Build a Bank Website – Templates, Design & DIY Setup

So you need to build a bank web site. And you have a certain “ look ” in mind. fortunately, web site design has come a long manner in the last few years. free templates, ready-made designs, and web site builders allow anybody to get their business on-line. It allows professional designers to think more about brand spokesperson quite than counting pixels. In the cutthroat, quickly digitizing bank industry, this lurch has been incredible.

But starting the process of building a bank web site with a bank web site template can be a shortcut to some bad web site choices. Starting with a template or pre-made purpose is like looking for your branch localization search based on existing build layouts. sure – a good build is capital. But it doesn ’ t in truth matter if your placement, lease terms, and expansion options don ’ t make common sense. You wouldn ’ metric ton lease/buy a building proper adjacent door to a large, competing bank would you ? here ’ s the open mystery among professional network designers – web pages are made of HTML & CSS with a few scripts thrown in. This means that… …any web site template can exist on any good web platform. With that in thinker, here ’ second brief 6 step guide to choosing the right bank web site template on the right world wide web platform so that you can build the design & functionality that your clientele needs .

1. Define Your Needs, Budget & Assets

Since any generic template can transform into a bank template with a small edit, they are identical easy to marketplace ( and easy to mislead ). It ’ sulfur important to take stock of what you truly need, what your budget is, and what web site assets you already own .


What functionality does your website need ? Is it merely a “ booklet site ” – or does it need to be interactional ? Do you need it to be easily edited ? How should it display your localization ( internet explorer, PDF or HTML ) ? Do you need on-line bank capabilities ? What security requirements do you need to meet ? Do you need to be able to handle customer serve inquiries ? There are no right answers, but it ’ mho authoritative to at least think about them before reading template sales features .


price is mighty, but it ’ mho crucial to not only pay for value but to besides pay for what matters. Think about your forcible bank location. What do you spend money on and where do you cut back ? What is a new, repeat customer worth ? How much do you want to grow ? How much is your clock time deserving – and how much will getting your web site right save time ? How a lot is your staff ’ s time worth – can a adept web site help them ? There are no right answers, but it ’ sulfur crucial to at least think about them before shopping for a design/designer/template .


Pre-made bank templates can go a retentive way…but the web site still needs to be yours. What photography do you have ? Do you have a digitized logo ? Do you know your fonts and claim colors ? Do you have descriptions of your history, localization, policies, etc ? Do you already have established social profiles & reviews ? There are no right answers, but it ’ sulfur significant to at least think about them before getting swayed by nice mock-ups .

2. Understand Terminology & Options

Website terminology can be daunting – and frustrating with sol many companies mixing, matching, & misusing jargoon to sell their product. here are the 5 core things you need to have a web site on the Internet nowadays .

Domain Name

A world is your “ address ” on the Internet. You lease it for a certain come of clock from ICANN via accredited “ sphere registrars ”. You can buy one now and “ point ” it to your web site late. many web site host companies besides resell domain name to provide appliance .

Website Hosting

Your web site is made up of computer files. And those files have to “ alive ” somewhere. Website hosting companies rend space on specialized servers that storehouse & serve your web site files whenever person goes to your web site .

Website Software

A modern web site normally consists of a lot of unlike files. While not 100 % necessity, websites normally need software ( i, a “ subject management organization ” ) to manage all the files – and make it comfortable for a human to edit & maintain. There are hundreds of thousands of web site software options. For our purposes, we ’ ll be looking at WordPress. WordPress powers more than 25 % of the Internet. It has its critics and its evangelists. But it ’ second still the go-to solution for most bank websites. hera ’ s the thing. WordPress is kind of like the 4 doorway sedan or light SUV of web site software. Yes – it is popular. But it ’ second popular because it fits most people ’ mho needs. It ’ s versatile, manageable and desirable for therefore much. If you hear people saying that “ WordPress gets hacked ” or “ WordPress is not fast ” – that is like person saying that “ sedans get broken into more frequently than semi-trucks ” or “ well, your Honda Accord can ’ triiodothyronine beat my Ferrari off the line. ” Yes – those criticisms are true..but not. Plus – as we ’ ll see – there are ways to mitigate/eliminate WordPress ’ disadvantages while keeping its advantages for building a bank web site ( i, ownership, market, integrations, etc ) .

Website Templates

As we saw in the introduction – templates are just pre-made HTML & CSS ( the calculator languages that browsers use to yield a web page ). While not 100 % necessary, mobile devices and different browsers make good design closely impossible to do well from start. All good web designers use some sort of template/framework to start. And there is a whole universe of pre-made savings bank web site templates that range from free templates to paid to bundled with custom design services. There is one item to remember about templates. Website templates should focus on invention, layout & contented presentation – and not on functionality .

Website Plugins / Extensions

Plugins / extensions / apps are specific pieces of software that exploit with your web site software to add functions or features to your web site. possibly the biggest advantage of WordPress is how “ extensile ” it is. WordPress has a hale universe of free & premium plugins. These allow tied belittled banks to have very advance functionality on their websites. In fact, many bank software providers make WordPress plugins & compatible scripts that can drop right into a WordPress-powered locate .

3. Choose & Setup Your Bank Website Platform

There are a set of excellent web site platforms. There are infinite ways to combine, mix & match the 5 unlike pieces you need for a modern web site. But this guidebook would be despicable if it did not actually help you find a template & build a web site that works. We ’ ve already narrowed the web site software down to WordPress. now we need to pick where your WordPress software will live & how it will work with your templates & plugins. There are two main options here – “ self-hosted ” WordPress and disclosure -I receive customer referral fees from companies mentioned on this web site. All data & opinions are based on my professional experience as a paying customer or adviser to paying customers .

Self-hosted WordPress

WordPress is free, open-source, community-supported software. You can download it, install it anywhere, and use it however you like. When you self-host WordPress, you get complete freedom but besides have complete duty. It ’ s like owning your own build. You can do whatever you want…but you ’ re besides the one to call the plumber. That said, installing WordPress with a good web hosting company makes all the remainder. A full host ship’s company can provide the hold, security & services that can minimize the risks of maintaining your own self-hosted WordPress. For businesses, I use & recommend InMotion Hosting for a few reasons. I wrote a broad review of InMotion Hosting.

  1. InMotion provides excellent support services via phone, chat, email & knowledgebase.
  2. InMotion operates at a slightly higher price point to focus on businesses (not hobby bloggers).
  3. InMotion provides WordPress auto-install at checkout in addition to an (optional) free, drag & drop design tool called BoldGrid.
  4. InMotion can provide custom web design services to minimize the search for a random freelancer.

See InMotion Hosting ’ s current Business Hosting Plans. Upside: If you self-host your WordPress software, you can download & use basically any theme or plugin that you want. Developers & consultants are used to the frame-up. It is future-proof, and it saves a good moment of money compared to other options. Downside: You are in charge of technical aspects. sure – InMotion provides documentation and consultants can provide expertness, but you are ultimately in charge of everything. For anyone who doesn ’ metric ton want to deal with technical issues at all – self-hosting WordPress is not ideal . is a “ hosted service ” run by the originator of WordPress software. It ’ s an all-in-one military service that bundles a specify version of WordPress software with host, software, back, and services all into one monthly plan. If self-hosting WordPress is like owning your own construction, then using is like leasing a pre-built shopfront. You can do all the customizations that you want “ inside ” your build, but the maintenance and drilling bits are not your responsibility. For businesses, I use & recommend for a few reasons .

  1. takes care of *all* speed, security & technical concerns while still benefitting from the advantages of WordPress software.
  2.’s Business Plan is expensive, but it is predictable. There will never be a big consultant’s fee for maintenance.
  3. provides a full directory of premium design templates with simple installation.
  4. still allows you to install vetted 3rd party plugins – which is huge for a custom bank website, especially one that needs online banking functionaility.

See ’ south Business Plan. Upside: If you use, then you get most of the top of WordPress software without any potential technical foul headaches. Downside : You have a limited translation of WordPress – and will inevitably miss out on some functionality and invention options .

Your Next Steps

Remember that there is no wrong option. It all depends on your goals and needs. Sign up for InMotion Hosting ’ second Business Plan w/ WordPress auto-install. Sign up for ’ second Business Plan .

4. Choose & Setup Your Bank Website Template

now that you know what you have and you know what you need – you can dive in finding the right pre-made deposit template for your web site. When you are shopping, keep a few things in mind .

  1. Ignore the mock-up photography and logo designs. Often, a template will only look a certain way due to the mock-up photography.
  2. Focus on the layout of a given template.
  3. Look beyond the homepage. Look at how the subpages and unique pages are presented.
  4. Remember that any template can be reproduced as a WordPress Theme or template. If you see a Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, Drupal, etc template, it is better to convert that template to WordPress than to lock into that platform simply for the design. Again, that would be like choosing your branch building or location based on pre-built building layout. It’s better to choose your building or location and spend money renovating.

Self-hosted WordPress Templates

With a self-hosted WordPress install, you have a basically inexhaustible choice of templates. here are a few places to look for high-quality options. If you used InMotion Hosting, then you ’ ll besides have access to their BoldGrid templates that have drag & drop functionality. You can besides use their invention services to convert a template you love to WordPress + your sword . Templates

With a Business Plan, you can not only upload template choices from the sites listed above – you besides get inexhaustible access to ’ s agio templates. These all have advanced customization options so that you can edit them. You can browse them here .

5. Choose & Setup Your Bank Website Functionality

many template & root makers bundle functionality with invention. That can be capital – but it can besides have downsides. If your theme has excessively much functionality built-in, then you are locked into that template. But if you separate out design & functionality, you can easily edit both. Either way, WordPress allows extra functionality via plugins .

Everyday Functionality

WordPress works out of the box – and needs very short installed on top. In fact, broadly the fewer plugins you have, the better. If you are using a self-hosted site, then I ’ vitamin d recommend installing the JetPack plugin to provide security & backup ( along with other fun things like sharing buttons, contact forms, etc ). I ’ ve besides written a round-up of the best WordPress plugins – that includes things like Google Analytics & Redirects .

Specialized Functionality

nowadays – what you ’ ve been waiting for – bank functionality. here it is crucial to emphasize writing down your needs. It ’ mho easily to just randomly total things to WordPress that neither you nor your visitors need. On the other handwriting, bank is a very specialized industry that requires across-the-board security measures if you ’ re plan on enabling online banking capabilities. With that said, here are a few excellent sources to find the bank web site functionality you need :

  • Repository – the official source for plugins. Do a search for specific functionality. Be sure to note the number of installs, rating, and other notes of quality.
  • ThemeForest – also an excellent source for premium plugins in every industry.
  • Banking Software Providers – since WordPress is such a popular CMS, your favorite software providers probably have an integration. Do a Google Search!

6. Refine Your Design & Content

now that you have your design & functionality apparatus – the fun begins. The crucial period here is that whether your web site is a booklet or informational web site – or an synergistic & constantly updated site – maintain, revising and editing is never done. It does not have to be time-consuming, but a beneficial web site is one that has regular updates and edits .

Editing Your Design

Using WordPress + a good template should make this procedure aboveboard. InMotion ’ s BoldGrid tool brings drag and drop functionality to WordPress and ’ s Customizer tool allows for elementary snap & edit customization. here ’ s a scout to how WordPress Themes work – along with a go of the WordPress Dashboard. When planning & editing your web site, be sure to keep the features that your customers want in beware. evening if you like a certain count or feel – that might be frustrating for visitors. For banks, your location pages and on-line bank capabilities are the top precedence. Your visitors are probably on mobile devices – that means scannable content, easy log in, and minimal navigation ( or app functionality ) .

Marketing Your Bank Website

Ahh – now the actual fun. There are no right answers here. But here ’ s the thing. You can ’ t do real, long-run brand build without a web site. Social networks come and go. But a thoroughly web site is something that *you* own. If you lock onto your best customers and identify how they find you, you ’ ll be able to position your locate for whatever comes. I cover this subject in my usher to planning a local selling scheme .

Next Steps

Walkthrough your budget & needs.

If self-hosted WordPress fits your needs, purchase a Business Hosting plan with WordPress auto-install. If bundled WordPress services fit your needs, buy a Business Plan hera .

Keep Exploring & Learning!

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