How To Create and Send QuickBooks Online Sales Receipts

Mark has researched and reviewed accounting software at Fit Small Business since 2019 and has developed an extensive cognition of accountancy software features and how singular business needs determine the best accounting software. Tim is a Certified QuickBooks Time ( once TSheets ) Pro, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and CPA with 25 years of experience. He brings his expertness to Fit Small Business ’ s accountancy message. In this tutorial, you ’ ll learn how to generate a QuickBooks Online sales receipt while recording a customer payment. We ’ ll besides teach you how to email the receipt to your customer within the platform .


QuickBooks sales receipts should only be used when receiving a payment for which an invoice hasn ’ thyroxine been issued. The previous tutorial, How to Receive Payments in QuickBooks Online, discussed accepting payments for outstanding invoices .
This unblock tutorial aims to help you get the most out of QuickBooks Online, which we ranked as the best overall belittled clientele accounting software. To achieve the best consequence from this tutorial, we recommend that you follow along in your own QuickBooks account. If you don ’ t have a QuickBooks Online account however, you can choose from a 30-day free trial or 50 % off for three months .
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This tutorial is one in our series of Free QuickBooks Tutorials. The video below and the bit-by-bit instructions that follow present the same data .

Step 1: Navigate to Sales Receipt

Click +New at the top of the leave menu barricade and then select Sales receipt in the first column under Customers, as shown below .
Arrown naavigating to Sales receipt in QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online will then display the sales receipt screen. The fields that appear on the screen will depend upon the settings you specified in our tutorials on How To Set Up Sales Form Content in QuickBooks Online and How To Set Up Advanced Settings in QuickBooks Online. The animated GIF below shows the sales receipt form used for creating a sample acknowledge for our assumed caller, Paul ’ s Plumbing .
Short video on creating sales receipt form in QuickBooks Online. Below is a list of some of the fields you need to complete when creating a sales acknowledge in QuickBooks Online .

  • Customer: Select the customer’s name from the drop-down list or select Add New to create a new customer. Once you select a customer, the email and address fields should populate automatically, provided the customer information is complete.
  • Sales receipt date: Typically, QuickBooks will default to the current date, but you can change this date if the sale is on a different date.
  • Payment method: Select either check, cash, or credit card for the payment method. If the payment is by credit card, you may need to skip ahead to how to manage credit card sales.
  • Reference no.: If the customer paid by check, enter the check number in this field.
  • Deposit to: Select Undeposited Funds from the drop-down box. This will place the check or cash in the Undeposited Funds account until the next bank deposit is recorded. In newer QuickBooks Online accounts, the undeposited funds account is named “Payments to Deposit” by default.


The Undeposited Funds account allows multiple checks to be grouped into a single deposit that will appear in the determine cash register as a single sum. This sum can be traced easily to the depository financial institution statement at month-end when the bank argument is reconciled. Without Undeposited Funds, each check will appear as a separate deposit, making it difficult to trace the blend sediment amounts shown on the bank statement .

  • Service date: The service date will default to the sales receipt date, but it can be adjusted if you provided the service or product on an earlier date.
  • Product/Service: Select each Product/Service from the drop-down list or add a new product/service by selecting Add New. Once a Product/Service is selected, the Description and Rates fields should be populated automatically, but you can adjust them if needed.
  • Qty: Enter the quantity for each product or service provided. Once you enter the quantity, the Amount column should populate automatically.

There are extra fields to complete based on the anterior options you have assigned. For case, if you selected to track information by class and placement in the advanced options, then you should complete the Class field for each Product/Service and the Location discipline for each reception .

Before you save your sales receipt, you can see what it looks like when emailed or printed by clicking on the Print or Preview release at the bed of the screen and then selecting the Print or Preview drop-down. If needed, you can print or download the invoice after previewing. If you need to make changes, close the preview to return to the previous screen .
Short video on Click on Print or Preview to see what the receipt looks like when emailed or printed. If you want to record the acknowledge without emailing it to your customer, click the Save button on the lower mighty side of the screen. If you want to send the acknowledge to your customer, chatter Save and Send .
Save sales receipt and send it via email in QuickBooks Online When you click Save and Send, QuickBooks will provide a preview of the textbook that will appear in the body of the electronic mail. All of the information will populate mechanically based on the information you provided in How To Set Up Sales Form Content in QuickBooks Online. You can make changes, but they won ’ triiodothyronine be reflected in future sales acknowledge emails. When you ’ re satisfy with your electronic mail, click the park Send and close button .
Email message for sales receipt in QuickBooks Online. Below is a preview of a sample sales acknowledge we created in this tutorial .
Preview of a sample sales receipt in QuickBooks Online.

What a QuickBooks Sales Receipt Is

exchangeable to an bill, a sales receipt provides customers with a detail description of the products or services that they have purchased. Invoices are issued to request payment from the customer. In line, sales receipts are used when the customer pays for services or products without being issued an bill. QuickBooks sales receipts criminal record both the gross from the sale and the cash received .

Difference between a QuickBooks sales receipt and invoice:

Customers should never receive both an bill and sales receipt for the lapp sale. If they need to be sent a bill before paying, then issue them an bill. After they pay, you can provide them with an bill marked “ paid. ” If they pay without being sent a beak, then issue them a sales acknowledge at the fourth dimension of payment.

Importance of Creating a QuickBooks Online Sales Receipt

Creating a QuickBooks Online sales receipt serves several purposes. It provides your customer with the details of precisely what they purchased along with proof of payment. Creating the sales acknowledge besides records the tax income for your income affirmation. ultimately, the sales reception records the customer requital and places it in undeposited funds until the following bank lodge is made .

Wrap Up

Congratulations on completing our tutorial on how to create and send a sales receipt in QuickBooks Online. The future tutorial in our QuickBooks Online Training Course is How to Write & Print Checks in QuickBooks Online .

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