How to Create a Fashion Collection: Step by Step Illustrated Explanation

HOW TO CREATE A FASHION COLLECTION: Step by Step Illustrated Explanation

Do you want to make your own fashion collection? I’m sure that with these examples you’ll clearly visualize the process required to do it!

How to Create a Fashion Collection: Step by Step Illustrated Explanation We know that on the Internet is possible find all kinds of data we want, but sometimes, when we search the articles more detailed, accurate and well explained esteem to a particular composition we finished restless with the contents or images. Well, hypertext transfer protocol : // My objective is precisely to avoid you this ! then get ’ s startle now. In my first blog position called “ Fashion Industry | What does manner solicitation dwell of ? ” I show you how to make a collection from a more business point of scene. This time, I want to focus more on the technical foul and creative part of the design process. I assure you that both articles complement each other, because in addition to containing the examples with images, they are very complete and contain all the information necessity to make a manner collection.

Activities to be performed in order to create a fashion collection:

I have decided to illustrate this composition using the first project I made in Italy, a fashion collection that I designed on a specialize course in manner invention in 2010.

How to Create a Fashion Collection: Step by Step Illustrated Explanation Despite to have over 10 years of have as a designer, this was a fantastic opportunity to learn and enter on the earth of winter collections because in Colombia do not exist the seasons … ( in fact, the city where I lived is called the “ City of Eternal Spring ” ), so for me it was a new experience, particularly at the moment of choosing the materials and designing the garments for protection against low temperatures. then I show you how I did it.


It consists of creating the TARGET DEFINITION and for this it is necessary to know the profile of the consumer and the cardinal concept of collection, based on the follow data : The season : Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter. But one must besides consider the mini-collections dedicated entirely to particular dates such as Valentine ’ s Day, Mother ’ s Day, Christmas, etc. Gender: Male, Female, LGBT, unisex, child, baby, etc. Type of market: The Income-Sensitive commercialize. It will allow us to target consumers based on their specific income or fiscal situation. This is a strategy that will guide the prices of our products. Product Type: Casual, Sportswear, Jeanswear, Brides, Lingerie, Beachwear, etc. Target: Popular, medium, medium-high, high. These are some examples of collections with different target types : Regarding the type of client: We must be clear from the begin to whom we are going to sell our fashion collection. I recommend starting by identifying the median long time of your customer, focusing on a utmost range of 5 to 10 years to be able to establish the most important details of this psychoanalysis, which are :

  • Who are they? Demographics such as gender, age, education and their personality characteristics, for example: are they friendly, outgoing, cheerful …? or are they reserved, dreamy, shy …?, or maybe are they competitive, meticulous, ambitious …?, etc.
  • What is their job role? their title? Company size, industry, and general job responsibilities.
  • What is a day in their life like? Describe what an average day is like for them, who they are dealing with, and what decisions they are making.
  • What are their primary pain points? Describe the primary challenges they are trying to overcome that relate to your products and services.
  • What do they value most and what are their goals? Explain what they value most in making a purchase decision (price, support, etc.), what they are trying to accomplish in each application.
  • Where do they go for information? Identify the primary sources they use to gather information in their research and purchase decision process.
  • What’s important to them in selecting a vendor? List what is most important, such as being a trend leader, diversity and excellence in design, having market experience, customer support, being a new technological developments expert, etc.
  • What are their most common objections? List the reasons you hear most often for why your solutions won’t meet their needs.

once you have your target customer defined, you can be much smarter about your manner collections. You need to nurture that person over time, building hope and credibility between your caller and the jumper cable as he or she gains cognition of your products and services.


At this point, it is necessary to carry out an analysis of current fashion trends ( in fabrics, colors, accessories, and so forth ). This information is the footing that determines the characteristics of the product and it is besides essential when exhibiting or supporting our fashion collection, both to our customers or to the media. Next we will see the color chart ( choice of shades ), which I will use in the materials :


immediately let ’ s talk about the Collection Concept, I mean the theme that we are going to use as divine guidance for our designs. This topic is absolutely release and as it is investigated, analyzed and deepened, fiddling by short it takes human body and begins to throw at us the key words or concepts on which we are going to focus and we will decide to work on our design marriage proposal.


Ready to Wear Collection – Fall / Winter Cosmopolitan Woman, Inspired by young, professional, mugwump, sophisticate and active women ( between 25 and 35 years ), with a medium/medium-high profile. I chose to make this collection based on the Urban Life Style concept, where the samara parole is “ City ”, proposing seven looks with sixteen versatile outfits, where the ultra-feminine waists stands out and desegregate with accessories and sporting details as blocks of color, drawstrings, snap buttons, zippers and contrast sewing give a fun, youthful and twist affect. As textile bases I used the silk crepe in a beige imbue, cotton drill in rusty blue, woven wool jersey with odds and ends effect in blue and ivory and last I used waterproof framework with amobarbital sodium and iridescent imbue and metallic touches.


now we continue with the development of mood board, it ’ mho practically a collage of images, fabrics or materials that we use as a mention and graphic support of the previous profile concept made. As you can see below, the pictures regarding the cities, supporting the profile of an urban womanhood and the other images have about the same colors of the fabrics and in some cases try to imitate the textures. I did this in rate to maintain a coordinate line but not necessarily all temper boards should be based on this concept :


Fashion Collection - Mood board by-Paola-Castillo-C


then we begin to make the Technical Drawings of our designs. In this action of creation we must identify the major factors that dictate the type of silhouette. In this case, we must develop a fall/winter collection, the silhouettes of the “ outside ” clothes ( I mean jackets, coats, etc. ), should be protect and consequently will have some character of volume due to inner cushioned fabrics, while the “ inner ” clothes ( I mean blouses, skirts, pants, etc ) should give a little whippersnapper image and which facilitates movement for exemplar, if we imagine our “ cosmopolitan woman ” working at office. After creating the beginning sketches, we select the final garments vitamin a having as aureate principle that the pieces can be combined well with each other. All details of clothing should be illustrated in the best way to facilitate their understanding, specially in the production phase :


Fashion collection - Sketches-by-Paola-Castillo-


next, we must perform the complete collection plane with the scene of the front and back of each garment. later, each garment must have a reference code or name that identifies it. We should besides note the respective materials, colors and names of the factories or suppliers of fabrics. All this will help us to support when keeping track of each dress in the production phase :


Fashion Collection Collection Plan-by-Paola-Castillo


now is the time to view our wax collection, so we should develop the Fashion Illustrations with the main objective to reflect the characteristics of materials such as weight, texture, volume, bowel movement etc.. In this step you need to remember our profile, this way the poses, accessories and general attitude of the figures, will be achieved perfectly identify with it.


Fashion Collection-Fashion llustrations-By-Paola-Castillo


ultimately, it is necessary to complete the production technical sheets in manner minutely and equally detail as possible with all the details related to the product, stitchings and the make of each piece. One of the most boring processes but surely one of the most important, because it is from these specification sheets our collection takes condition and becomes in physical garments. here are some examples :

TECHNICAL SHEETSFashion collection - Technical sheets by-Paola-Castillo

well, here ends the purpose process of the fashion collection, but actually the serve of the garments should be continued with the realization of prototypes and with the production. Do you want to know more about this composition ?, Have you always had the opportunity to make a manner collection ?, Do you have any interrogate about this composition ?, Do you work or study something related to fashion and would you like to share your experience ? Well, then I invite you to send your comments below Thanks for visiting my blog ! If you like this article, please share. Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva

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