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3. File Articles of Organization

To legally form your LLC in Arizona, you must file Articles of Organization with the Arizona Corporations Commission. The articles can be filed on-line at the Arizona Corporations Commission website ( you must first register an bill ), or completed and submitted through the mail. The filing tip for both on-line and postal mail file is $50 ( with an optional $35 for expedite service ). An Arizona LLC ’ s Articles of Organization must provide the stick to details :

  • LLC name
  • Whether the LLC is a standard LLC or professional LLC ( professional LLCs must besides include a description of provide services )
  • statutory agent name and address
  • LLC principal office address
  • Whether the LLC is managed by its members or managed by a specially-appointed coach
  • signature ( mho ) of LLC personal digital assistant ( second )

Foreign LLCs

LLCs formed outside of Arizona that intend to do commercial enterprise in the state are required to register with the Arizona Corporations Commission. registration of a foreign LLC can be done by completing the follow steps :

  1. comply with Arizona LLC identify requirements and determine that the LLC ’ mho name is available for use in the state
  2. Appoint a statutory agent that is based in Arizona
  3. complete and file an application for Registration of a Foreign Limited Liability Company by postal mail, along with a certificate of being from the LLC ’ s state of matter of origin, and a$150 filing fee payment .

4. Draft an operating agreement

Although not a legally mandate step for forming an LLC in Arizona, drafting a comprehensive examination LLC operate agreement is powerfully recommended for all nascent restrict indebtedness companies. This document should describe the LLC ’ randomness business structure, establish the individual responsibilities and obligations of LLC members, and detail how the LLC will be run. Without an operate agreement clarifying the specific duties of its members, an LLC may face significant legal and operational difficulties .

5. Obtain an IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN) 

All newly formed LLCs in the United States must acquire an Employer Identification Number ( EIN ) from the Internal Revenue Service ( with the exception of a single-member LLC ). The nine-digit EIN is like a social security system issue for a occupation and is necessity to pay income tax, file tax returns, overt business deposit accounts, and to perform a number of early crucial functions. You can apply for an EIN on-line on the IRS web site without paying a file fee .

6. Publish a notice of LLC Formation in a local newspaper 

Unless your LLC was formed in Pima or Maricopa counties, newly-formed Arizona LLCs must publish a Notice of LLC Formation in a local newspaper with cosmopolitan circulation in the county in which it operates within 60 days of the approval of its Articles of Organization. This is an important dance step as neglecting to publish a Notice of LLC Formation may result in the legal profligacy of the LLC. Maricopa County and Pima County-based LLCs are not required to publish a Notice of LLC Formation because the Corporations Commissions in those counties publishes recently formed LLCs on their websites, thereby fulfilling the obligation .

7. Fulfill your Arizona LLC’s additional legal obligations

once an LLC is registered, it is important that its members devote attention to satisfy legal requirements that apply for the duration of the caller ’ south being.

Registering for state taxes

Certain Arizona LLCs–such as those that have employees or collect sales tax from selling products–are obligated to register with the Arizona Department of Revenue. registration can be done on-line or through the mail .

Business Licenses

Your LLC may be required to obtain one or more state or locally-issued occupation licenses, permits, or certifications depending on the nature of the business. Take a look at the Arizona Department of Commerce Licensing Guide for information on how to obtain department of state licenses, and consult with a city clerk for more details on municipal or county licenses and permits .

Arizona LLC checklist

Naming requirements:

An Arizona LLC ’ south name must comply with the following guidelines :

  • Must include the words “ Limited Liability Company ” or the abbreviations, “ LLC ”, “ L.C. ”, “ LC ”, or “ L.L.C. ” ( professional LLCs must include one of the following in their name : “ professional limited liability company ”, “ PLC ”, “ P.L.C. ”, “ PLLC ”, or “ P.L.L.C. ” )
  • must be distinguishable from the names of existing business entities on file with the Arizona Corporations Commission .

Required formation documents and filing fees :

  • Application to Reserve Limited Liability Company Name – Online fee :$45, Postal chain mail fee :$10 .
  • Articles of Organization$50 filing fee ( plus an optional$35 tip for expedite process )

Registration procedure:

  • An LLC is created in Arizona through the file of Articles of Organization with the Arizona Corporations Commission .

Additional legal obligations:

  • Publish a Notice of LLC Formation : must be done within 60 days of the approval of an LLC ’ s Articles of Organization ( LLCs formed in Pima County and Maricopa County are not required to complete this tone ).
  • State tax registration : register online through the Arizona Department of Revenue
  • State and local business licenses: The Arizona Department of Commerce Licensing Guide includes information on state business licenses and certifications. For local requirements, check with the city clerk.
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