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This is part 4 of our 4 part #LoveWhereYouLive series. This Valentine’s season, we’re helping customers fall in love with their homes all over again.
It might have been love at beginning sight years ago, but the time has come when you realize you need to break up with your current home and move on to something well. How do you make a blank break and focus your fourth dimension and energy on your new love — the sign of the zodiac of your dreams ?
hera are 10 tips to help you keep your emotions in determine while you sell your home .

1. Make sure you’re truly ready to sell

Before you do anything, determine if you have estimable reasons to sell. HGTV calls this the “ understanding your why ” of selling. Grab a write and wallpaper and make a list of the reasons you want to move. It might be fiscal, the need for more distance, access to a better school district, a job exchange or even the desire to downsize. If you ’ ra struggling to come up with good “ why, ” then wait a few months and re-evaluate.

2. Prepare yourself for the selling process

once you ’ ve decided to sell, you ’ ll motivation to emotionally prepare for the sell march. Putting your house on the marketplace opens it up to scrutiny. Buyers and realtors will provide feedback after showings. The inspection summons will inevitably reveal some flaws. It ’ south natural to feel some aroused attachment, but remember that this is a business transaction. Do your best not to take feedback personally. Business Insider offers more tips for emotionally detaching during the sell process .

3. Price your house right

When you ’ ra reluctant to let a home plate fit, you may be tempted to overprice it. To determine how much your house is worth, do some inquiry first. You could besides request a free offer from Opendoor in order to get an estimate of the fair market value of your home plate .
additionally, look at what other homes like yours have sold for recently. You ’ ll want to take into account any singular features your home may have, such as high-end finishes, a large bunch size or swimming pool .

4. Decide what selling strategy is right for you

There are many ways to sell a home : through a very estate of the realm agent, for sale by owner or sell to a address buyer like Opendoor. Consider the pros and cons of each. A commodity agent will walk you through every step of the process, but you ’ ll have to endure family showings and an unpredictable timeline for selling .
Selling the base yourself allows you to avoid paying realtor commissions, but you ’ ll have to do your own legwork, including market, photography, scheduling showings and paperwork .
keep your feelings in check when selling your home
lead buyers like Opendoor eliminate the fuss of showings and offer a transparent, streamlined march on a timeline that works for you, and the median cost is comparable to a traditional sale.

5. Think of your house as a product to sell

While your home is full of sentimentality and memories for you, a potential buyer will be looking at it quite differently. Try to put yourself in the buyer ’ mho shoes and examine the house ’ sulfur attributes and imperfections .
Highlight all the best features and correct anything that might detract from the value ( for exercise : remove clutter, have the carpets professionally cleaned and paint over any brilliantly colors with impersonal tones ). last, expect for elementary investments you can make that will increase your home ’ second value .

6. Stay involved in the process

Putting your home up for sale the traditional way international relations and security network ’ t a “ set it and forget it ” exert. The more you stay in tune with the process, the more in control you ’ ll feel, and ultimately the more meet you ’ ll be with the consequence. Ask your real estate agent what you can expect to happen next. Keep the base tidy for showings and inspections. Listen to feedback from likely buyers and realtors, and answer to their questions in a timely manner. Read all paperwork carefully, and ask questions if there ’ s something you don ’ t understand .

7. Lean on your friends for support

barely like when you ’ re going through a quixotic break-up, friends can offer you support through the moving serve. When emotions run high, pick up the earphone or meet person for coffee. They can offer a listen ear or some perspective if you start to forget why you ’ rhenium moving in the first place. good friends will besides help you celebrate milestones like closing on the sale and moving into your dream family .

8. Keep an open mind about the buyer

You might imagine that your home ’ s prospective buyer is precisely like you and will love the house for all the lapp reasons you do. however, that ’ s not always the case. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hesitate to accept a good propose barely because the buyer doesn ’ t fit your sight. Try to be practical and expression at the numbers and offer terms rather. As The Balance explains, you can besides counter offer if the beginning offer is excessively low .

9. Be flexible during the deal-making process

Negotiations are rarely easy. One of the most nerve-racking parts of sell is dealing with the buyer ’ second requests, whether they are rectify requests following an inspection, an inconvenient conclusion date or requests that certain furniture or appliances be included in the sale. Imagine the action as a discussion. Being flexible will help you close the deal .

10. Focus on the next chapter

The best advice when moving on from any relationship ? Focus on the future. Chances are, you ’ ra moving on to bigger and better things. so dream boastfully. Start visualizing yourself in your modern home. Plan your furniture placement using these tips from HGTV. Start a imagination display panel with paint colors, fabrics and artwork. Do everything you can to fall head over heels for your newfangled space.

It may be hard to believe right now, but you ’ ll soon become equitable as attached to your fresh home as you were to your previous one .
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