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As a retailer, your point of sale ( POS ) system is arguably the most significant cock that you have. Your po system makes ringing up sales potential, allowing you to complete the checkout summons with rest .
In many cases, your POS software besides serves as the retail management platform on which to run your integral business. The right solution doesn ’ triiodothyronine fair ring up sales, it tracks your inventory, generates valuable retail analytics, and helps you take worry of your customers .
To that end, it ’ mho incredibly important to not only find the right POS solution, you besides need to set it up for achiever.

This position walk you through precisely how you can do precisely that .

Before anything else, find the right retail solution provider

Consider this as “ step zero ” of the point of sale apparatus process. Before getting into the particular steps or technical details, see to it that you have a hearty POS/retail management organization. Do your inquiry and weigh your options to make sure that the solution is a good suit for your business. The mighty retail software and hardware will make the setup march a lot easier .
We won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate prima donna into excessively much detail about the POS buy work, but if you need a exhaustive resource, check out our POS Buyer ’ s Guide, which discusses how to :

  • Define the needs of your business 
  • Select the best hardware
  • Budget for your POS system 
  • Evaluate various solutions side-by-side

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already have a POS arrangement that you like ? bang-up ! Take a count at the setup serve below .

Determine the store set up you’d like to have

The steps you need to take to get your POS system up and running depends on your shop ’ randomness frame-up and processes. Ask yourself the pursuit questions :

  • What devices will you need to ring up sales? (e.g., computers, tablets etc.)
  • How many registers do you need?
  • What types of payments will you accept?

Answering the above will help you prepare the materials and equipment you need which will make things easier for you and the people who will set up your POS arrangement .
And this brings us to our adjacent point…

Decide on who will set up your POS

There are a number of ways to go about the apparatus procedures of your point of sale arrangement. Consider the follow :

Go the DIY route

If you have a simple shop apparatus ( e.g., all you need is an iPad ), then you can probable get your POS organization to function all on your own. simple retail workflows typically involve launching or installing your POS software ( which takes a few clicks ) and entering your business details .
To make this process a solid bunch smooth, consider looking up video recording tutorials, avail articles, and documentation from your supplier. If your POS seller offers rid technical school back, hop on a call option with their team and confer with them to determine how to best set up your point of sale arrangement .
The “ do it yourself ” route is recommended for single-store retailers who have short and straightforward workflows .

Get help from your POS vendor

If your retail operations are slightly more complex or if you ’ rhenium running multiple stores with large product catalogs, it ’ s a dear theme to seek aid from your POS seller. Most solution providers offer launch services to get retailers up and running much flying .
These services can include things like :

  • Training your team 
  • Uploading your products 
  • Migrating your store data  
  • Configuring your settings 
  • Integrating the solution with other apps 

many of these things are done remotely, and your POS provider acts as a highly involved buddy who walks you through the procedure .

Have a POS expert set everything up for you

If you need person to do the frame-up for you and your team, you can hire a retail technical school technical to come into your store and install your hardware and software. Think of this choice as the Cadillac of POS system setups : it ’ s a hands-off experience where the experts will do all of the heavy face-lift and train you and your team on how to use the system
This choice is ideal for boastfully retailers or those who have complicated workflows, special engineering needs, or adult teams .
Regardless of which choice you choose, it always helps to have some cosmopolitan cognition of the point of sale setup process. Which is why in the come section, we ’ ll prima donna into the different steps retailers need to take to get a POS system up and running .

How to set up a POS system: the steps involved in the process

Launch the software and log in

The first thing you need to do is to run the software. With web-based POS software like Vend, there ’ s no initiation required if you ’ re using a calculator with internet access. Just launch your browser and go to your store ’ randomness URL. If you ’ re using an iPad, you ’ ll download and install the application to your device.

From there, you ’ ll motivation to login and configure your score. This tone typically includes entering your business details such as your store name, where you ’ rhenium located, how many outlets you have, etc .
Most POS software will have prompts or walk-throughs to guide you through the apparatus work. Prepare the information you need, then follow the instructions .

Enter or upload your products

once you ’ ve launched the app and established your account, you would need to set up your inventory. If you only have a few items to sell, you can enter them manually into the system. If you have a big catalog, then opt to upload your stock information in majority. Most modern POS solutions will allow you to do this using a CSV merchandise list, that contains the follow fields :

  • Product name 
  • SKU 
  • Supply price 
  • Retail price
  • Variant details (if the product comes in different sizes or colors) 
  • Product description
  • Product category
  • Brand name 
  • Supplier name 
  • Quantity 
  • Reorder point

Set up your user accounts

now let ’ s talk about the different users of your POS system. A indicate of sale solution typically allows you to set up accounts or profiles for your team members who would be operating the system. They include :

  • Admins
  • Managers
  • Cashiers

Depending on your solution, you may besides have the option to set exploiter permission levels, which enable or restrict users from accessing certain features or information. For example, while administrators may have full control over the software, cashiers would entirely have access to the sell filmdom .
Go over the different roles in your business and set up your users accordingly .

Set up your hardware

now let ’ s lecture about hardware. The equipment that you need varies, depending on your memory set up. Some retailers require several devices including requital terminals, cash drawers, barcode scanners, and reception printers. For others, having an iPad is adequate .
The exact steps for setting up your retail equipment depends on the specific device, so confer with your provider to figure out the right way to go .
by and large speaking though, setting up equipment like payment terminals involves :

  • Switching on the device
  • Connecting it to your WiFi network 
  • Pairing it to your POS system

Set up your payments

Beautiful smiling barista giving POS terminal to customer with credit card at coffee shop counter. Small business, occupation people, payment and service concept, copy space
once your payment equipment is connected to your POS system, you ’ ll necessitate to configure your software ’ sulfur setting so it recognizes your requital central processing unit. once again, the specifics will vary depending on payment supplier, so consult with your POS or merchant services seller to figure out what steps to take .
If your POS organization integrates with your payment processor, this process should be fairly childlike, and typically involves going into your POS systems ’ south settings and adding the right payment types .

Connect your POS with other business apps

One of the best ways to get the most out of your POS organization is to integrate it with the apps that you ’ re already using. Your retail business will function well if the applications that you ’ ra using are all “ talking ” to each other. This is one of the reasons why choosing an open and agnostic retail platform works sol well .
Depending on your retail POS software, you may be able to integrate it with your :

  • Ecommerce platform
  • Accounting software
  • Marketing automation solution
  • Loyalty program
  • ERP
  • Employee management app

Check with your provider to learn about the different apps that you can connect to the system and how to do it .

Bringing it all together

The answer to the question of how to set up a POS arrangement will vary, depending on the retailer. The steps and prison term it takes to get your system improving and running will depend on size of your business, the complexity of your operations, and how tech-savvy you are .
In any sheath, the best way to figure out how to do it for your business is to evaluate your requirements and influence with your POS supplier to determine the right path of action .
adept fortune !

Need help finding the right POS system?

If you need a fresh POS system for your commercial enterprise, speak to one of Vend ’ s retail specialists. We ’ ll discuss your needs and objectives and help you figure out if Vend is the right fit.
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