12 tips for naming your LLC or corporation

This means that the name must not conflict with a name already on the state of matter occupation entity filing office ’ mho records. Plus, the name will probable need to meet requirements concerning required or forbidden words or phrases .
furthermore, if you ’ ve already formed your specify indebtedness party or pot but want to expand your business in another state, you ’ ll have to satisfy the other department of state ’ s naming rules when you qualify to do commercial enterprise there. And there are other name your corporation or LLC may use, such as DBA ( assumed name ), fabricated names, and domain names, that may be depart of your business naming process excessively .
hera are twelve points to consider when choose or changing your business list .

1. Your business needs a legal name for the formation documents

An LLC ’ s or pot ’ randomness legal identify is the official mention used when you file with the state of matter to form your LLC or corporation. It appears on your formation document ( e.g., Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Organization ). This name must meet the state of matter ’ mho business entity appoint requirements for LLCs and corporations.

2. You can have one legal name but more than one assumed name

Your business can have lone one “ legal ” name at a time. But it can have any number of assumed or DBA ( “ doing business as ” ) name. so if you have some other commercial enterprise list ideas, you can use them as DBAs. For example, if your LLC ’ mho legal name is “ Smith and Jones, LLC ”, you could file a DBA to do business as “ Best Painters ” and another DBA to do occupation as “ World Wide Painters ”. You can use these DBA names on your web site, signs, ads, promotions, and thus on .

3. Your legal business name must be distinguishable

The legal name of your LLC or corporation must be distinguishable from the names of early entities on record with the state filing office. differently, the state may refuse to file the documents to form your LLC or pot. The same principle of it being distinct applies in some states when filing for an assume or DBA diagnose .
however, there are a numeral of states where assumed names do not have to be distinct, meaning more than one company can file the lapp assume name .
CT Tip: Each state of matter varies in how it decides whether a name is different adequate to be distinguishable and consequently satisfactory for file .

4. Your legal business name should include the correct required words

States generally require that the legal mention of your LLC or corporation include certain words indicating your business structure.

  • Corporations: A corporation’s name typically must include words like Corporation, Incorporated, Company, or Limited; or abbreviations, like Corp., Inc., Co., or Ltd.
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs): An LLC’s legal name usually must include words like Limited Liability Company, Limited Company; or abbreviations like L.L.C., LLC, L.C., LC, or Ltd. Liability Co.

5. Your legal name should not contain any prohibited or restricted words

many states besides prohibit certain words in a commercial enterprise name. Some are words that the state considers inappropriate. Others are intended to protect the public from being misled. For case, a state might not allow “ Insurance ” in the list of a business that ’ s not an indemnity company or may require the blessing of the Insurance Department before allowing use of that news. They besides prohibit words that indicate it is a imprint of entity that it is not. So a limited liability company couldn ’ t have “ corporation ” in its name .

6. Comply with laws in other states where you are qualified to do business

In club for your LLC or corporation to qualify to do occupation in states outside its submit of formation ( known as alien qualification ), your company name must besides meet the statutory requirements of the foreign state ( randomness ) .
Under most LLC and corporation laws, the list of a extraneous LLC or corporation name must meet the lapp statutory requirements as the state ’ s domestic LLCs or corporations. And if you want to do business under an assume or DBA name, most foreign states will besides require you to register the simulate or DBA name .

7. Adopt a fictitious name, if your corporation’s or LLC’s legal name is not available

If you find that the name your clientele is formed under can not be used in a country in which it will qualify, you will broadly be required to adopt and do business under an acceptable fabricated name ( besides known as an surrogate name ). The fabricated name must be set forth in the application for assurance that you file to qualify in the state .

8. Choose a memorable name

The ship’s company identify is a valuable asset for any commercial enterprise owner. It can help potential customers remember you, find you, and understand what you do. Do n’t make your business name so obscure that customers can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate determine what it means.

This much occurs when under atmospheric pressure to find a singular vane world appoint. business owners purposefully misspell or awkwardly construct a business name .
Try to come up with a diagnose that is relevant to your industry or business. For example, if you have an Internet business, you may want your world wide web sphere name to be included in your legal name .
That doesn ’ t mean that the name needs to be descriptive — save that for your tag line or motto. But find a way to stand out with a attention-getting, distinct, and evocative name, one that speaks to the effect of your occupation.

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