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LLC Florida Experts and 5 Steps to Your FL LLC If you ’ rhenium concerned in starting an LLC, Florida is an excellent place to get a raw business going. With its balmy weather and growing economy, LLC Florida has a long ton of solicitation .
Starting a new party demands commitment and imagination, but it besides requires decisions. You ’ ll need to determine which kind of business entity to create. And if you ’ ve done any initial research on the national, you ’ ve learn of the occupation structure known as an LLC .
An LLC ( or limited liability ship’s company ) is a character of business with discrete benefits. Each department of state has its own formation procedures, and Florida has a different process than many other places. All this may sound a bit complicate, but you ’ re in the arrant put for your Florida LLC filing .

How do I start an LLC in Florida?

If you ’ rhenium diffident whether to start your LLC formation and where to begin in the express of Florida, this bit-by-bit guide will walk you through everything you need to get your Florida limited liability party going. We ’ ll besides plowshare identify information about tax and other aspects of operating an LLC in Florida .
To get started, take a front at the following five steps to starting your LLC in the Sunshine State

LLC Florida Formation Services

here at ZenBusiness, we can help you start your own LLC with our business formation plans and other services. In this article, we ’ ll walk you through the steps needed to form a Florida LLC and tell you how we can help you along the way. We will show you how to get an LLC in Florida, along with other benefits for little businesses, LLC formation in Florida is easy .
The basal way we can help you in the LLC formation process is by filing Articles of Organization with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations. This representation manages records for business entities formed in the express, including restrict indebtedness companies .
By having your company registered with the Fl Department of State Division of Corporations, you ’ ll formally take your business from dream to reality .

Create an LLC in Florida

When setting up an LLC in Florida, before it can be officially formed, you ’ ll need to accomplish several intercede steps. These include selecting a name for your business, appointing a read agent, and creating an operating agreement for your LLC in Florida
Some of these components are quite straightforward, while others can seem more daunting for first-time entrepreneurs. however, with our help, and assisted LLC formation services you won ’ thyroxine have to worry about making a mistake along the means .
In this bit-by-bit steer, we ’ ll break down each stage of the procedure, and show you how to start an LLC in Florida in clear and simple terms, allowing you to start your clientele cursorily — and with confidence .
accomplished each of these tasks and know that you ’ re one step closer to knowing how to open a business and on the way to getting your new Florida business up and running .
LLC Florida infographic explains how to form a FL LLC in 5 steps
Step 1: Name Florida LLC

Step 1: Name your Florida LLC

beginning by naming your Florida LLC, choosing your limited liability party name is the first base consideration when forming an LLC in Florida. It has to be attention-getting adequate to draw people in, apt adequate to represent your post, and compliant with regulations approved by the state .
To ensure the name you have in mind for your LLC is compliant with Florida law and State regulations and available to be used, it will need to meet the keep up criteria :

  • It must be unique from all other business names that already exist. (Suffixes, articles, punctuation marks, conjunctions, and single, plural, or possessive forms of a word do not make it distinct.)
  • Must not contain any language that suggests it is organized for a purpose other than that stated in the Articles of Organization.
  • It cannot contain any language suggesting that it is connected to the state or federal government.

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As with most states, Florida country law mandates that your company ’ mho name end with the proper suffix. For LLCs, you have a few options :

  • Limited Liability Company
  • LLC
  • L.L.C.

Whichever one you settle on must appear at the very goal of your LLC ’ s name — with or without a comma before it .

sometimes finding a clientele name that isn ’ thymine already taken can be a challenge when filing a registration for an LLC in Florida. Start by making a list of possible names and then run each through our Florida Business Entity Search page .
While most states allow aspiring business owners to reserve their chosen business name, providing around six months leeway to finish registering their clientele, Florida does not. rather, to ensure your name is not taken, you ’ ll need to register it by submitting your Articles of Organization ( or having us submit it for you ) a soon as possible .

Secure a Domain Name for Your LLC

Another circumstance when choosing a business name is the handiness of a desirable web site knowledge domain. The death thing you want is to settle on a diagnose, file all of your paperwork, and then discover there are no beneficial websites to be had ! You can start by using our domain name checker to see what ’ s available .

File for a DBA in Florida

extra considerations include assumed names and trademarks. A fabricated name, besides known as a DBA ( “ Doing Business As ” ) is an alternative identify for your company. You may wish to have one if you would like to do business under a mention that doesn ’ thymine include the LLC label, or if you would like to have unlike names for unlike parts of your business .
To register a DBA diagnose, you ’ ll have to advertise your register name in at least one newspaper located within the county where your primary seat of business is located. You won ’ metric ton have to provide proof, but when you go to fill out the application for Registration of a DBA, your signature certifies that you did, in fact, advertise. There ’ randomness a file tip for this document, then check the most holocene submit fee schedule to see what it presently is .
You can file this application on-line or mail it to :
assumed Name Registration
P.O. Box 6327
Tallahassee, FL 32314

Get a Florida State Trademark

Trademarks or service marks are another way to make your business promptly identifiable ; even if you don ’ thymine plan to do this, it ’ s a good idea to check with the state of matter to make certain your business name and/or service distinguish international relations and security network ’ t already trademarked by person else. If you decide to create a state brand for your business, you can besides register this mark with the state for a fee .
note that the commemorate must be in use before it can be registered. It may besides be a good idea to check the United States Patent and Trademark Office web site to see if your clientele name or logo is trademarked at the federal level .
You must mail your express brand registration kind to :
Registration Section
Division of Corporations
P.O. Box 6327
Tallahassee, FL 32314
Appoint a registered agent in Florida

Step 2: Appoint a registered agent in Florida

Florida law requires you to appoint a registered agent for your LLC, which is a person or entity to be the point of touch for legal matters. If your company is subpoena or sued, the state of Florida will deliver all necessary documents to your Florida registered agent in person .
According to Florida police the requirements of your Florida registered agent include :

  • They must reside in Florida State.
  • They must have a registered office address (not P.O. box) in the state and be present there during normal business hours.
  • They must agree to forward any process, notice, or demand received on behalf of your business to your business address.
  • They must give notice of their resignation.

A read agent can be a business providing registered agent services or an individual. You can besides act as your own registered agent .

Benefits of Hiring a Registered Agent Service

It is entirely possible to be your companies registered agent ; however, it ’ s often better to outsource the function by hiring a registered agent service. You can choose any person who is a house physician of Florida or any business entity authorized to do business in Florida, angstrom long as they besides have a physical street address in the state .
The benefits of hiring an outdoor record agent service include :

  • Discreet receipt of legal notices (as opposed to being served a lawsuit in front of a client)
  • Ability to move your office location without having to update your registered agent address with the state
  • Freedom to leave the office, as the registered agent must be present at the office during all normal business hours

File Florida Articles of Organization

Step 3: File Florida Articles of Organization

When forming an LLC in Florida, the Articles of Organization will have to be completed and filed with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations. Picking a identify and appointing a register agent doesn ’ t mean your clientele entity is official so far .

Florida LLC Articles of Organization requirements

There are a few things you will need to complete your Florida LLC articles in order to complete the form. Make sure you have the following on hand before you begin :

  • The name of your LLC
  • The address of the principal place of business
  • Your LLC’s mailing address
  • The name of your registered agent and the registered office address
  • The signature of your registered agent
  • The purpose of your LLC
  • The names and addresses of each organizer
  • An effective date, if necessary
  • The ability to sign the document with one or more organizers’ signatures
  • Information on how to reach the designated contact person
  • Payment for the nonrefundable fee

Choose a business formation service or Sunbiz portal

Whether you prefer to use our business formation servicing, fill out the document on wallpaper and mail it, or utilize Florida ’ s Sunbiz on-line portal, you will be responsible for paying a non-refundable fee ( check the submit web site for the most current fees ) .
This includes the filing of your Articles of Organization and the appointment of your registered agentive role for your business entity. If you wish to obtain a certified copy or a Certificate of Status, it will cost you extra fees .
For those who choose to mail send it to :
New Filing Section
Division of Corporations
P.O. Box 6327
Tallahassee, FL 32314
View our bit-by-bit directions on how to file your Florida Articles of Organization on-line .

Our business formation service keeps all your LLC’s documents in one dashboard

If you ’ re using our business formation service, once the department of state approves your LLC, your paperwork will be available from your ZenBusiness on-line dashboard ; there you can keep it and other important paperwork digitally stored and organized .
once you get your forcible documents binding from the department of state approving your new LLC, you ’ ll want to keep it in a safe localization along with your other authoritative documents, such as your, contracts, conformity checklists, etc. We now offer a customize business kit to help you keep these important documents safe, organized, and looking professional for LLC owners and their business entities .
Create a Florida operating agreement

Step 4: Create an operating agreement

Limited liability company operating agreements cover the rules that your company will follow, how finances will be handled, the business structure, and how decisions will be made ( including spouse vote structure ) a well as detailing any extra necessary regulations. however, not every department of state requires LLCs to have one — including Florida .
When forming an LLC in Florida and considering that a Florida llc operating agreement international relations and security network ’ thymine required for LLCs, you may feel that drafting one is unnecessary, particularly if you ’ re starting your LLC alone. however, this international relations and security network ’ thymine always the case .

The benefits of having a Florida LLC operating agreement include:

  • Personal asset protection: By clarifying which assets are part of the business and personal, you add another layer of protection between legal issues associated with your business and yourself.
  • Clear definition of rules: Without an agreement, state default rules will decide disagreements, which may not be in your best interest.
  • Ownership and capital clarification: An agreement can spell out what percentage of ownership each member has in addition to their capital contributions.
  • Funding your business: Some banks and lenders like to see the agreement before granting credit or loans, so they know you’ve taken steps to secure your business interests legally.

A well-drafted LLC operating agreement may include the following:

  • Details of your LLC: This includes your business name, DBAs, trademarks, members, the registered agent, and so on.
  • Management structure and voting: It should be clear who is in charge and how decisions are made in the event of a disagreement. For example, will a vote be held? And do some votes count more than others based on ownership percentages?
  • Capital contributions: A record of the funds each member contributes can be useful down the road when it comes time to distribute profits. Often, you want to make sure people are compensated according to their investment.
  • Distributions of profits: You should clearly explain what happens to profits, such as whether they are evenly distributed or allocated based on capital contributions or ownership percentages.
  • Ownership percentages: This is a clear statement of what percentage of the company each member owns.
  • Responsibilities of each member: You should clearly spell out who is responsible for the day-to-day business operations.
  • How changes in membership are handled: If someone wants to leave, are they paid a certain percentage of the business value? How will the members decide if and when to add someone new? If a member dies, does their ownership transfer to their next of kin?
  • Dissolution: In the event that the business dissolves, how will assets and debts be split up? What will the process be?

Do all LLC members sign the agreement?

If you ’ re creating an LLC with early members ( owners ), each involved party will need to sign the document, formalizing their agreement to the terms. It may besides be a good estimate to have your LLC Agreement notarized .

Operating Agreement template LLC Florida

Since Florida doesn ’ metric ton require an LLC engage agreement, there is no class to fill out and file with the Fl State Division of Corporations. If you ’ re uncertain as to where to start, you may want to consider using one of our Florida customizable operating agreement templates .
Apply for an EIN

Step 5: Apply for an EIN

An Employer Identification Number ( EIN ), besides known as a Federal Tax Identification Number or a Federal Employer Identification Number, is a nine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) that acts similarly to a Social Security issue. If you plan to hire employees or if your LLC has more than one member, you need an EIN .
It ’ south potential you may not technically need this number if you ’ re a single-member LLC with no employees, but it can still be helpful to apply for an EIN. This manner, you ’ ll be able to hire employees and apply for business bank accounts well in the future .
You can obtain your EIN through the IRS, but, if that ’ s not your front-runner politics agency to interact with, we can handle it for you with our Tax ID number servicing .

Open a Business Bank Account

once you ’ ve secured an EIN, you ’ ll be able to open a ship’s company bank account. Separating your caller bank report and your personal bank is all-important for separating your business and personal finances at tax time.

Keep personal finances separate

Commingling commercial enterprise and personal funds can not merely make your taxes more unmanageable but it could besides be used against you if person takes you to court to challenge whether you and your LLC are very separate entities ( and thus try to sue you for your personal funds rather of merely the business ’ s ) .

Banking payments and invoicing

We have a partnership with LendingClub that offers a discount bank report for your modern business. This allows for on-line banking, inexhaustible transactions, a debit menu, and more. And, when and if you want to authorize others in your commercial enterprise to use the account, we besides offer a bank resolution template to simplify the serve .
If you need extra help managing your business ’ mho finances, try the ZenBusiness Money App. It gives you a cardinal place for creating invoices, receiving payments, transferring money, and managing clients .

Florida LLC FAQs

  • How much does it cost to set up an LLC in Florida ? The submit fees for forming an LLC in Florida rate from $ 125 to $ 175, depending on factors such as whether you choose to get a DBA. Because fees are subject to change, check the SOS web site for the most recent fee schedule .
  • What are the benefits of an LLC in Florida ? LLCs aren ’ t the merely type of clientele you can form in Florida. however, 90 % of our customers choose to form an LLC over all other types. Compared to corporations, limited partnerships, and other forms of entities, LLCs come with enticing benefits .
    Forming an LLC means you ’ ll reap the following benefits :
    Personal asset protection: Your personal liability will be branch from your business liability and debts.
    Avoid double taxation : You ’ ll only pay personal taxes rather than both personal and corporate taxes, as you would if you owned a C corporation.
    Flexible management: Unlike corporations, you ’ rhenium not required to have a display panel of directors or annual meetings.
    Less reporting: Compared to corporations, LLCs have fewer required meetings and reports .
    For a more in-depth look at why an LLC might be a better option for you, see our dislocation of what an LLC is and how it compares to a Florida pot .
    In addition to the benefits of an LLC, there are many benefits to choosing Florida as the dwelling for your business, including :

    • Florida was rated fifth in the nation for the best states to start a business in 2019. Check our list of top businesses to start in Florida to kickstart the process.
    • It has a rebounding economy that is projected to continue to improve.
    • Florida has one of the highest rates of net migration, meaning people (customers!) are moving there.
    • Florida has excellent infrastructure, including one of the most extensive multimodal transportation systems (airports, shipping ports, highways, railways, etc.).
    • Florida has a large pool of talented and diverse workers — including the third-largest workforce in the nation.
    • Florida’s local weather, recreational opportunities, and culture contribute to a great quality of life
  • What is the processing time to form my LLC in Florida ? The Articles of Organization are processed with the Florida Department of State in the order that they are received. Regardless of your means of filing, it can take two to four weeks for your paperwork to be processed .
  • Do I need to file an operating agreement with the department of state of Florida ? No. A Florida operate agreement is kept internally by the owners and/or managers. While some states legally require LLCs to have such an agreement, Florida is not one .
  • How do I change ownership of an LLC in Florida ? The operate agreement acts as government of your LLC, outlining the possession and early members. To change ownership, you need to amend your agreement. then, you ’ ll need to inform the express of the change by filing an amendment to the Articles of Organization or updating the information when you file your Florida annual report .
    We can help you with both of these tasks with our amendment filing servicing and our annual composition service .
  • Does a Florida LLC require an annual report ? Yes. Florida requires you to file an annual report by May 1, and you can use our Florida annual report service or our Worry Free Compliance overhaul to help you file it, or you can file it online yourself via the Sunbiz web site. Check the Sunbiz site for the current annual report fee. Be mindful that Florida has a very steep fine for missing this deadline .
  • Can a Florida LLC do business in early states ? Your Florida LLC can do business in other states ; however, you will likely need to register as a extraneous LLC in whatever state ( s ) you choose. To register as a alien LLC will require extra paperwork, which can vary depending on the department of state or states you are wanting to designate as a foreign LLC .
  • How do I remove a member from an LLC in Florida ? When removing a penis from your Florida LLC, you ’ ll first need to review your Articles of Organization and Florida LLC operating agreement, as these documents should outline how your commercial enterprise handles the removal of LLC members. You may need accept from specific members before removing another extremity .
    once the member has been voted out, you will need to amend your initial agreement or draft a new agreement to document the changes. When making these changes, if you ’ re replacing the member, ensure that you include the new member ’ south function, duties, responsibilities, distributions, allocations, and voting rights. You may besides need to update the Articles of Organization by either filing an amendment to them with the submit or updating the information when you file your annual report .
  • Can I change the name of my LLC in Florida ? Changing the name of your Florida LLC is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is file the Articles of Amendment to Articles of Organization with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations. There ’ s a small tip for doing so .
  • How do I dissolve an LLC in Florida ? If you decide that the clock time has come to dissolve your limited liability company in Florida, the Florida Department of state division of corporations requires that you file an Articles of Dissolution shape and the allow file tip .
    When filing the form, you will be required to pay a file fee. Upon file, allow two to three business days for your paperwork to be processed .
    For more information, visit our Florida business adjournment guidebook .
  • What tax structure should I choose for my Florida LLC ? When you get an EIN, you will be informed of the available tax classification options. Most LLCs elect the nonpayment tax status, meaning the owners are taxed at the submit and federal levels on their individual tax returns, and the LLC is not taxed as an entity .
    But since Florida does not have a country income tax, the owner is only responsible for paying federal income taxes on their share of the business ’ randomness profits .
    An LLC can besides choose to be taxed as a corporation. This route has its advantages for some LLCs, but be indisputable to review each option ’ south details to determine the best one for your business, or consult a tax professional .
  • Does Florida allow a Series LLC ? A Series LLC is a group of LLCs operating under one “ parent ” entity .
    While each entity under the parent is considered freelancer, entrepreneurs are often attracted to the social organization if they wish to create numerous companies to explore unlike avenues but not risk one ’ sulfur success due to another ’ mho liabilities .
    however, only a few states have adopted Series LLC laws — none of which are Florida .
  • How do I add a DBA to an LLC in Florida ? In Florida, a DBA ( “ Doing Business As ” ) name is referred to as a assumed name. To register such a name, you can fill out a paper form or register electronically through the Sunbiz web site and pay a $ 50 filing tip .
    additionally, you will need to advertise the DBA name in a local newspaper, although proof of ad is not required. You will need to renew this registration every five years with the FLDOS .
  • Which licenses and policy are required for Florida ? Although Florida does not require a general business license, specific permits and licenses are required, depending on what industry you are in and where your business is located .
    You ’ ll need to research what union, department of state, and local license your Florida LLC needs .
    Because there ’ s no one-stop shop class for checking to see if you have every license and permit you ’ re legally required to have, this kind of inquiry can be difficult .
    Our business license report service can do the cultivate for you by compiling a list of all the licensing your LLC needs to operate legally .
    When it comes to policy, the types of indemnity required vary by how many employees you have and the diligence you are in .
    They can range from professional liability policy to unemployment and workers ’ compensation insurance .
    You can find more data on the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation web site. A qualify indemnity agent should be able to help you determine what you need .

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