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What do I need to make an E-Check Payment?

You need four things :

  1. Your UCSB UserName
    • Students – this is the same UserName you use for your UCSB Email.
    • Parents – this is the UserName your student assigned to you when they gave you access to their account
  2. Your UCSB Password
    • Students – this is the same Password you use for your UCSB Email.
    • Parents – this is the Password you received via email
  3. Your bank routing number
  4. Your account number

By far the simplest way to get both numbers is to look on a paper check .

Please note that your account phone number is NOT the number on your Debit Card !

Helpful hint: If you do not have any paper checks you can find your Account Number on your bank argument. You can then call your trust and tell them you trying to sign up for Direct Deposit and they can tell you what your Routing Number is .

A SPECIAL NOTE for Bank of America customers

Bank of America uses unlike Routing Numbers for their E-Check transactions. DO NOT use the rout number shown on the penetrate of a BofA check !
For data about locating the right spread-eagle number for your account, please visit hypertext transfer protocol : //www.bankofamerica.com/deposits/routing-number-faqs/. Bank of America recommends signing into Online Banking to find your correct routing number, or see the incision, “ Do you have a list of Routing Numbers I can review ” for a locator by department of state :
Bank of America Routing numbers

Log on to make an E-Check Payment.

sign on to https : //mybarc.ucsb.edu
This connect will take you to a log in page. Students log in on the leftover ( instructions follow immediately ) parents will log in on the right ( instructions below ) .

Student log-in instructions

Log in using the lapp username and password you use for your uMail electronic mail account .

Select the yoke to “ Gaucho E-Bill ” at the top right corner of the screen that loads .

Students – skip to the screen merely below the Parent Log-In instructions

Parent login instructions

Follow the link on the right side of the login page to be redirected to the Parent Login foliate .

On this login page enter the User identify or electronic mail address you were assigned by your scholar and the password that you use for this history, and then click the “ Sign in ” push button .
parent login page

At this compass point both Parents and Students will be directed to a page that looks like the one below .
You can add an e-check payment account either from “ My account ” – “ requital methods ” if you are not ready to make a requital immediately, or by making a requital and adding the account during the requital procedure. bill : you may besides choose to add and save a recognition or debit card to your account for future habit .
For this exercise, we will add the account during the payment process. From the leave side of the filmdom, select the “ Make a Payment ” connection ( besides found on the bottom-right of the page ) .
echeck overview
Select “ BARC Payment ”

On the “ Item details ” pop-out screen, enter the measure of your payment. Click “ Add to requital ” to continue .
echeck add to payment
You can click “ Edit details ” if you need to make changes, “ Remove ” to delete the sum and start over, or “ Continue ” when you are fix to proceed .
echeck continue payment
You will be directed to the page where you can select the payment method acting. Select “ New bank account ” — note : you may besides choose “ New recognition or debit batting order ” to use and save a credit or debit wag to your account .
echeck new bank account
dispatch the stick to steps to add your new bank account :
echecks steps

  1. Enter the bank account holder’s name.
  2. Select whether the account is a Checking or Savings account.
  3. Enter the routing number of the account. If you need a reminder of how to find your routing number, see the information at the top of the page, or click the “i” icon for help.
  4. Enter your bank account number, and confirm it in the next field.
  5. If you want to save this account to your student profile to be able to easily select it again in the future, check “Save bank account for future use.”
  6. Give this account a nickname to easily identify it in the future.
  7. Click the “Continue” button to proceed to making a payment.

Review all of the information you have entered, and make any changes if desired. When all is correct, select the “ Pay ” button to submit your payment.

echeck pay
A confirmation screen is shown, and an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail you entered for this payment ( this model has been deleted to protect personal information ) .
echeck confirm

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