
Use a web site such as Domain Checker to see if the name is available for use. Fingers crossed that you can stick with the appoint you want, which you can well register as a sphere through our Graphic Design Business Name Generator !

5. Use The Graphic Design Business Name Generator

once you have completed all of the steps above, we must remind you of our Design Name Generator. This will actually help your name-choosing travel by giving you endless name options if you feel as though you ’ ve hit a brick wall .
We recommend trying it out now ; choose some of your keywords that you ’ ve found whilst brainstorm, pop them into our generator and see what creations we come up with !

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