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In today ’ sulfur web log post, I want to show you how to add the Bank of America, Alaska Airlines Credit Card to your books .
Let ’ s dive correct into it and add the account to your Bank Feeds in QuickBooks Online. You should take note that this international relations and security network ’ t an report in your Chart of Accounts, it ’ south fair an account that will be linked into these bank feeds and will show up as an extra tile in your bank screen. For more in-depth information on how to use bank feeds, check out our former blog post here .
To add the bill to your bank feeds, beginning by navigating to the splashboard and finding the trust button on the left-hand navigation menu and suction stop it. Doing that will take you to your banking splashboard. now on the right-hand side of the blind, snap Add Account. Again, this international relations and security network ’ thyroxine adding to your chart of accounts, but it will prompt us to add the appropriate bank feed .
therefore after we ’ ve clicked the Add Account push button, we ’ ll need to tell QuickBooks about our bank information. You will now see a screen that has respective banks from which to choose. In this model, we ’ re setting up a Bank of America credit card, so we ’ ll nibble Bank of America. Once we pick Bank of America, we ’ ll have to sign in to our trust account to grant QuickBooks access to the information it contains. Click the green stay push button. An extra screen will then pop up where you ’ ll need to provide accept to share your data from Bank of America to Quickbooks.

Following the steps above will set up the connection between the two services. If the shield loads that says “ Connecting to Bank of America, ” then you know you ’ ve done it correct .
In our case, we have more than one explanation in Bank of America. The screenshot below shows how it looks. There is an history ending in 9940 and one ending in 7764 .
And when we go to QuickBooks, we will besides see the lapp accounts. We now need to tell QuickBooks which one we want to connect.

In this case, the bill we are linking is the one ending in 7764, not the bodied report. You might instinctively want to download the datum from the bodied tease. however, all of our transactions are processing through the Alaska Airlines 7764 circuit board account .
We have identified which is the correct report, and nowadays we need to select it in QuickBooks. once you highlight the correct account, QuickBooks will ask you to pick a begin date to load your transactions. For this exemplar, the date will be 01/01/2019. And last, click the green Connect button.

At this point, all of the connections are established. You can confirm the connections by viewing the bank riddle and confirm that the balance of the connect account is the lapp as the counterweight in your Bank of America Account. In this case, both are $ 2,811.04
You will notice that there are 367 transactions that we need to deal with. I go over how to deal with those transactions in a former web log post here .
Thank you for reading the blog post. If you have any questions, please leave a gossip below. If you would like to see some video instruction on how to undertake this job, you can view that below arsenic well .

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