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If you ‘re good getting started in personal investing, then you may not yet have an individual brokerage account set up. Opening a raw account may seem overwhelm, but it does n’t have to be. To help you with the process, The Motley Fool has put together several how-to articles — including this one on how to open up an individual Vanguard brokerage score. If you ‘re interested in brokerage accounts from early companies, check out our broke comparison page .
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What you’ll need to get started

You ‘ll need to have the postdate information on hand to open your Vanguard report :

  • Social Security number
  • Your birth date
  • Email address
  • Your U.S. home address
  • Employer name and address (if applicable)

Vanguard charges an annual fee of $ 20 for the brokerage house account, but the tip will be waved if you sign up for any premium accounts, have at least $ 10,000 in Vanguard funds and ETFs, or elect to get your account statements and early paperwork delivered electronically. The company charges $ 7 per craft for the first base 25 trades, and then the monetary value goes astir to $ 20 per trade.

If you need help while filling out the on-line application, there ‘s a issue on the right side of the blind that will put you immediately in reach with Vanguard customer service .

Step 1: Fill in your personal information

To get started, Navigate to Vanguard ‘s “ Open an account ” page and select the option for an individual brokerage account.

once you ‘ve selected your account type, you ‘ll need to fill in all of your personal information ( address, phone total, Social Security count, e-mail, and citizenship ). You ‘ll besides need to fill in your use information in this segment if you ‘re presently working .
As with any brokerage report, Vanguard will ask whether you ‘re associated with a broker-dealer, a livestock rally, or the fiscal Industry Regulatory Authority ( FINRA ). You ‘ll besides answer whether you or any members of your family are a 10 % stockholder, a policymaking executive, or a board member of a publicly held company. It ‘s likely you ‘ll answer “ no ” to these questions .
once you ‘ve gotten through all of those questions, move on to the next step .

Step 2: Fund your account

many on-line brokers leave this tone until the identical end, or flush after you ‘ve opened the history, but Vanguard puts it right near the begin. To fund your new bill, all you need is the account and routing numbers of your checking score. If you want, you can besides mail in a check belated or deposit money from another brokerage .
This is a dear time to explain Vanguard ‘s money market settlement fund. When you set up your Vanguard on-line brokerage report, you ‘ll besides set up a money market settlement fund where your money is held before it ‘s invested. The account is basically created in tandem with the brokerage account, but you may naturally be confused about why Vanguard is talking about two accounts during the setup serve .
Vanguard says, ” In accession, your new brokerage account will have a money commercialize colonization fund ( which will be opened with a zero balance ) to pay for and receive proceeds from any trades you make. ” once you ‘ve set up the account, you can find out how much is in your settlement fund by logging in and going to the “ balances and holdings ” page.

Once you ‘ve added your explanation information, move to the following step to review your information.

Step 3: Review and sign 

This step is probably the most square. basically, all you need to do here is go over the report information you ‘ve already entered and make certain everything is accurate .
You ‘ll besides formally agree to open the account in this department, so be certain to read through all of the information regarding fees and rules for the explanation deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
If your data is compensate, and you agree to all the terms, then it ‘s time to set up your on-line login .

Step 4: Create your online account

Vanguard ‘s last step is to simply set up what it calls your “ web entree, ” which is precisely your on-line bill. As with other on-line brokers, this on-line account will allow you to view your score balances and performance whenever you want .
Simply fill out the on-line drug user information, add security questions and answers, and relegate. Congratulations — you ‘re all done setting up your Vanguard brokerage house history !

If you ‘d like to compare Vanguard ‘s prices to other brokers ‘, then check out The Motley Fool ‘s limited broke offers here. And for tips on how to get originate invest, read through some of our basic investing articles here :

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