How To Customize Invoices in QuickBooks Online

Mark has researched and reviewed accounting software at Fit Small Business since 2019 and has developed an extensive cognition of accounting software features and how unique business needs determine the best report software. Tim is a Certified QuickBooks Time ( once TSheets ) Pro, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and CPA with 25 years of experience. He brings his expertness to Fit Small Business ’ s report content. In this free QuickBooks Online tutorial, we ’ ra going to cover how to customize the look and feel of your invoices. The customs format you design can besides be applied to your sales receipts and estimates, giving your caller a coherent and master expect .
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This tutorial is partially of our unblock QuickBooks Tutorial Series. To complete it, you can watch the video below or read through the bit-by-bit instructions that follow .

Step 1: Navigate to the Sales Tab in Account and Settings

Customize the invention of your invoices in the Sales yellow journalism of your ship’s company settings. To do this, click on the gear icon in the upper justly corner of the QuickBooks Online screen and blue-ribbon Account and Settings .
Navigate to Account and settings in QuickBooks Online

From the Accounts and settings sieve, choose Sales in the leave menu stripe, then click on the Customize look and feel green release on the Customize section .
Customize look and feel to create a new invoice template QuickBooks Online will take you to the custom-made form styles window where you can see the tilt of all the invoice templates you created or you will create. From here, you can create a new sales form, whether it ’ s an invoice, appraisal, or sales acknowledge. To create a new invoice template, sneak over to the New Style menu on the upper right-hand side of the custom form styles window, and select the invoice drop-down .
Video of Creating a new invoice template in QuickBooks Online.

If this is a modern caller, the entirely form manner available is the default template named “ Standard. ” If you want to make entirely a slight adjustment, you can edit the default template by clicking Edit on the far properly side of the line .
There are nine areas to customize the options and defaults on your sales forms, which consist of invoices, receipts, and estimates. Later tutorials will walk you through all nine areas as this tutorial focuses alone on the look and feel of your invoices .
There are three tabs in the upper left corner : Design, Content, and Emails. This tutorial will work through the Design check. The Content yellow journalism is included in How to Set Up Sales Form Content in QuickBooks Online while the Email check is in How to Set Up Messages in QuickBooks Online .
The Design tab deals strictly with the aesthetics of your invoice, and there are five areas to design your bill. If it ’ s your first time making any changes, you should see the succeed descriptions :

  • Dive in with a template
  • Add your unique logo
  • Splash on some color
  • Get choosy with your font
  • When in doubt, print it out

Heads up ! The descriptions change as you make changes. For case, if you already added a logo, the Add your unique logo changes to Make logo edits, so don ’ thyroxine be confused if you ’ ra seeing different descriptions on your filmdom .
Design options for customizing invoices in QuickBooks Online.

Preview your invoice: The spacing between elements in the invoice preview on the right side of the blind is affected by the dimensions of your screen. To see how your invoice will look, click on Preview PDF in the bed right corner of the riddle .

After you click on Dive in with a template, you can choose from six unlike options. Click on each to see a preview, then select the one you think best suits your occupation ’ second trope .
Choose an invoice template in QuickBooks Online Click Done to apply a template to your invoice .

ou can add a picture or logo that will make your bill one of a kind. Your logo must be saved as an visualize file on your computer .
If it ’ s your first fourth dimension adding a logo, click on Add your unique logo and then select the green plus sign under Add a logo. If you have already uploaded a logo, the description of the release changes to Make logo edits. Click on Make logo edits, and a window displaying all the logo you previously uploaded to QuickBooks Online will appear .
Logo uploaded to QuickBooks Online to be used for invoices. If your logo is already upload, select it to add it to your bill template. If this is a new company, or the logo you want international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine shown, click the blue plus sign. QuickBooks provides a window to browse your calculator and select the image file of your logo. After selecting the visualize file, snap Open to return to the prior blind where a thumbnail of your raw logo will appear.

Upload a new logo for your invoice in QuickBooks Online. The logo is nowadays stored in your QuickBooks Online account and will be available for the customization of other forms without having to reload it. Make sure the logo you want to add to your bill is highlighted and then click Save .
Your logo immediately appears under the Design yellow journalism with options to change the size and rate the logo on the leave, center, or correctly of your bill. unfortunately, the logo can merely be placed at the top of the bill. Play around with the options until you settle on how to display the logo. If you decide you don ’ triiodothyronine want the logo in your invoice, suction stop on Hide logo .
Hiding a new logo for your invoice in QuickBooks Online.

The future choice under the Design pill is to select the color of your template. After clicking Splash on some color or Try other colors, you can choose between 18 colors :
Choose a color for your invoice in QuickBooks Online. The discolor choice will affect both the textbook tinge and highlight color of the invoice headings. You might want to revisit your template selection as some templates are more colorful than others. For maximum color, try the “ bold ” template, which shades the entire background of the invoice .

Custom colors: You are not limited to the 18 predefined colors. The text box located under your color selection is an HTML color code, which you can input manually for a closely infinite choice of tinge choices. If you want to apply a unlike color, you can use a web site that provides HTML color codes. See the screenshot under as an model .
Add a custom color to apply to your invoice in QuickBooks Online.

The adjacent tax under the Design pill is to choose your baptismal font. Click Get Choosy with your font ( or Select a different font if you ’ ve clicked there earlier ) to view a survival of four fonts and three sizes .
Choose a font style and size for your invoice in QuickBooks Online.

The final task under the Design check is to set your print options. choice When in doubt, print it out ( or Edit print settings if you ’ ve already clicked there ) to view options for printing your invoice .
Print options for your invoice in QuickBooks Online. By checking the Fit printed form with paystub in window envelope choice, QuickBooks will print a divide line, turning the top part of your invoice into a requital butt and print the message “ Please detach top parcel and rejoinder with your payment. ” This will help you match payments received to outstanding invoices, which is particularly utilitarian if you send numerous invoices for the lapp amount .
interim, the Use letterhead paper option will remove the company appoint, savoir-faire, and logo from the top of the invoice. This allows your e-mail invoices to include your business data and logo, but these can be removed promptly when printing on company letterhead .
When you are satisfied with the custom design of your bill, click the park Done button in the buttocks right corner of the screen door. QuickBooks returns you to the Custom imprint styles blind, where you can see your newly created bill template with the default option name assigned by QuickBooks. You can change the name of your customs invoice by clicking Edit and then Rename .

Tip: The type of bill template you need varies depending on several factors, including whether you sell products or services and whether you need to include discounts. We ’ ve put together a choice of top 10 QuickBooks invoice templates that you can download for barren .
Rename your custom invoice template in QuickBooks Online.

Create multiple templates for unlike situations. For exemplify, you can craft one to be printed on party letterhead and another to be emailed. You can choose which template to apply before print or emailing an bill .

How To Create Custom Estimates and Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Online

immediately that you know how to craft a custom template, you can produce custom templates for estimates and sales receipts. The steps are identical to the process we used to create your customize bill. From the custom shape styles filmdom, snap New style, then select either Estimate or Sales reception.

Create a customized estimate or sales receipt in QuickBooks Online. You have the same design options for estimates and sales receipts as invoices. I suggest that you make the customs format exchangeable to your invoices but different adequate that it ’ s easy to tell each of the forms apart to avoid confusion. It ’ s important that customers don ’ t mistake invoices for estimates .

The Importance of Customizing Sales Forms

We highly recommend customizing your invoices, receipts, and estimates to make your business look professional and unique. The nonpayment QuickBooks forms aren ’ thyroxine very professional-looking and are used by many businesses. You can build trade name awareness and enhance your mark recognition with a well-designed logo on a unique invoice .

Wrap Up

Congratulations on customizing the design of your sales forms in QuickBooks Online. Consider making multiple bill templates for different types of sales. For case, you might want to omit the ship address and method for service invoices. Our following tutorial is How to Set Up Sales Form Content in QuickBooks Online, where you ’ ll learn how to designate what content will show on your invoices, estimates, and sales receipts .

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