Why Every Startup Needs a Business Concept Statement

In business as in life, you should constantly crawl before you walk and walk before you run. And so it goes when developing the estimate for your new inauguration .
In the early on stages of your business ’ second development, you ’ ll hear from batch of experts and prognosticators who will emphasize the need to create a strait, airtight business plan. While it ’ mho true that a business plan is an important instrument for defining your scheme, detailing deliverables for stakeholders, and developing cashflow forecasts for investors, it ’ south important to first crystallize the theme behind the business by putting together a Business Concept Statement .

What is a Business Concept Statement?

Think of your Business Concept Statement as a tool that distills your copious business plan into a handy one- or two-page document. not entirely does it lay the groundwork for the business plan to come, it besides refines your idea, outlines the consumer problem it aims to solve, and discusses how the estimate will fit into the overall grocery store. It ’ s a snackable snapshot you can plowshare with investors, lenders, and/or future partners .

What Should a Business Concept Statement Include?

While brevity is the authentication of a solid Business Concepts Statement, it should calm encompass some key elements and provide a heedful analysis of your estimate, a glimpse of the existing grocery store, and a value proposition that distinguishes you from the rest of the marketplace.

  1. A Brief Description of the Business Concept. This doesn’t have to be more than a sentence or two that captures the essence of your product or service.
  2. The Market Need. Identify the void in the marketplace that your business idea is going to fill. This could be a problem your product or service will solve, an emerging market your product will help to define, or the absence of a product or service that people don’t even know they need.
  3. Your Solution. This is a more in-depth discussion of how your business idea is going to fill the void, solve the problem, or create a new market. It’s also your chance to discuss why your product or service is the answer and, more specifically, why YOU are the perfect person to bring the idea to market.
  4. Your Proposed Business Model. This is a critical component for every stakeholder involved because this is the element of the Business Concept Statement that details how you are going to make money. You’ll want to discuss how you’re going to charge for your product or service, the business processes you plan to implement, and the resources you’ll need to make it a success.
  5. Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP). Explain how your product or service is different from others in the marketplace. Identify why someone would want to buy your product instead of one that’s already on the market. Your UVP is your differentiator—the reason your business will exist. Will it be your unparalleled customer service? A new technology? A higher-quality product? Better price points? Faster delivery? Or a combination of those things? Even something as simple as more attractive packaging can make all the difference for many consumers.
  6. A Succinct Competitive Analysis. To be absolutely sure your new business idea will fill a hole in the market, you’ll need to look at your potential competition. Who else is currently providing products or services to your prospective customers? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Examine the competition’s annual revenue (or estimate it if you have to) and identify their market share. This will help you determine both the size of the market and its potential for disruption, innovation, or new products or services.
  7. A Quick Overview of Your Marketing Plan. How you market your business will be critical to its success. In some cases, your marketing plan may actually be your UVP. Establish buyer personas, develop a target audience, and assess and prioritize your ideal marketing verticals. Then, discuss how you plan to promote your business idea in a way that’s different from your competitors.

once you ’ ve finished developing your occupation Concept Statement, you ’ ll have a useful tool to pursue business partners, investors, lenders, advisors, mentors, peers, and tied future employees .
One crucial endnote : make surely your clientele Concept Statement international relations and security network ’ t a sales pitch ! Stakeholders aren ’ triiodothyronine looking for catchy slogans, guarantees, or pushful sales copy. They want to see a well-thought-out business theme that ’ mho supported by an actionable psychoanalysis of the existing market .
If you ’ re thinking about bringing a new business mind to marketplace, but aren ’ triiodothyronine sure where to start, reach out to a SCORE mentor, who can help guide you through the summons of developing a compel Business Concept Statement .

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