How to implement recurring payment with stripe: A complete guide

Any occupation plan can not be said to be complete until you are able to sell it. To make the sale, you should be able to receive the payment .
What is website testing and how to test a website effectively?
There are two types of payment that are largely used in any clientele visualize :

  • Single payment: A single payment is what needs to be made only once. For example, making a payment to purchase through an ecommerce website.  
  • Recurring requital :

    A recurring payment is that which you have to make more than once in a particular period of time. For example, subscribing to web hosting services for a web site.

In this web log, I will tell you how you can implement the recurring requital process in laravel. The blog will focus on implementing the stripe requital .
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Let ‘s get started .

Implementing recurring payment with stripe

Step 1: Install Laravel Fresh Project
To begin, use the command below to install Laravel as a newly application, then open your command prompt and run it :
composer create-project — prefer-dist laravel/laravel stripeRecurringPayment
Step 2: Install Stripe box
composer require cartalyst/stripe-laravel
After that, you need to register the provider and aliases. Go to the app/config/app.php and enter the lines below :
‘ providers ’ = > [
… … … .
Cartalyst\Stripe\Laravel\StripeServiceProvider : :class
] ,
‘ aliases ’ = > [
… … … .
‘Stripe ‘ = > Cartalyst\Stripe\Laravel\Facades\Stripe : :class
] ,
Step 3: Set Secret Credential
now open .env file and set the secret certificate provided by a stripe payment gateway
adjacent step, you need to set up the Stripe API key, to do this open or create the config/services.php file, and add or update the ‘stripe ‘ array :
‘stripe ‘ = > [
‘secret ‘ = > env ( ‘STRIPE_SECRET ‘ ) ,
] ,
Step 4: Make route
route : :get ( ‘stripe ‘, ‘StripeController @ index ‘ ) ;
route : :post ( ‘store ‘, ‘StripeController @ shop ‘ ) ;
Step 5: Create Controller
In this tone, you need to create the accountant diagnose StripeController using the below dominate .
php artisan make : restrainer StripeController
Go to app/Http/Controller/StripeController and enter the below code :
php < /p

namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;

use Session;

use Stripe;

class StripeController extends Controller



   * success response method.


   * @return \Illuminate\Http\Response


  public function stripe()


    return view(‘stripe’);



   * success response method.


   * @return \Illuminate\Http\Response


  public function stripePost(Request $request)



    //create customer

    $customer = \Stripe\Customer::create([

      ‘name’ => ‘your name’,

      ‘address’ => [

        ‘line1’ => ‘your address’,

        ‘postal_code’ => ‘your postal code’,

        ‘city’ => ‘Your City,

        ‘state’ => ‘Your State Code’,

        ‘country’ => ‘Your Country Code’,


      ’email’ => ‘your email’,

      ‘source’ => $request->stripeToken


    $stripe = new \Stripe\StripeClient(



    $customer_id = $customer->id;

    //create product

    $product = $stripe->products->create([

      ‘name’ => ‘Diamond’,

      ‘id’   => ‘123’,

      ‘metadata’ => [

        ‘name’ => “silver”,

        ‘last-date’ => ’30-7-2021′



    $product_id = $product->id;

    //define product price and recurring interval

    $price = $stripe->prices->create([

      ‘unit_amount’ => 2000,

      ‘currency’ => ‘usd’,

      ‘recurring’ => [‘interval’ => ‘month’],

      ‘product’ => $product_id,


    $price_id = $price->id;


    $subscription = $stripe->subscriptions->create([

      ‘customer’ => $customer_id,

      ‘items’ => [

        [‘price’ => $price_id],


      ‘metadata’ => [

        ‘start_date’ => ’30-7-2021′,

        ‘total_months’ => ’11’,

        ‘end_date’ => ’30-5-2022′



    Session::flash(‘success’, ‘Payment successful!’);

    return back();



In the above example, you can see that there are basically three things that are done with the stripe code.

  • Creating customers
  • Creating a recurring product
  • Creating a subscription and assigning that subscription to the above created customer with the above created product. 

How to create blade view file?

To create a frontend view you can simply use the Stripe code which shows the popup form and a form to store all the required information. 

A comprehensive guide on how to report bugs and bug tracking tools

To create a blade views file, go to app/resources/views/ and create one file name stripe.blade.php

Stripe Payment Gateway Integrate –

Pay for Event

@ if ( $ errors- > any ( ) )

Whoops! Something went incorrect

    @ foreach ( $ errors- > all ( ) as $ error )

  • @ endforeach

    @ endif




    id=”payment-stripe” method=”post”>

    class=’form-control’ size=’4′ type=’text’>

    autocomplete=’off’ class=’form-control’ size=’20’

    type=’text’ name=”card_no”>

    class=’form-control’ placeholder=’ex. 311′ size=’3′

    type=’text’ name=”ccv”>

    class=’form-control’ placeholder=’MM’ size=’2′

    type=’text’ name=”expiry_month”>

    class=’form-control’ placeholder=’YYYY’ size=’4′

    type=’text’ name=”expiry_year”>

    total : $20

    How to start exploitation server ?

    In this footfall, you can use the php craftsman serve command. It will start your server locally .
    php artisan serve
    Testing Card Credential
    Card No : 4242424242424242
    Month : any future calendar month
    class : any future year
    CVV : 123
    And there you have it. Use your show stripe keys to test the requital process .
    nowadays, you can use these simple steps and implement this recurring requital action on your own .
    To access the full code you can download it from my rotter repo .
    hypertext transfer protocol : //

    Wrapping Up

    In this web log, I showed you how to do recurring deposits with Stripe. I believe the steps mentioned above are open and will assist you in achieving your objectives .
    silent, if you require aid with web site development or the creation of a professional web site, Contact Us !
    editor : Amrutha

    reservoir :
    Category : Finance

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