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Debit card and checkbook from Chase Bank
part of the rationality why so many people suffer from Exploding Wallet Syndrome ( aka the George Costanza wallet ) is having besides many debit and recognition cards taking up all that room, ready to burst into a overcharge of plastic .
Having a few citation cards is all right — in fact, it ’ s encouraged that you do, since a assortment of credit is good for your credit score and overall credit health .
But debit cards ? Unless you ’ ve got several different crack or savings accounts with respective different banks, thereby necessitating the motivation for several cards, respective debit cards on your person ( or in that overstuff wallet ) might seem like a bite of otiose overkill .
A individual debit card to manage multiple accounts could simplify your life. But can it be done ?

Can You Link Up Multiple Accounts to One Debit Card?

It is possible to link and sync two or more deposit accounts with the same bank to one debit card. But, like all things personal finance, it all depends very much on your bank, their rules, regulations, and capabilities .
There are two things to keep in mind :

  • You won’t be able to link a debit card to a credit card account, even if it’s from the same bank;
  • A debit card from one bank can’t be cross-linked to an account at another bank. (You can use it at another bank’s ATM, but with a fee; more on that below, too.)

Before the advent of on-line bank and engineering that made deposit easy, linking the same debit menu to your checking account, savings account, or another score through the lapp deposit ( like a money market or other deposit account ) was rare, if downright impossible .
In many cases, you ’ d have needed to get one debit menu for check, and another card ( ATM card, for example ) for salvage accounts. I remember banking at a major fiscal institution where a debit menu was only offered for checking. All other occupation had to go through the narrator window .

How to link more than one account to a debit card

today, one debit circuit board has the ability to manage numerous accounts at once : like wag act, same PIN, even when account numbers are different. And, it should come automatically .
Say you have a see history, but you want to take advantage of a newfangled high-yield check account at your bank to have a part of your paycheck directly deposited a couple of times a calendar month — and, you want to keep your master check account open for everyday purchases .
Your existing debit card should give you access to both, allowing you to make deposits, withdrawals, and transfers from and between either report .

Most of these options come standard at most banks, so linking a debit poster to an extra deposit report ( checking, savings ) isn ’ t something you ’ ll necessitate to request .
But if you have any doubt, or if you see an history that isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate synced with your debit tease, ask your bank first. Some long-run and non-liquid deposit accounts, like CDs, may be held separate from your debit wag and can ’ thyroxine be linked up or managed through a debit menu .
And like we mentioned above, your debit wag can ’ thymine double for a accredit card. ( A debit card won ’ thymine build credit, and a credit poster can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate debit cash, at least not without paying for a cash advance. ) But you can use the same debit wag to pay your credit tease circular from your checking account ( s ) .
Banks with an car circular give function besides allow you to sync up outdoor accounts with your debit batting order, so your car payment, mortgage, student loanword, utility bill, etc. are all paid through the same calling card .

What If You’re Paying With a Debit Card?

You ’ re cook to swipe or insert your menu at a point of sale, but wait — which of your two linked-up checking accounts is the money debited from ?
It ’ s a big purchase, and it might overdraft your secondary score. But it might debit from the elementary account ; you ’ ra not surely which, and calling your savings bank ’ s customer service might mean holding up the line, or losing your put in it .

answer : Your debit batting order will deduct the purchase from your primary check account. Which one is your primary history ? That will depend on what you select through your bank .

normally, if you ’ ve opened a second gear check report, your existing discipline remains the chief bill, tied if it holds a lower entire libra .
You ’ ll need to denote which account you select as your chief, but remember that it will be the batting order that all purchases are made from .
however, you ’ ll want to check with your depository financial institution to avoid debiting money from an account you don ’ thymine want, or to select which one becomes your basal account.

What If You’re Accessing ATMs?

Bank ATM interfaces are meeting the functionality of on-line bank and your bank ’ second mobile app. You should be able to get a 360-degree, 100 percentage watch of multiple accounts with your supplier, at least the ones that can be transacted from through the ATM with your debit card .
sol, if you ’ re standing there wanting to make a lodge or withdrawal, the blind should ideally list all the accounts that allow deposits and withdrawals with your debit card — no credit card balances here .
In about every circumstance, you can use your ATM circuit board at any ATM, and transact from any of your available accounts, but if it ’ s an out-of-network ATM from another bank, be prepared to pay a service tip .
Tip: We found out that some banks will allow you to submit a lend requital through the ATM and it is possible to access this option through a debit poster. Again, this works only if your loan is with the lapp bank .

Staying Within the Limits

Banks typically enforce day by day, hebdomadally or monthly buy, withdrawal and ATM limits on their check accounts ; one, to limit the possibility of fraud, and two, to prevent customers from withdrawing excessively much money and risk the bank falling below its minimum reserve degree .
If you ’ re managing more than one bank report on a debit batting order, check if those transaction limits apply to each account, or all accounts together .
If your monthly withdrawal limit is $ 5,000, is that for each check explanation, or two combined — $ 2,500 each ? Knowing advance can help you plan how much to transact, and from which history, all with your debit card at hand .
You can constantly contact your bank and ask for a irregular or permanent increase in your debit card limits .

What About Mixing Personal and Business accounts?

They say you shouldn ’ thyroxine blend business with pleasure, and when it comes to banking, it ’ s not a beneficial mind to mix a clientele checking account with a personal check account .
It can be difficult to keep track of dedicate commercial enterprise expenses when they ’ re interracial in with personal purchases, and frailty versa .
Banks besides encourage this fiscal sensibility and normally issue branch business and personal debit cards to segregate their respective expenses .
however, many clientele checking accounts, such as those from Wells Fargo and Bank of America, leave users to view both accounts together .
In the case of Bank of America, sole business proprietors who provide a Social Security number and tax ID number can link both their personal and clientele accounts together .
again, we do not advise on connecting different types of accounts for bookkeeping purposes and it merely helps to separate those funds .


Your checking account is that general-purpose type of banking product that ’ second designed for deposits and withdrawals, purchases and saving .
Your debit menu is an extension of your checking report, and it ’ s designed to be angstrom a lot of an all-in-one tool, eliminating the motivation to juggle several cards if you have multiple accounts, and giving you the ability to access all your finances and fiscal natural process through one tease.

Keep in mind that with the chance to review and transact therefore much through one poster, and to link numerous accounts together, that your banking and identity safety is more important than always before .
never reveal your score information or PIN number to anyone, shield the computer keyboard at an ATM, and use caution at points of sale, specially at retail check lines and boast place pumps, where larceny is more likely .
overall, managing different accounts through one calling card provides a more cohesive banking experience that makes your personal finances easier, quicker and more commodious to manage .

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