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You click, we deliver — sales-boosting on-line stores for retailers and brands. Cross-channel and classifiable shopping experience. With Shopware, Oxid or Magento — user-friendly programmed according to your wishes .

Create an online store — this is how to succeed

Online stores should not alone look beautiful, but besides be unusual. They should inspire, stand out from the crowd, best of all quell in the customer ‘s memory. No topic what you have in mind or what you want to sell — we help you find the right eCommerce solution and ensure unique shop experiences with belly laugh effect with great attention to contingent .

Acting with a vision for the point of sale

together we conceptualize, design and develop customize modular solutions for you with Shopware, Oxid or Magento. They offer many extension options, a well designed exploiter interface and keep off unnecessary extras. This makes it easier to maintain your B2B or B2C store. And gives you all the freedom in the worldly concern to develop your emergence potential in digital commerce promptly and well. A successful and smooth running on-line store is always a composing of many unlike components that interlock with each other. If you want to create a world wide web shop, there are lower priced equally well as very cost-intensive solutions. true, the costs for an agency should not be underestimated. But in the end, the professionalism of the arrangement besides decides whether you will be successful with your on-line store. We provide you with our know-how — for a modern on-line store development, a well as for a variety.

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Create a web shop: a puzzle with many important pieces

Every newfangled project is based on a growth phase. It is the lapp with an on-line memory. When creating, the first gear measure is constantly to create a feasible concept. This raises the motion of which customers you want to address with the offers on your web site. In other words, you define your aim groups, ask yourself what this group of people is looking for and how the service or product can be found most promptly in your web storehouse. hera, an expert speak of research intention and drug user journey, which means user guidance. We are talking about questions that must not be left out under any circumstances. Because on the footing of these results, decisions are made about a lot more than precisely the functions or plug-ins with which the storehouse should be equipped. The answers serve as a footing for the network design, american samoa well as effective SEO measures ( research engine optimization ) and SEA strategies ( search engine advertise ) for on-line commercialize. New questions arise again and again, which can be answered faithfully on the basis of the elaborated concept – until the on-line store is created with many interlocking build blocks. If you are having a web store created, then feel free to compare the exploitation phase with the construction of a newfangled retail storehouse. here, besides, you will first think about the store space, the size of the memory windows, the equipment, and so forth, and all further decisions will be built on this. In summary : The concept is the blueprint or the basis for the construction of the web site. If you let us create your on-line store, this means for you concretely :

  • We provide you with the infrastructure (server), thanks to our exclusive hosting partner, Profihost.
  • We build and develop the right software for you, including the necessary functions.
  • We will create a professional and targeted design for you.
  • We equip your web shop with a good performance.
  • We are there for you beyond the creation, take over the technical support and take care of necessary updates.
  • You benefit from an individual development, which is specifically tailored to your needs.
  • You receive adjustments to your design at any time.
  • You present yourself with a homepage that is optimized for all devices (Responsive web design).

Tip: You also need suitable employees in a web store. Because just like in a retail store, there are many tasks to be done. Think of our work as the puzzle piece of online store development. As soon as the website is online, you and your team will have to complete important tasks on the to-do list every day. These are for example:
– Maintaining item data & inventory
– Processing orders
– Shipping
– Content maintenance (texts on topics, categories and products)
– Online marketing, incl. social media appearances
– Support and service

Online store development: costs that are well invested in the right place

The costs of an on-line store are inactive identical much underestimated today. The reality of working in the representation shows that the effort required to create it can be compared to opening a new retail store. For the customer, this can be applied to the initial costs ampere well as to the run costs and personnel requirements. If you have an on-line store created, the price of course always depends on the oscilloscope of the project. In general, it can be said that if you want to have an on-line memory developed based on an person concept, you should expect costs starting at around 30,000 euros. Develop online store, finish it, go on-line, invoice — we stay away from this approach. Rather, tell us how much growth fourth dimension you want to invest in. We have made it our scheme to divide your overall project into respective subprojects :

  1. Part: The MVP candidate — for you the first important step for the minimum base to go live — this step includes all the services from the start of the project to the implementation of the minimum requirements and core functions necessary to create the web store and make it live.
  2. Part: The ideal candidate — from the minimum base to the maximum necessary features — the second part starts when the homepage is already online and ends when all points, from the requirements catalog previously developed in the concept, are implemented.
  3. Part: Nice to have — everything that the icing on the cake needs — this price applies when points from the requirements catalog are realized, which are not absolutely necessary for the Shopware and long-term support is desired.

What makes this strategy so ideal for our customers ? Your web shop goes live flying. While we are still developing your on-line storehouse and working on the infrastructure, your customers can already shop on-line. At the like clock, you gradually get to know the web site and find out in which areas further developments are beneficial due to increased customer demand .

Tip: Use monthly cost accounting with a fixed monthly hourly quota as a secure planning basis for the maintenance of your store.

Online store development: different options for different customers

If you want to create an on-line shop or have it created, you have three options. It does n’t matter if you run your on-line memory in a big-city city like Berlin or quite in a rural area. It is many more factors like size, traffic and necessary functions that decide which option is best for you .

  1. The SaaS solutions from different providers are suitable for operators who initially just want to try out the market. These store systems are also conceivable for small online stores. Because of the relatively low monthly fees, the financial risk remains manageable. In addition, you don’t need a developer to set up the store for you with infrastructure and design.
  2. E-commerce agencies take over the individual development, provide themes and adapt them. For larger companies, one advantage lies in the possibility of their own connections, e.g. to merchandise management or suppliers. Online store e-commerce also includes the creation of interfaces. Omnichannel interfaces can be used to connect to Google Shops, Amazon or eBay, among others.
  3. Giant companies often build up an in-house development department. They hire their own developers who create, optimize and expand the online store. To ensure that the right expert is available for each task, the team should include at least one trained and experienced designer, frontend developer, backend developer, system administrator and product owner.

Tip: The only difference between an in-house solution and an e-commerce agency is that you have your own agency in-house. Enormous costs are offset here by the advantage of having people working on the software who know the company and its eCommerce solution even better. However, the in-house solution will only be cheaper for large corporations than hiring an agency.

Let create your online store: the change from old to new

Each system has its own advantages and weaknesses. Out of habit, the customer is often not aware of some of these weaknesses. When we create the new on-line storehouse, we always see it as an authoritative job to recognize these weaknesses and strengths of the silent existing storehouse and to build the raw Shopware on them. The adopt reasons for a transfer are conceivable :

  • The functions in the previous store are no longer sufficient.
  • As your company grows, your Shopware is reaching its limits in terms of speed, connectivity, and internationalization.
  • The previous web shop is outdated and has not been further developed.
  • You want a store with good performance that is easy to maintain at the same time.
  • You initially opted for a system that was too large and now want one with clear functions.
  • You need a connection to the enterprise resource planning.
  • You want a CMS that is specialized for your store, fulfills modern functions, is SEO and Google compliant and offers appropriate processes.

Tip: Especially the store systems via WordPress quickly reach certain limits during optimization. The store runs too slowly with growing business, the data structure is designed for blog, the search is loaded with errors, they can not connect clusters and internationalization is not possible. In a detailed consultation, we will be happy to present efficient solutions for a change.

Create your online store – numerous store systems in comparison

Which eCommerce solution is the best, is always decided based on the customer.

Shopware, for example, covers the needs of the average customer identical well. The program is constantly being developed foster, and the ship’s company has positioned itself broadly with its services. With on-line memory development, you benefit from a stable system that is scalable at the same clock. The extensive functions are upgradeable and a connection to the merchandise management arrangement and early interfaces are possible. overall, you are sol flexible with Shopware that you can start little and grow. tied international trade wind is not in the way with Shopware. The biggest plus points of WordPress are the fast development, a high plugin density and a large residential district. many functions are available for exempt and you can start with your on-line shop without having to invest much. Anyone who wants a bare, lean system will make the right decision with Magento. Nevertheless, the plan offers high customization possibilities. You can connect external systems at any time. The disadvantage of Magento is that it is optimized for the american english market. It must be subsequently optimized for Germany by the exploiter, which is enormously important, particularly in terms of datum security and EU directives. Although Oxid is a very honest-to-god software that is hardly developed any promote, the supplier is still in demand. Anyone who declares Oxid to be their personal favorite will find a dependable reach in us. As a pure SaaS solution, Shopify has no server structure requirements. The biggest advantage is that your on-line store is immediately live at the energy of a button. The operation can be compared to a Word course of study and is elementary for the user. At the lapp time, the advantage of independence from the waiter is besides a disadvantage. You have no possibility to upload your own datum or make adjustments. particularly for large retailers, the costs for the web store are very senior high school compared to other providers .

Develop online store with all the experts needed

In our well-developed net are partners for vane host, on-line selling and early specialties. You as a customer have a contact person at any time. If you want, you get the full service from a single reservoir when creating an on-line store. This is not because we think we can do everything. preferably, we know a good partner for each extra sphere around your on-line store, which we trust. It is authoritative that you choose your host provider so that it fits the total of visitors to your on-line store. Because many do not know : the structures are strongly based on the traffic. besides, it is authoritative that store choice and hoster match. For case, no bunch can be connected to WordPress for an increased volume of visitors. Ideally, hosting and arrangement go hand in handwriting. As in all other areas, you are always welcome to contact us personally or our collaborator directly when it comes to web hosting. Rest assured that our partner is your hosting specialist .

Create web shop and set up payment systems

If you are developing an on-line store, it is only commodious if you offer your customers respective requital systems. different requirements must be met for this. The challenge here lies less in the consolidation into the on-line store, but rather in the communication with the payment serve providers when technical problems arise. There are corresponding plug-ins for each system. We supplement the inert customer hold of individual providers with customer-oriented service by contacting the appropriate spouse from our network for you. Thereby we do not set any limits to your option of requital systems .

Online marketing and e-commerce: two agencies — one team

american samoa soon as you want to have an on-line store created, we know a good and reliable address for on-line market. We work hired hand in bridge player, consider the marketing strategies already in our concept and optimize each with his own expertness Google Analytics chase. Be sure that we regularly coordinate with the market means. As a team, we ensure the flawless integration of the selling tools into your web site – until everything works .

Create Online Shop: Google Shopping, Google Ads & more

We are of the opinion : to create an on-line storehouse, you need more than just ONE professional. So that we can still offer you a full service, we work closely with the partners from our network on every stick out. So find detached to come to us if you have questions about tracking, social selling, remarketing and early topics. Contact us if you require an automated or programmatic connection to Google Shopping. We will consult specifically with the contacts at the relevant agencies. We know from have that an interlacing of disciplines and good cooperation are particularly authoritative when Google Ads settings become an issue. We advise you and work with you to find out which settings make smell for your on-line store and implement them.

Create web shop: GDPR & more

Data protective covering basic regulation, cookie banners, copyrights etc. — whoever wants to create an on-line shop or have it created has to follow many laws and guidelines. here we rely wholly on you and your lawyer and offer our cooperation. You take over the check, and we build the content into the store .

Use our full service for your online store

Why are we your good address if you want to have an on-line shop created ? We are always felicitous to answer this question. apart from our special full service, we work with state-of-the-art technologies. Each bouncy streak is done with the latest software at the end of the plan. In summation, we accompany you with stable long-run corroborate. When customers work with us for a long clock, we are always peculiarly please. Because when it comes to customer loyalty, we are long-distance runners. Ask the professional now !

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