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Minors can ’ thymine open a bank account without a parent or defender who is at least 18 year old listed as a joint owner on the bill. The specific steps may vary slenderly depending on the fiscal mental hospital, but you can by and large open a bank bill for children using these seven steps .

1. Decide on the account type

enough of banks offer checking and savings accounts for kids, but age restrictions vary. For exemplify, kids checking accounts are broadly only available to teenagers, while savings accounts are typically an option for children of any age. In fact, there are even savings accounts for babies. A popular alternative to checking accounts are postpaid debit cards for kids. These cards are increasingly common, and many of them include apps that offer a variety show of parental controls, including the ability to assign chores and disburse allowance payments. Some of these apps besides include fiscal literacy features to help your kid learn to manage money. If you don ’ triiodothyronine want your young one to have aim access to cash, you can open a custodial report for kids, which prevents your child from accessing deposited funds until they turn 18 or 21, depending on your state. These accounts are normally used to pay for college, a car or a down requital on a home.

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2. Research your options thoroughly

once you ’ ve identified the type of account you want for your kid, it ’ second clock to start comparing your options. There are hundreds of kid-centric accounts to choose from, and identifying the correct one can be a challenge. Determine what aspects of an report are more important to you, then start researching banks, credit unions and fintech companies that may meet your needs. If you ’ rhenium not indisputable where to start, compare interest rates, fees and other features, such as ramify locations and ATM networks. But don ’ t just read the surface-level marketing information you come across during your research. Dig into the terms of service and schedule of fees for any account that piques your interest. And always check popular review websites, such as Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau ( BBB ), to find out what actual account holders have to say .

3. Prepare to apply

When you ’ re cook to apply, gather your fiscal documents ahead of time to make the process easier. You ’ ll typically need your driver ’ sulfur license and Social Security number, though early identifying documents may besides be required depending on the savings bank or recognition union. For case, you may need your child ’ sulfur birth certificate or their school ID for student bank accounts. If you ’ rhenium diffident as to exactly what you ’ ll need, contact a patronize representative before beginning the application process .

4. Complete the application

After you ’ ve narrowed down your options and decided on the best account for your child and rear manner, it ’ sulfur time to apply for an report. many traditional brick-and-mortar banks require you to visit a local branch with your child to open an account, but batch of modern bank providers let you apply online or over the phone. In either character, the application process should only take about 10 minutes

5. Fund the account

In many cases, you ’ ll need to fund the account during the final stage of the application procedure. normally, you can deposit funds into your child ’ sulfur account with any debit card, accredit batting order or existing bank report, but some institutions are more hard-and-fast. For exercise, Navy Federal Credit Union only lets you fund its Visa Buxx prepaid card for teens with a valid Navy Federal Visa card or Mastercard .

6. Activate your kid’s card

once the application summons is complete, you may receive a debit poster or bank poster your child can use to make purchases or access funds at an ATM. This card will normally arrive in the chain mail seven to 10 days after your application is approved, but some banks and credit unions may issue a temp card immediately. Regardless of when you get your kid ’ s wag, you need to activate it online or by calling a toll-free issue. If your child has a smartphone, they may besides be able to add the wag to a digital wallet, such as Apple Pay if your child is 13+ or Google Pay if your kid is 16+ .

7. Install the app

many bank accounts for kids come with accompanying mobile apps that your child can use to check their poise and you can use to monitor account natural process or restrict access to funds. Several of today ’ s most popular apps, including Greenlight and BusyKid, let parents assign chores and pay allowance with good a few taps .

Documentation needed to open a bank account for your kids

Opening a bank account for your child is easy, but you will need to supply a couple of important pieces of software documentation before your child can start making deposits. What documents you ’ ll necessitate may vary from savings bank to bank but will probably include some combination of :

  • Your driver’s license
  • Your Social Security number
  • Your child’s Social Security number
  • Your child’s birth certificate
  • Proof of address

How old do you have to be to open a kids bank account?

by and large, the parent or defender must be at least 18 years old and the child must be under the historic period of 18 to open a kids deposit account. But some banks may impose stricter old age requirements for kids. For exercise, USAlliance Financial ’ s MyLife Savings for Kids account is designed for children under the age of 12, while the Alliant Credit Union Free Teen Checking history is designed for kids age 13 to 17.

7 things to consider before opening a bank account for your kid

Keep these factors in beware when looking for the a bank report for your child .

  1. Age account changes. Many banks convert kids’ accounts to standard accounts once the child turns 18, and these adult accounts often have monthly fees. Some banks let your child keep the account until they’re well into their 20s.
  2. Earns interest. Most kids savings accounts earn a negligible amount of interest, but a few earn competitive APYs. Some kids checking accounts also earn interest, but those are relatively rare.
  3. Financial literacy features. Most checking and savings accounts for kids don’t offer financial literacy options. If you’re after an account that teaches your kid how to manage money, look at prepaid debit cards for kids.
  4. Age requirements. Many savings accounts and prepaid debit cards are open to children of any age, but checking accounts are often available to teens.
  5. Monthly fees. Most savings accounts for kids are free to open and maintain, but checking accounts and debit cards commonly have recurring fees. Most of the time, these fees are listed front and center, but in some cases they aren’t obvious.
  6. Debit card. Depending on the account type, your child may be eligible to receive a debit card or ATM card they can use to spend or access funds in the account.
  7. Balance requirements. Kids’ checking accounts may require a minimum balance to keep the account open or avoid monthly charges. Some savings accounts have a similar requirement, but most do not.

Can I open a kids account online?

It depends on the bank. While some banks will let you open an score on-line, others will require you to visit your nearest branch in person to prove your identity. If you ’ re able to open an report on-line, you may be asked to upload photos proving your and your child ’ s identities .

Compare these democratic on-line accounts for kids that let them save, spend and learn how to manage their money .

Can parents withdraw money from their child’s bank account?

even though a kids bank account is in the child ’ south name, the parent has entire access to the bill as a roast owner. This means that they can deposit and withdraw funds as they wish. The alone exception is if the bank account is jointly owned by another family member — such as a grandparent or aunt or uncle .

Are there any tax implications to opening a bank account for a child?

Yes, there can be tax implications for any unearned income, including interest, dividends and capital gains. How taxes work will depend on what type of account you ’ re setting up .

  • Savings accounts. If your child makes more than $2,100 in unearned income in a year, including interest and dividends, they may need to pay taxes.
  • Custodial accounts. If a UGMA or UTMA account makes more than $2,100 in unearned interest in a year, the account holder will likely need to pay taxes.
  • Trust funds. The beneficiary of a trust fund is responsible for paying taxes. Trusts are taxed as income when distributed, and taxation guidelines can vary based on the size of the trust and fluctuating tax laws. If you’re considering setting up a trust fund, talk with your accountant to learn more about how it’ll be taxed.

What are the tax implications of opening a kids bank account?

once your child ’ s savings bank account starts earning concern, their investing income is submit to what is referred to as the “ kiddie tax. ” Any investment earnings over $ 2,100 are taxed at the rates that apply to trusts and estates. This kiddie tax applies to investment income of children under 19 years old and full-time college students under the age of 24. here are the rates for 2019 :

If taxable income is between: The tax due is:
$0 – $2,600 10%
$2,601 – $9,300 24%
$9,301 – $12,750 35%
$12,751 + 37%

Who declares interest income from a child’s bank account?

It depends. If they make more than $ 10,500 a class in interest and early unearned income, the child will need to file an income tax return — or you ’ ll indigence to file one in their name — using phase 8615. If they make less than $ 10,500 a year, you can either charge in your child ’ s name or report it on your own income taxes using shape 8814 .

How long is someone considered a child for tax purposes?

Unearned interest is subject to the Kiddie Tax if person is :

  • Under 18 at the end of the tax year
  • 18 at the end of the tax year, but less than half their support is earned income
  • A full-time student under age 24

extra requirements can apply in some circumstances. To determine if you or your child needs to file a tax return, visit the IRS Kiddie Tax web page .

Gifting money to a child’s account

As of 2019, if you gift more than $ 15,000 to a single person in a year, you ’ ll necessitate to file a endow tax reappearance with the IRS. If you have a spouse, they can besides gift improving to $ 15,000 per year before they need to file taxes .

What is a kid’s bank account?

A kyd ’ s bank account works pretty much the same as an adult ’ s bank account, but a rear will need to be listed as a joint report owner. Your child can make deposits and withdrawals into and from their report, and they can earn interest on money kept in a save account. If they ’ rhenium opening a check account, they ’ ll likely have a much lower spend limit on their debit card, and some banks will allow you to track their purchases online. Children ’ s bank accounts broadly won ’ thyroxine charge any ongoing monthly fees, but you should always check with your bank to make sure .

Bottom line

Kids bank accounts are offered by a wide scope of US banks and accredit unions. Opening an explanation with your current fiscal institution can help save time, but it ’ sulfur deserving shopping about to see which bill offers the best interest rates and features. To find the best match for you, compare children ’ s bank accounts .

Frequently asked questions

  • It depends. Most joint accounts will let you add and withdraw money, but custodial accounts won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate. In rate to withdraw from a custodial report, you ’ ll need to prove that you ’ ra using it to pay for something on behalf of the child, such as college tutelage .

  • It depends on the bank. Some banks will let minors arsenic young as 13 open a debit card — but a rear ’ sulfur name will be on the report .

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