Get your free Excel spreadsheet for business expenses [2022]

An Excel spreadsheet for tracking business expenses can keep your finances in decree. But unless you ’ re a bigger company with an integral report department on hand, you might not have a ready-to-go template for this. In this article, we ’ ll spirit at the commercial enterprise expenses spreadsheet. First, we ’ ll prima donna into a few examples of expense tracking templates and highlight the major reasons why you need one. After that, we ’ ll review our own Excel spreadsheet for business expenses and show you how can help take the headache out of managing your company finances. Get the template

What is an Excel spreadsheet for business expenses?

A spreadsheet for business expenses is a standardize template that tracks and records a company ’ mho expenses. specifically, it details the “ what, ” “ why, ” “ who, ” and “ how ” of spending caller money, therefore for case :

  • what was the money spent on?
  • why was it spent?
  • who spent it?
  • and how much was spent?

Some of these spreadsheets track particular company expenses, while others provide a dim-witted, high-level compendious of your expense history. For exemplar, a travel expense spreadsheet tracks travel-related expenses, like lodging and meals. A monthly expense spreadsheet provides an overview of your entire monthly outgo. Despite the kind of expense tracking spreadsheets, most of them have common features, including :

  • a list of rows for each expense item
  • columns specifying the date, vendor, expense description, amount, unit costs, method of payment, and other relevant data or notes, and
  • formulas that automatically calculate expenses

In short, these spreadsheets help you understand how you spend money. And while it may seem long-winded to track every penny, the benefits are worth it. download to Excel

Why use an Excel spreadsheet for business expenses?

Let ’ s take a look at some of the cardinal benefits of using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for your clientele expenses .

You’ll make better financial decisions

Knowing more about your business ’ expenses lets you make better fiscal decisions. And having expense information distilled into an easy-to-follow spreadsheet is a critical measure. For example, let ’ s say you own a bakery and you ’ re trying to make a decision about whether shopping locally for your ingredients is saving you money. You might analyze your existing expenses and compare that against product estimates from foodservice wholesalers. With accurate expense data in front of you, it ’ second a lot easier to make informed decisions about your business .

You can visualize expense tracking in one place

Suppose George from sales jots down his expenses on diner napkins and Betty from HR plug expenses in a Notepad file on her calculator. They ’ re going to run into expense report problems sooner or later. With an Excel spreadsheet, you can standardize your expense tracking summons to save and view all of your expenses in the like placement. No more napkins. No more notepad files .

You’ll save time and money

When you have a standardize spreadsheet for tracking expenses, you can save meter by using built-in formulas to calculate totals and averages. This lets you focus on your fiscal goals rather of crunching numbers. You can also save money by automating the expense reporting process. An Excel spreadsheet coupled with a powerful Work OS like, allows you to quickly and easily create an expense report that’s ready to submit to your boss or accounting department in less time.

It’s easier to spot unusual or fraudulent expenses

Tracking your expenses can help you spot unusual changes. For exemplar, if you normally spend $ 100 per calendar month on office supplies but on the spur of the moment spend $ 500 the following month, an expense spreadsheet makes it easier to see this change. Spotting these “ red flags ” early makes it possible to identify and investigate deceitful or unauthorized spend. now that we ’ ve covered the basics of what an expense spreadsheet is and why you should use one, let ’ s take a look at a few examples of how you might use them .

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What are some examples of Excel spreadsheets for business expenses?

Basic business expenses spreadsheet

not all expense tracking spreadsheets are complex tools with dozens of column, categories, and formulas. sometimes all you need is a bare list of your expenses and this is where a basic expense spreadsheet comes in handy. These spreadsheets are normally “ barebones ” tools and only contain dim-witted expense tracking information like the purchase go steady, payment method acting, a abbreviated description, and the expense amount .Example of a business expense tracking spreadsheet template ( Image Source ) Let ’ s say you ’ re a small business or a “ ma and pop ” company that doesn ’ t have numerous departments, employees, and budgets to manage. In that case, a simplify spreadsheet for tracking expenses may work. otherwise, you ’ ll need a spreadsheet with more features and functionality .

Travel expenses spreadsheet

A travel expense spreadsheet is designed to track all spending related to business travel. This might include airfare, hotel costs, car lease, food, credit card purchases, and any other expenses incurred while traveling for work. The great thing about travel expense spreadsheets is that they much come with pre-built formulas that automatically calculate totals for each category arsenic good as the overall trip cost. This makes creating a travel expenses report card agile and easy .Example of a travel expense report spreadsheet template ( Image Source ) Any business with employees who travel regularly — like sales reps or consultants — will benefit from using a travel expense sheet. travel expenses are reimbursed faster and managers help prevent unauthorized claims .

Monthly business expense spreadsheet

A monthly business expenses spreadsheet summarizes your month-to-month spend in a single report. not only do these spreadsheets give you a high-level overview of your monthly spend, but they ’ re besides handy when you ’ rhenium creating or adjusting your monthly budget. By seeing how a lot you spent last calendar month, you can get a better idea of how much you should budget for this calendar month. A simple monthly expenses spreadsheet contains :

  • Columns for each month of the year
  • Rows for total business income and expenses
  • Rows for expense line items

These spreadsheets will much include income and expense summaries for the quarter, making them rather utilitarian for quarterly coverage .Example of a monthly business expense spreadsheet template ( Image Source ) about every clientele can benefit from tracking monthly expenses. however, startups or minor business owners with close budgets will find these spreadsheets particularly utilitarian because they can help guide decisions about the adjacent calendar month ’ second spending and create more naturalistic budgets .

Annual business expense spreadsheet

similar to a monthly expenses spreadsheet, an annual expenses spreadsheet summarizes your outgo for the entire year. This reputation is particularly helpful for businesses that like to do a “ year in review ” to see where — or when — they made and lost money. An annual expenses spreadsheet normally includes two main sections : income and expenses. The income section lists all the money your commercial enterprise brought in over the year, while the expenses part lists all the money your business exhausted .Example of an annual business expense spreadsheet template ( Image Source ) Businesses of all sizes can benefit from using an annual expense spreadsheet. still, it ’ south particularly useful for businesses with a set of spending scatter out over the class, like a construction company or retailer .’s Excel spreadsheet for business expenses template

When it comes to tracking your expenses, has you covered. For starters, you can try our free downloadable Excel spreadsheet for an easier way to monitor your expenses. Our highly customizable template fits the needs of any commercial enterprise, whether you ’ rhenium track expenses for a complex international pot or a simple appliance store in a belittled town. And if you ’ ra looking for a little more firepower, associate with Excel through and work directly on our platform. This means you not only get a highly customizable spreadsheet, but you ’ ll besides enjoy the benefits that come with our potent Work OS. Let ’ s take a flying look at some of the advantages of using to manage your expenses. Work with anyone, anywhere: is a cloud-based Work OS which means you can collaborate with team members anywhere in the earth. Prepare expense sheets for your team in California, while you ’ ra working remotely in Ontario, Canada. Enhanced visualization: use to create knock-down custom-made dashboards that contain all key expense information. Add graph, charts, and tables so you can gather better insights about your business ’ spend .

The business expenses spreadsheet is the ultimate solution for keeping your finances in regulate. Whether you ’ re just starting out or you ’ ve been in business for years, our spreadsheet will help you keep lead of your spend and make better fiscal decisions .

Time-saving automation: with, you can well set up automations that not entirely send your documents to the right people, but besides send them regular reminders until they ’ ve completed their tasks. You won ’ t need to play e-mail tag trying to get expense information and updates from colleagues — takes wish of it with the click of a clitoris. For even more template inspiration, check out some extra examples below .

Related templates

Budget template

Our Budget Tracking Template will help you gain more control condition over your finances. Like all of our templates, it ’ sulfur highly customizable and easy to use. With it, you compare your actual expenses versus your budget amounts and get a clean picture of your fiscal situation. If you ’ rhenium lament on using spreadsheets, we besides have a budget template for Google Sheets for you to try out .

Expense tracker template

If you ’ ra looking for an alternative to an Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet for tracking your business expenses, take our dynamic Expense Tracker Template for a spin. not only will it help you be more proactive with managing money, but it besides simplifies the procedure by organizing your key expense data all in one place. If you ’ re in the marketplace for an expense report template that ’ randomness childlike, compromising, and comes pre-loaded with useful automations — like alerts for payment reminders — then you ’ ll love what the team at has created. Get the template

FAQs about Excel spreadsheets for business expenses

How do I create a spreadsheet for my business expenses?

There are many ways to create a spreadsheet for your expenses. You can use a program like Excel or use an on-line app like Google Sheets.

But why bother creating a spreadsheet when you can use a template ? For example, has a free template for tracking expenses that ’ south customizable and easy to use. You don ’ t have to fuss around with format or figuring out formulas, barely download the spreadsheet, and you ’ re cook to go .

How do I create an expense sheet in Excel?

You can either create your own spreadsheet or use a built-in Excel template. You merely have to open Excel, click “ New, ” and type a keyword related to expense tracking in the search browning automatic rifle — something like “ change of location expenses ” will give you a few templates to choose from. Though Excel besides has template options, you may not get the full customization, features, and ocular formats that come with a work OS .

How do I track business expenses in Excel?

If you want to track business expenses in Excel, you ’ ll need to create a spreadsheet and fill up in the allow information. The most authoritative columns are likely to be “ date, ” “ description, ” “ category, ” and “ amount. ” You can besides add extra columns if needed, like “ vehicle number ” for tracking car expenses. Get the template

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