How to Post a Job on LinkedIn in 8 Easy Steps

Jennifer Hartman is an HR Specialist and staff writer for Fit Small Business, with over 15 years of experience in account, payroll, and homo resources. Charlette has over 10 years of experience in accounting and finance and 2 years of partnering with HR leaders on mercenary projects. She uses this across-the-board experience to answer your questions about payroll. LinkedIn has promptly become a top spot for job seekers and companies looking to hire new employees, with more than half a billion members ( in more than 200 countries ). Your first step to finding timbre talent is learning how to post a job on LinkedIn. We will guide you through a flying bit-by-bit process to getting your jobs posted ( for absolve ). We ’ ve spelled out the steps below and in a unretentive tutorial video .

Step 1: Create a Company Page

To set up a LinkedIn company page, you must first have a personal profile that includes your entire diagnose. You can set one up easily by clicking Join now on the LinkedIn home page and following the prompts. once you have completed this, you can create a company page .

Note: Do not set up a personal profile using a company name. This will cause your account to be flagged and removed from LinkedIn .
To set up your company page, follow these steps :

  1. Click the Work icon in the top right corner of your personal LinkedIn homepage. This will bring a drop-down menu where you can select Create a Company Page at the bottom of the list.

Signing up for a company page through your personal LinkedIn account.

  1. Follow the guided prompts and select the type of page you wish to create:
    • Company Page
    • Showcase Page (for individual brands, initiatives, etc.)
    • Educational Institution
  2. Once you choose the type of page you want (most likely a Company Page), you will be prompted to enter your company information. On this page, provide your company name, URL, and industry details; then upload your business logo.
  3. After you have entered all company information, check the verification box at the bottom and click Create Page.

Step 2: Post a Job for Free

Posting a job on LinkedIn is dislodge. From your personal LinkedIn profile ’ s splashboard, click the Work icon and then the Post a Job icon from the drop-down menu. This will bring you to a form to fill in your job information. Enter the job title, company name, workplace type ( i, on-site, hybrid, or distant ), employee location, and use type. Once you fill in all the fields, snap Get Started For Free .
Posting a job on LinkedIn.

For enhance strategies and robust lease tools, consider using LinkedIn Recruiter to find your following employee .

Step 3: Create Your Job Details

After entering your job data ( for example, title, party, and localization ), the next screen will prompt you to enter your occupation details, including the job description and any skills requirements. once you have filled out this part in detail, you can move to the next section by clicking Continue at the buttocks of your screen. Enter the play along information :

  • Job description: Enter your job description (required) in the text box. Be as specific as possible and include job duties and skills and education requirements.
  • Skills: Specify the skills needed for the job by clicking the Add Skill icon.

Entering a detailed job description.

Step 4: Enter Applicant Options

once the job details are filled in, pawl Continue at the buttocks right corner of the page, and your applicant options page will appear. First, decide how you want to receive applications—either through electronic mail ( recommended ) or an external web site ( directs the campaigner to apply outside of LinkedIn ) .
Choosing to receive applications by e-mail will allow you to add screen questions, which can help weed out or identify the specific qualifiers you want candidates to confirm befpre submitting their resumes. LinkedIn will offer two recommend questions. You can choose to keep those or click the adam to remove them and add your own or choice from LinkedIn ’ randomness list of possible questions .
Adding a minimum of three screening questions. You can besides make any screening wonder a must-have reservation. If you use this choice, LinkedIn will mechanically filter applicants out and send rejection emails to any who don ’ t meet those qualifications .
Showing qualification setting.

Step 5: Promote Your Posted Job

Following the completion of your problem stake, you have the choice to continue with a release post or set a budget for a promote job post. Promoting your job station ensures a crown position in search results, top placement in speculate recommendations, instant fluid alerts to qualified candidates, and a larger pool of estimated monthly applicants .
Your budget can be daily or entire ( the maximum amount you will spend ). Your day by day budget must be greater than $ 7 per day—LinkedIn will provide you with a recommend day by day budget based on jobs with similar titles and locations sol that you can get the most out of your job posting.

LinkedIn showing the estimated monthly applicants. If you do not wish to promote your job, then plainly click Select Free to post your free job list. LinkedIn will then offer you a three-day free test to promote your list .
Choosing no thanks or start free trial.

Step 6: Process Payment

If you choose to promote your job list, you will be prompted to submit payment. once your problem is promoted, you will receive precedence placement in search results, target job alerts to candidates, and forwarding in premium speculate ad channels .
To process your requital, simply use your default option credit wag on file or snap Add Payment Method to submit a new card. You only pay when person views your caper, and you can change your budget and close your job at any time .
Not getting charged more than your set daily budget.

Step 7: Improve Your Job Post

After you have completed the job details and applicant options and decided whether or not to promote your job, you can improve your job post. This includes :

  • Adding your job post to your personal profile
  • Adding LinkedIn skills assessments (you will be notified when applicants pass the assessments with a 70% or higher)
  • Printing a Help Wanted sign (uses a QR code that directs job seekers to your LinkedIn job postings)
  • Adding compensation information (displayed at the top of your job posting; helps your job show up in more search results)
  • Selecting benefits provided by your company to display on your ad

Selecting corresponding boxes to add improvements for job posting.

If you ’ ra interest in using a job collector, consider ZipRecruiter. You can create your own job ads and share them to LinkedIn and 100+ other occupation sites. Plus, you can try it for barren .

Step 8: Manage Your Posted Jobs

After you have posted your job, you can refer back to it for a number of needs—such as making adjustments to the occupation, updating a payment method, and reviewing applicants .

To make edits to your subcontract post, visit your Posted Jobs page and select the three dots next to the caper you want to edit. then, pawl Manage Job to make changes .
Making edits in posted jobs.
Click on your posted job title to bring up the list of candidates who have applied. From there, you can scroll through each applicants ’ resume ( in a preview screen for convenience ) .
Showing reviewing applicants.
You can communicate with job candidates directly through their applications. Click Message to send a steer message to any candidate that is in your network. LinkedIn provides an automated message that you can customize to fit your needs .
Showing messaging applicants.
In summation to posting jobs, you can besides share these postings with other members on LinkedIn for free. This sport is a bang-up cock for getting your company, sword, and outdoors situation in front of passive voice occupation seekers. Choose the three dots on your job post and simply Share in a post or Send in a message .
Showing sharing job post.

once you have found your top candidate, you can close your speculate ( or repost if you have already closed the job and wish to reopen it for more candidates ) by clicking on the job title and selecting close Job .
Showing closing a job.

Bottom Line

Learning how to post a job on LinkedIn is easy and using the platform can generate positive results for many companies looking to find the most qualified candidates. Simply follow the above steps and on-line prompts throughout LinkedIn to post your job in 15 minutes or less. Best of all, it ’ second free—but for a daily sum that is within your budget, your subcontract will be promoted for a greater strive .

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