5 Things to Know Before Rolling Over to a Vanguard IRA

Thanks to its huge array of ultra-low-cost index reciprocal funds and exchange-traded funds ( ETFs ), Vanguard has become one of the largest investment companies in the global. It ‘s besides popular for those who are looking to roll over retirement savings from a workplace 401 ( k ) plan to an individual retirement explanation ( IRA ). many investment companies have worked to keep the rollover march adenine elementary as potential to attract assets, and Vanguard is no exception .

Key Takeaways

  • You’ll likely have to fill out paperwork from your employer, who in most cases will send a check directly to Vanguard.
  • If the check is sent to you instead, be sure to send it to Vanguard within 60 days; otherwise, you’ll be subject to IRS penalties.
  • Vanguard has a large lineup of index funds and ETFs to choose from, and it also offers funds from other providers in addition to stocks, bonds, and other investments.

To avoid delays in the rollover work, it ‘s significant to know what to expect and what information is required to complete the transaction. here are five things to be aware of :


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1. paperwork Required

To get the rollover started, you need to contact both Vanguard and your employer. You can use Vanguard ‘s web site to initiate the rollover to an IRA .

first, you need to select what type of history you need for your IRA. You can choose to purchase Vanguard common funds and ETFs directly from the company, or you can open a brokerage account for access to funds from non-Vanguard providers, american samoa well as individual stocks, bonds, and certificates of sediment ( CDs ). Include a holocene transcript of your quarterly 401 ( k ) statement to verify your account information .

many employers have their own rollover paperwork that you need to fill out to release the funds from your 401 ( k ). You need to complete this and return it to your employer with the instructions that the rollover check be made out and sent directly to Vanguard .

once you have completed all of your paperwork, the rollover typically takes around two to four weeks to complete .

2. Fees and Costs

Vanguard does not charge you any processing fees to complete your rollover. In most cases, your employer does not charge you any type of tip either.

When rolling over your 401 ( kilobyte ) to an IRA don ’ metric ton forget to name beneficiaries for the report. Depending on how much money you are rolling over and which investments you choose, certain fees may apply. Vanguard charges a $ 20 annual report alimony tip unless you meet specific minimum investment requirements or you enroll in electronic instruction delivery .

brokerage accounts may carry extra costs. Purchases of Vanguard index funds and ETFs come without any transaction costs, but buying shares of non-Vanguard common funds and products may come with fees. additionally, purchases of individual stocks, bonds, or options contracts come with their own commission schedule, which depends on the overall balance of the account .

3. available investment Choices

One of the great benefits of rolling over your retirement dollars to an IRA is the huge wealth of choices it gives you. Whereas 401 ( k ) sulfur are broadly limited to a handful of investment options, about any type of security system or investment is available in an IRA .

$8.5 Trillion

total of assets Vanguard manages globally, as of Dec. 31, 2021. When you roll over your 401 ( thousand ) to a Vanguard IRA, you have access to Vanguard ‘s batting order of hundreds of index reciprocal funds and ETFs. If you are choosing a brokerage account for your IRA, you get access to the Vanguard family of funds ampere well as most other fund family products, in addition to individual stocks and bonds.

4. indirect Rollovers

Some employers may choose to send the rollover directly to you alternatively of to Vanguard. This is known as an indirect rollover. If this happens, ahead the check to Vanguard without delay. The money needs to arrive at Vanguard within 60 days so you can avoid any IRS penalties.

5. Rolling Over Roth Accounts

many employers now offer the Roth 401 ( kelvin ) option within their retirement plans. If you are interest in rolling over a Roth 401 ( k ) to Vanguard, the process is basically identical. You would barely be moving your money into a Roth IRA rather of a traditional IRA, with no extra costs involved.

The Bottom Line

Before you decide to roll over your 401 ( kilobyte ) to a Vanguard IRA, it ‘s authoritative to understand what to expect, the fees and rules involved, and what information you ‘ll need to provide—to your former employer and Vanguard—to complete the transaction .

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