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As a small-business owner, human resources tasks like reviewing job candidates and hire may fall squarely on your shoulders. Facebook has recently made that summons easy with the initiation of Facebook Jobs. This new sport is similar to LinkedIn, in that it besides allows businesses and organizations to post afford positions and accept applications correct on the platform — but Facebook lets businesses do this for free.

Making hiring more accessible

When Facebook added its job posting feature of speech in 2017, the company said small businesses were the inspiration for the raw summation :

“ 40 % of U.S. minor businesses report that filling jobs was more difficult than they expected, which is surprise when you consider that these small businesses besides employ closely half of the country ’ s work force, ” Facebook wrote on its business blog. With the “ Jobs ” sport, Facebook took a footprint to make rent easier for that 40 % of small-business owners who reportedly find hiring to be a bigger challenge than they in the first place expected. Before the Jobs feature was even added to Facebook more than 1 billion users were looking at Facebook ’ s “ Pages ” on the platform. Facebook said that users and business owners alike were using the platform to find and to fill jobs anyhow, so the new summation was barely an add tool to make that even easier. By making it official, Facebook gave administrators of Pages the office and tools to post job openings and Facebook users the means to apply to those jobs directly on Facebook.

How it works

Want to get in on the potentially game-changing way to recruit top endowment for your business ? It ’ s slowly to do so. Through the Jobs feature, businesses can post job listings with title, role description, “ part-time ” vs. “ full time, ” and so on to their official foliate good adenine easily as they would post a normal update. That subcontract list will go exist on both the business ’ s official page and in the “ Jobs ” section on Facebook. That section is specifically for people looking for jobs and businesses looking to hire. Users looking for a job can find the latest listings a total of ways on the platform. People with Facebook profiles can scroll through that Jobs bookmark and see jobs listed on a specific business ’ sulfur page, or they could come across the problem posting on their tip. They can besides filter their search based on placement and trickle by industry. Once they ’ ve stumbled across your job post, all they have to do is click “ Apply now. ” Users who click apply will see a pre-populated page appear that pulls information immediately from their profile. information like their list, education history, current city and employment history will all be made available. basically anything relevant that the drug user has made public on their Facebook profile will populate in the application shape. rather of a traditional resume or cover letter, users can send your business a letter-style notice of about 250 characters through Facebook Messenger. This is Facebook Jobs ’ pseudo-cover letter — and the campaigner ’ s find to convince you, the business owner, that they ’ re the best person for the job. once you ’ ve posted your job listing on Facebook and have received some of these submissions, you can track these applications all in one identify. You ’ ll be able to review your job applications and respond to candidates over Messenger and boost your subcontract list to other audiences on Facebook if you ’ re not getting the visibility you ’ ra looking for. All in, it ’ s an intuitive and simple way to approach hiring for your small occupation.

Step 1: Navigate to your business page on Facebook

foremost, you should log in as the administrator of your business ’ south Facebook foliate. Remember, this is different from a user profile on the locate and alone users with a profile and permission can manage or edit pages .

Step 2: Click “job” above the spot to write a new posting

once you ’ ve navigated to your business page you should select the “ Job ” option listed above “ Write a post. ”

Step 3: Enter job details

next, you should be able to start inputting details and information about the occupation. When it comes to caper listings, generally the rule is the more details the better. Job searchers credibly want to know american samoa much as possible about the exposed position, so data beyond the cosmopolitan job description, like wage, location and company culture, can help make the listing more sympathetic. You can change details about the job listing on your end deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, like how you receive the applications. The default setting sends the applications straight to Facebook ’ randomness Messenger inbox for the Page where the caper is posted. But posters can opt to have the applications sent to their e-mail if that ’ s where they ’ d prefer to review them. To do this, coil to the bed of the page when you ’ re creating the job post and add your e-mail address under the prompt, “ Receive applications by e-mail. ”

Step 4: Preview the job posting

You can see a preview of the caper posting before it goes bouncy on-line. To see a preview of the caper post, look to the column on the justly and then choose either “ Desktop News Feed ” or “ Mobile News Feed. ”

Step 5: Publish the job posting

once you ’ re happy with how it looks, photograph, description and all, choice, “ Publish Job Post. ” After the post goes on-line, problem searchers can see it and begin applying. Job posts on Facebook die after 30 days. It might be helpful to set a reminder to renew the post after that time period is up if you still haven ’ thymine found a new employee to fill the job. The mail can be renewed after the 30 days are up but after it ’ sulfur expired and before it ’ south renewed, visitors to the occupation page won ’ t be able to see the job post.

Edit, change or close a job posting

Job postings that already exist on a commercial enterprise page can be changed if necessary. If you decide you want to tweak the occupation description or want to change some of the specific details to try and appeal to more applicants you can do thus with barely a few clicks. page managers should navigate to the page and blue-ribbon “ Jobs ” and then select the “ … ” symbol in the upper proper corner of the post. From the list of options that appears, you should click “ Edit job post ” to do so. When the desired edits to the post have been made, the post can be updated by clicking “ Edit job post, ” again. If you find your pipe dream employee using Facebook Jobs and no longer need the speculate posting to be live on the business page you can close it. Closing it will make it no longer visible to job-searchers on the platform. Again, you can access and manage the job postings by looking at the left column on your commercial enterprise foliate and then select “ Jobs. ” On the speculate mail that you want to close, click it and then scroll to the bottom of it and choose to close it. “ If you close a job post, Page visitors will no long be able to see the job mail on your page, but Page admins, editors and jobs managers will inactive be able to see the job post and renew it, ” according to Facebook.

What comes after the applications roll in?

With a occupation posting on Facebook hopefully comes lots of applications as well. You can manage those applications by navigating to your page and then selecting “ Manage Jobs ” at the top. From there you have a total of options for continuing the interview work with candidates. Facebook made it possible for you to favorite candidates, reach out, schedule a time for interviews and trickle applicants right in the jobs platform. While looking through the applications if there ’ s a campaigner that catches your eye, you can either contact them by e-mail, call or right in Messenger. After contacting the campaigner you can then set a meter for the interview correct in the Jobs platform. On the chopine, you can select “ Schedule Interview ” and then select a day and time before notifying the candidate. Either party can cancel the interview should something come up. You can besides filter the applicants based on where you are in the interview summons with them. The platform allows you to “ Set Status, ” or change the applicant ‘s condition to contacted, interviewed and so on throughout the march. For those listings that aren ’ thymine getting as many applicants as you had hoped, you can spend a little to get a rise. The “ Boost Post ” option appears at the penetrate of the job listing and you can get a rise just by spending a little extra. Having a social media presence for your clientele, ideally on Facebook, can besides help increase the number of applicants the post gets a well. You can choose the people you want to target with the boost a well as your budget and duration of the desire boost on the subcontract list.

What this means for you

Introducing the jobs marketplace was a huge share for Facebook. With more users engaging with higher intent on Facebook — and an add use of Facebook Messenger for businesses — Facebook surely can benefit from the Jobs feature. primitively the jobs have was only available in the United States and Canada but the feature was later expanded to be available in more than 40 countries. Plus, Facebook was able to start earning extra tax income because some page administrators are uncoerced to pay to push job listings, fair like they would a traditional Facebook ad. But as a small-business owner, you don ’ t have to pay for a Facebook Jobs posting. This puts Facebook at a huge advantage, considering that other services like LinkedIn and SimplyHired do charge businesses for subcontract postings. And as a business owner, you might benefit in more ways than barely finding your adjacent “ Employee of the Month ” on Facebook. Businesses might roundup more followers to their Facebook pages by posting their job openings. You ’ ll experience more eyes — and potential followers — on your foliate regardless of whether people apply to your problem posts. Plus, when it comes down to it, about everyone has a Facebook score — but not everyone has a LinkedIn profile. TechCrunch notes that while 467 million people use LinkedIn, 1.79 billion people are on Facebook. And those 1.79 billion people are much more active users than those LinkedIn users are. On average, Facebook users spend about 40 minutes a day on the platform. By posting your job listings on Facebook, you ’ ll get more dealings on your speculate openings — and surely more bang for your vaulting horse if you don ’ thyroxine pay excessively much to push your list.

What’s next

so far, Facebook ’ s raw Jobs feature is catching on with local, family-owned modest businesses. Facebook highlighted three belittled businesses that all found multiple employees using the Jobs have. All of the businesses received applicants and were able to fill their positions in barely weeks. A version of this article was first published on Fundera, a subsidiary company of NerdWallet

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