10 Best & Worst Sites to Compare Car Insurance (2022)

The Best and Worst Car Insurance Quotes Comparison Sites

With dozens of insurance quote comparison and lead-generation websites at your fingertips, it may seem overwhelming to pick the best option for your indemnity patronize feel. To help you choose the best choice, hera ’ s a comprehensive examination list of the best and worst sites to compare car indemnity quotes .

  1. Insurify
  2. The Zebra
  3. Gabi
  4. Policygenius
  5. Compare.com
  6. Smart Financial
  7. Bankrate
  8. QuoteWizard
  9. ValuePenguin
  10. Otto
Comparison Site ShopperApproved Reviews

Trust Pilot Reviews real-time Prices
Insurify 4.8 stars 3.4 stars 8
The Zebra 4.8 stars 4.1 stars 2
Gabi N/A N/A 1
Policygenius N/A 4.8 stars 0
Compare.com 4.8 stars 3.2 stars 0
SmartFinancial N/A N/A 0
Bankrate N/A 3.3 stars 0
QuoteWizard N/A 3.0 stars 0
ValuePenguin N/A 2.9 stars 0
Otto N/A 4.5 stars 0



Insurify tops the list of insurance comparison sites—it ranks as the # 1 indemnity comparison platform in the U.S. It ’ s flying, easy to use, and it ’ s free. Drivers love Insurify because it provides real-time quotes from top policy companies. That room, you ’ ll get authentic rates from some of the most reputable insurers. The site offers quotes from a kind of providers in all 50 states, from California to New York and everywhere in between .

How Insurify Works

You start by entering your ZIP code, car information, and driver details. You ’ ll then have to choose whether to add comprehensive and collision coverage. next, Insurify asks for your name, birth date, and other information to match you with available discounts. The form asks if you ’ re presently insured and a few questions about your driving history. then, you ’ ll insert your e-mail, telephone number, and address to streamline the process and get accurate quotes from crown insurance companies like Liberty Mutual and Nationwide. Insurify has over 200 policy companies throughout the U.S. in its network. It can match you with personalized discounts and coverage options. The web site works well on mobile and desktop browsers, and you get results in less than five minutes. In addition to using Insurify to compare car policy quotes, users can besides compare home, renters, pet, and health indemnity quotes, all on the same comparison platform. Insurify has paired millions of drivers and homeowners with perfect policy policies. Real car insurance quotes from Insurify


When requesting quotes from Insurify, the site provided results from eight different companies. The site listed the name of the insurance company and the quote price, along with any abridge prices and available deals. After comparing rates, you have the choice to view more details about the offer and to continue the quote serve with the company of your choice. alternatively, you can purchase a policy on Insurify itself. The questionnaire is fast and simple, and Insurify users can secure coverage in two minutes. A Liberty Mutual car insurance policy on Insurify's website

Why You Should Trust Insurify

Founded in 2013, Insurify has built a reputation for pairing users with personalized and accurate real-time quotes sourced directly through its partnerships with America ’ sulfur leading indemnity providers including Liberty Mutual, Travelers, Allstate, and Progressive. In summation to its partnerships with top national and regional providers, Insurify besides powers indemnity comparison platforms for Toyota Insurance Management Solutions and Nationwide. suffice to say, Insurify provides a legalize, comprehensive examination insurance comparison platform recognized and trusted across America .

Top 5 Advantages of Insurify

  1. Partners with most of America’s top national and regional companies.
  2. Displays legitimate quotes in real-time.
  3. Offers a quick sign-up process.
  4. Protects your data, so you’re not bothered by unsolicited phone calls.
  5. Excellent mobile app experience.

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The Zebra

The Zebra is another car indemnity comparison locate. It aims to simplify insurance by giving you real-time quotes. And, like Insurify, The Zebra is barren to use. You can get coverage no count where you live—the site partners with more than 30 top providers and offers quotes in all 50 states. The company got its get down in car indemnity. however, you can besides compare home, renters, and condominium policy policies .

How The Zebra Works

Your ZIP code is the first data you enter when requesting a quote from The Zebra. You ’ ll enter extra information like if you presently have car insurance and if you own or rent your home. After that, the web site asks for information about your vehicle and indemnity history before moving into questions about you and other drivers that may be on the policy. You besides have the option to create an account and save your information for easier access adjacent meter. Car insurance quotes from the Zebra


The Zebra delivered fewer results compared to the options offered by Insurify. still, the car policy companies were reputable and included well-known names like Metromile. After comparing options and choosing an insurance company, you click through to complete your quote with your preferable company. The Zebra transfers your data to the provider to streamline the process and save you prison term.


  • Shows quotes in real meter
  • Partners with reputable, long-familiar insurers


  • Users can ’ t complete their purchase on the web site itself



Gabi is an on-line policy broker. The locate lets you compare multiple quotes and offers policies in all 50 states. however, Gabi doesn ’ metric ton offer a real-time know. That is, person from the Gabi team will send you a follow up e-mail with personalized rates within 48 hours. The company works with over 40 insurers to help you find low-cost car policy. With Gabi, you ’ ll see policies from Progressive, Travelers, Safeco, Clearcover, and Nationwide—just to name a few. You can get quotes for landlord, renters, dwelling, and umbrella indemnity if you ’ re looking for extra coverage .

How Gabi Works

The first interview Gabi asks when requesting a quotation mark is the name of your current insurance company. Gabi then requires you to key in your real number call numeral, where it sends you a six-digit confirmation code. Gabi besides requires you to consent to marketing text messages, calls, and pre-recorded messages before continuing. Gabi's privacy policy in regard to their users' data After you verify your telephone number, you ’ ll figure basic data about your address, vehicle, and driving history. alternatively, you can upload your current policy to the Gabi web site, from which person from Gabi ’ s team will glean your information and commit you policy quotes via electronic mail within 48 hours .


Gabi entirely listed one car policy quotation for Travelers, along with an ad for Progressive that displayed no price, despite advertise that it works with 40+ insurers. A car insurance quote from Travelers and an ad from Progressive on Gabi's website overall, Gabi doesn ’ t seem to provide much rate or save you much time when shopping for car indemnity.


  • Partners with long-familiar insurance providers
  • Captures your information from your stream indemnity policy


  • Doesn ’ thyroxine display that many quotes in real meter
  • Takes up to 48 hours to email your quotes

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Like Insurify and The Zebra, Policygenius is an on-line indemnity market. It helps you compare car indemnity policies from multiple insurance companies. In addition to car indemnity, the comparison site can help you get a great deal on home, disability, and renters indemnity. Policygenius offers drivers an average rate savings of $ 435 per year on car insurance. The locate besides claims to save shoppers an average of 35 percentage when bundling home plate and car policy with policies bought on their platform .

How Policygenius Works

When you shop with the Policygenius market, you start by entering your ZIP code. You ’ ll besides choose whether you want to bundle your car policy coverage with homeowners insurance to qualify for extra savings. The quote process asks about your current car indemnity company, policy length, and cost. It then asks you to list out every address you ’ ve lived at for three years before it moves into details like claims history, drive record, diagnose, and address. You ’ re besides required to put in your occupation, personal annual income, credit score, and fomite make and model .


Policygenius doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate display real-time prices when getting an car insurance quote. similar to Gabi, Policygenius offers to send you your personalized quotes by electronic mail or telephone. One perk up of Policygenius is that it specializes in comparing bundled home and car insurance quotes. This concenter can save homeowners fourth dimension when patronize for coverage. It ’ s besides a good stake if you ’ re looking to bundle policies, but it may not be the best choice when comparing car indemnity quotes.


  • Offers quotes for bundling your car and home insurance


  • Doesn ’ thymine display quotes in real time
  • long bless up procedure

See More: Cheap Car indemnity While Compare.com isn ’ t an insurance agent, it is an choice for comparison-shopping on-line. The web site says it works with over 50 car insurance companies to help you find the best monetary value. Partners include Travelers, Nationwide, USAA, Elephant, and others. Compare.com broadly has cocksure reviews from drivers who use the locate to get quotes. however, there ’ s a key remainder between this comparison cock and others—how they use your data. The party ’ randomness terms and conditions say that when you provide your phone phone number and click “ continue, ” you ’ rhenium giving “ consent to receive market calls and/or SMS text messages, including the consumption of pre-recorded messages. ” Put merely, Compare.com shares your telephone number with its representatives, providers, and partners. The caller ’ sulfur list of partners includes All Web Leads, Quote Wizard, Media Alpha, Hometown Quotes, and Avenge Digital. And here ’ s the kicker : using this site means you give consent for calls and text messages even if you ’ re on a “ do not call ” tilt .

How Compare.com Works

To get a quote on Compare.com, you ’ ll embark your ZIP code and early name details, vehicle information, and driving history. You must enter your electronic mail address to see your rates. The web site besides asks for your call numeral, but it isn ’ thymine required. Remember that Compare.com will share your call number if you provide it, which could result in numerous unwanted call calls and text messages .


Compare.com provides options for minimal coverage, basic coverage, plus coverage, and premium coverage. Each level offers extra auspices for you and your vehicle. When shopping for cable car indemnity through Compare.com, users don ’ thyroxine always get a quote. In this exemplify, no quotes were presented for any of the coverage levels. Compare.com ’ s quotation number entirely presented one ad for Allstate, inviting users to get a quotation mark from the insurance provider directly. Compare.com occasionally provide quotes alternatively of ads, depending on your placement. Users who click on the Allstate ad are sent to the supplier ’ sulfur web site, where some of the information you shared with Compare.com is pre-filled. however, you have to provide a set of extra details before you can receive a legitimate quote from Allstate itself. An ad from Allstate on Compare.com



  • Doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate offer as many quotes as Insurify
  • Users get multiple call calls and text within minutes of signing up
  • Users can ’ t complete their purchase on the site itself



SmartFinancial offers more than car policy. You can besides get base, life, health, Medicare, and commercial occupation coverage. The ship’s company partners with over 200 insurance companies. SmartFinancial claims to sort through all 200 providers to find the best rates while besides checking for discounts .

How SmartFinancial Works

After entering your type of cable car and answering questions about your driving history, you must enter a valid address and earphone number to view your rates. The on-line mannequin was quick and simple to fill out. It is one of the most user-friendly options when it comes to online policy comparison sites. An ad from Progressive on SmartFinancial


After going through the procedure, SmartFinancial showed three results. Getting therefore few results was disappointing, considering the company claims to work with over 200 insurance companies. The results didn ’ thyroxine include car indemnity premiums. It besides didn ’ t display details about the amount of coverage or policy limits. Each recommended cable car insurance company had a “ view my quote ” button to get more information. But clicking through redirects users to that provider ’ s web site to complete however another form to get a quote from that company.


  • very quick sign up procedure


  • Doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate display quotes in real time
  • chiefly displays ads



Bankrate is an on-line content hub that provides readers with guides and tools to help with all things personal finance, from mortgage pace calculators to credit tease reviews. immediately, users can compare cable car insurance quotes by using their on-line quote comparison tool. The comparison tool is powered by Bankrate ’ s corporate consort, homeinsurance.com, and while they offer a route to quotes from crown companies, most quotes displayed to users are advertisements .

How Bankrate Works

Using Bankrate ‘s comparison creature is a fiddling confuse. After filling out a basic questionnaire about your demographics, car information, and insurance history, you can either click “ proceed ”, or choose to search immediately with policy companies like Progressive, Liberty Mutual, or Allstates. The first “ continue ” push button will take you to a secondary class where you will fill out a few more questions about your vehicle. The latter options take you to a pop-up book with advertisements. Advertisements from insurance providers on Bankrate's website


In order to obtain quotes ( that are in truth precisely advertisements ), Bankrate asks for your call number with the denotative disclosure that by continuing, users are providing express consent that they may be contacted by outside solicitors.


  • Partners with long-familiar policy providers


  • Doesn ’ thymine display quotes, chiefly displays ads
  • Users have to migrate to provider websites to get a quote



QuoteWizard started as a family-owned company in 2006. LendingTree bought the platform in 2018, and QuoteWizard is now a LendingTree company. LendingTree is a well-known company, but it ’ s besides huge. It owns nine different brands, including CompareCards, DepositAccounts.com, Magnify Money, Student Loan Hero, and Ovation Credit Services. hera ’ randomness why it matters : the chopine can contribution your information with LendingTree affiliates and network partners, fiscal companies, and early business partners. If you use QuoteWizard, be mindful that it may distribute your personal and contact information—which could result in unwanted telephone calls and offers in your postbox .

How QuoteWizard Works

You can check rates from QuoteWizard on-line or by telephone. The on-line process claims to give you a quote in a matter of minutes. You besides have the option to speak to an agent by telephone. QuoteWizard asks for the information you ’ vitamin d expect : vehicle class and type, current insurance company, date of parentage, appoint, and address. however, you must enter a valid telephone act to continue with the quote action. If you ’ re a homeowner, you have the option to bundle your homeowners indemnity and get a multi-policy quotation mark. An advertisement from Progressive on QuoteWizard


QuoteWizard returned four results but didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate list the rate for any of the four options. rather, it offered a “ view my rate ” button to click through and continue the quote process. The site requires you to re-enter your information when visiting the commend insurers. Filling out on-line forms can be rather long-winded. Rather than saving clock, QuoteWizard seems like an extra step when comparing indemnity quotes. Most results were ads.


  • Offers the option to speak to an agent


  • Doesn ’ metric ton expose quotes, chiefly displays ads
  • Sells your information, resulting in unasked phone calls



ValuePenguin claims to help you “ find clarity in your fiscal decisions. ” The web site goes beyond car indemnity and offers home indemnity, health indemnity, and accredit card recommendations. Like QuoteWizard, ValuePenguin is owned by LendingTree. It became part of the LendingTree class in 2019. That means the lapp information-sharing applies—ValuePenguin can give your name, address, and other information to its affiliates, partners, and fiscal companies .

How ValuePenguin Works

ValuePenguin is unique in that it lets you pick your car coverage level before starting the quote process. You can choose full coverage or liability only. The imprint asks good three questions to begin : ZIP code, historic period, and if you have insurance already. From there, you ’ ll record fomite details, driving history, and your list and address. The quote process is precisely like QuoteWizard—ValuePenguin has the lapp questions, shape layout, and supplier results. The similarity is probable because LendingTree owns both companies. An advertisement for Compare.com on ValuePenguin


ValuePenguin showed the like four results that QuoteWizard provided, and the experience was pretty much the like. You don ’ t beget pace quotes or policy information. rather, you must click “ opinion my rate ” through a final click-out to compare.com, and then visit the provider ’ s web site to complete the process and get a quote. Value Penguin showed ads, not actual quotes, and required multiple clicks to unlike websites.


  • Offers the choice to speak to an agent


  • Doesn ’ triiodothyronine display quotes, primarily displays ads
  • Sells your information, resulting in unasked telephone calls



Otto Insurance is a policy comparison website claiming to use “ cutting boundary technology ” to help save users money on their car insurance policies. They don ’ thymine offer up much information on their team, technical school, or other details that help legitimize their product. With a quick search, users can see that Otto has received abhorrent reviews for their service with many customers claiming that the web site is a scam to gather users ’ personal information .

How Otto Works

Using the Otto product is relatively simpleton. like to other car insurance comparison websites, must fill out a short-change questionnaire about their vehicle, driving history, and indemnity coverage needs. Otto requires users to create an report in regulate to view quotes. Advertisements for Progressive car insurance quotes and other life and home insurance quotes on Otto.


After completing the short questionnaire and registering with the web site, Otto offered zero real quotes. alternatively, it displayed advertisements that redirect to other websites, including for home and life policy quotes – not precisely what users searching for car indemnity quotes need. Otto is a lead-gen site that sends users to early websites rather of showing them the real quotes they were promised. There are no promises of data privacy or security system addressed on the Otto web site.


  • relatively short polarity up process


  • Doesn ’ thyroxine display quotes in real-time
  • Lists options for life and home indemnity, even if you ’ re precisely looking for car policy
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