How To Compare Real Estate Agents – 8 Tips To Find The Best Agent

How To Compare Real Estate Agents – 8 Tips To Find The Best Agent

When trying to find the best real estate agent to sell your house, it ’ s a very good idea to compare multiple agents to make indisputable you find the best one for you and your property .
however, it’s not as easy as it sounds to properly compare real estate agents.
It can be quite overwhelming at first and, if you ’ re not fully prepare, it ’ south hard to know what to look for.

It’s important that you find the best agent for you, your property and the area you live in. You need to feel comfortable with your agent and trust that they have the right skills, cognition and feel to get the best price for your sign of the zodiac in a reasonable time-frame .

It pays to take your clock when comparing real estate agents, and you need to ask the correct questions and look at the right things .
To make things arsenic easy as possible for you, we ’ ve put in concert 8 top tips to compare real number estate agents .

Look at real estate agent reviews

Looking at actual estate agents ’ reviews is a great direction to start the comparison process. impartial reviews from past clients will tell you a draw more than an agent ’ randomness market spiel .
Comparing agents in your local area with top reviews is the first step to finding the best agent for you.
With our real estate agentive role comparison tool, you can search for the best review agents – try searching for top real number estate agents in your area :

Compare top agents in your local anesthetic area
See past sales, modal fees and market costs .
on-line real estate of the realm agent reviews are the arrant station to start, but you should look further than just their rat. Look at how many reviews and over what period of prison term their evaluation is based on. The more reviews and the longer period the better – this shows how consistent their performance has been .
It ’ mho besides a estimable idea to get references from an agentive role ’ second past clients and, if possible, talk to them directly. This will help you determine if the agent is the best match for you. An agent may have big reviews but silent not be absolutely suited to sell your detail property type .

Learn More : Guide To Selecting The Best Real Estate Agent

Find local real estate agents in your area

It ’ second identical authoritative you find a local real estate agent who understands your local market and knows the best strategies for selling in your area .
Real estate agents in your area should also have a very good idea of the value of your house and the price they should be aiming for. 
Although there may be similarly experience agents precisely a suburb or two over, these ‘ out-of-town ’ agents will have less cognition about the sphere, smaller buyer databases and probably can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate give as accurate of a value estimate .
Real estate agents in my local area
To test whether an agent has thoroughly cognition on your local market, ask each them for an estimate on your property rate. then do your own research on what like houses in your area have sold for and calculate the value of your house yourself .

Get your rid property value report
With comparable sales, monetary value trends & more .
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Interview real estate agents with these questions

Properly interviewing real estate agents with the right questions is a vital part of the comparison process.
Interviewing real estate agents
here are the most crucial questions to ask in a real estate consultation to test an agent ’ south skills, experience and suitability .

  • Cover the basics, with questions on their level of experience, qualifications and type of property they specialise in.
  • Ask them about their communication style and how they will keep you updated on progress. Will they email or call you? How often will they update you? Also be attuned to their general communication style while speaking them and consider whether their style will be effective with prospective buyers.
  • Think about your comfort level – this is one of the most significant professional relationships you can have so it’s very important you feel personally comfortable with your agent. You will need to work together closely to get the best result so make sure the agent is a person you feel comfortable talking to.

For more, have a look at our agent consultation template below .

Interview questions to ask electric potential agents
What you should be asking your likely agents .
Read Guide

Find the right type of real estate agent

There are unlike types of real estate agents with specialties in different types of properties – make surely you choose an agent well suited to your character of house .
Depending on your property type, you may need a substantial estate of the realm agentive role with feel selling luxury properties. Or it might precisely be a interrogate of finding a house-focused real number estate agent vs one who specialises in selling apartments .
It’s key that your agent understands your property and how it will be perceived by potential buyers. They should have a marketing and sales plan fix to go with by examples of sales of alike properties .
attend at the types of properties an agent has sold in the past. If they are largely different types to your firm, it ’ s a good mind to look elsewhere .

Look at real estate agent buyer databases

A real estate agent with a good come of experience should have a boastfully buyer database they can use to market your house. But american samoa well as measure, a good substantial estate of the realm buyer database should include high quality prospects who are likely to be interest in your property .
Real estate agent buyer databases
It won ’ thyroxine serve you much if your agent has a tilt of contacts who aren ’ thymine seriously matter to in buying, or if they ’ re largely made up of people concerned in buying an apartment when you ’ rhenium selling a house.

Ask agents about their buyer databases, how many contacts they have, who the contacts are and where they came from. Ask how they have used their databases in the past to successfully sell properties .
A real estate agent’s database is a key arsenal in their selling strategy – the better your agent’s database the better result they are likely to get.

Check real estate agent sales histories

It ’ s a thoroughly idea to check a real estate agentive role ’ s sales history to by rights review their performance. Viewing an agent’s track record with properties similar to your own is a great way to assess what sort of price they could get when selling your house.
Checking a real estate agent's sales history
The WREA comparison instrument lets you compare real estate agents in your area – and shows you their sales history ( along with other helpful information like days on marketplace and suburb tip data ). You can use this creature to shortlist agents in your area with a big history of results selling houses like yours .

Speak to top agents about preparing to sell
Find acme local agents in your area .

Make sure you compare trustworthy real estate agents

It ’ south very important you ’ re convinced the real estate agentive role you choose is trustworthy. Trust goes a very long way when selling a house – you need to be confident your agent is honest and will operate in your best interests.
Make sure you real estate agent is trustworthy
There are a few things to keep in thinker when reviewing if you can trust a real estate agentive role .
Do they disclose things like their sales history and full list of fees without you asking ? If so, this is a good sign they are trustworthy .
It besides pays to go with your gut – your intuition is a good guide on whether a person is trustworthy or not .
Trust is critical for any relationship to be successful, and this is one of the most crucial master relationships you can have .
Trust your instincts and make sure you feel comfortable before making the final decision on your real estate agent.

Choose the right real estate agent commission structure

There are two main types of real number estate agent perpetration structures : fixed commission and tiered commission.
With fixate commission, the agentive role receives a set percentage of the sale prices of the family as their tip – this share doesn ’ triiodothyronine change, no matter what the house sells for .
Use our fixed commission calculator below to estimate what you might pay to sell your property .
Property Sale Price ( $ )Agent Commission %


0.00 entire Agent Commission
Real estate agent commission structure
With tiered commission, the share an agent receives can change based on the sale price of the sign of the zodiac. normally, a share is set up to an agreed upon target sale price, then a higher percentage is set for any come above the target. This gives the agent more of an incentive to reach a higher sell price .

speak with a reputable agentive role to avoid hidden fees
Compare agents in your area with our agent search cock .
The type of commission structure that will suit you best usually depends on the type of property you are selling. Luxury properties are normally best suited to tiered commission, as there is more electric potential for the agent to get a higher price .
With a tiered mission structure, it can sometimes take longer for a firm to sell than with fix commission, as the agent will be more likely to hold out for longer to get a higher price .
A good general piece of advice on commission rates is: you usually get what you pay for. It can make smell to agree to a generous commission rate as it gives your agent an bonus to work hard for a good sale price. You should be wary of agents offering depleted commissions, as they may have a poor sales history or be spreading themselves thinly across many clients .
As real number Estate Institute of Australia president Malcolm Gunning says, “ you get a poor price for a poor fee ” .

Compare agents and see median suburb fees
just request a short list of circus tent agents through our human body.

Request Now
Being across all of the above tips will make certain you are amply prepared to effectively compare substantial estate agents and find the best agent for you .
Doing your homework and arming yourself with the right knowledge will pay off in the end – literally. The more ferment you do now, the better the opportunity of getting a great price for your house .
Confident you ’ re quick to find the best agentive role ? Use our comparison tool to compare top real estate agents in your area now .

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