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Quick facts about Bendigo Bank

  • Bendigo Bank initially started as a building society in Bendigo, Victoria, helping locals to own their own home.
  • Bendigo Bank has been around for more than 150 years.
  • Bendigo Bank joined with Adelaide Bank in 2007 to form the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group.
  • Although it’s local to the Bendigo area in Victoria, Bendigo Bank has more than 1.9 million customers all over Australia.
  • Bendigo Bank is regularly voted as one of Australia’s most-trusted brands.
  • Bendigo Bank’s community branches have donated more than $250 million towards community programs.
  • Taking into account it’s huge community bank network, Bendigo Bank is Australia’s fifth largest bank.

Different accounts offered by Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank offers a image of unlike down payment accounts which you can see in the tables above. here ‘s a brief snapshot of some of the main accounts .

Bendigo Everyday Account

A daily transaction account that you can besides use as an stolon account with your Bendigo Bank home plate lend. This score has a $ 6 monthly account fee which is waived if you deposit $ 2,000 a calendar month. Read our full revue of the Bendigo Everyday Account .

Bendigo Student Account

Children a unseasoned as 12, full-time students, apprentices and trainees are all eligible for the student report. There are no monthly fees for your account, plus you get inexhaustible release transactions online, by earphone, at Bendigo ATMs and with BPAY.

Read our full review of the Bendigo Student Account .

Bendigo EasySaver Account

This is the independent savings account offered by Bendigo Bank for personal customers. It offers a standard variable star interest rate each month on your savings with no ongoing down payment conditions to meet. All you need to do is link it to the Bendigo Bank Everyday Account, and you can access your money at any time. Read our full review of the Bendigo Bank EasySaver Account. Bendigo PiggySaver Account This is Bendigo ‘s savings account option for children under 12, encouraging them to save with a free money box and annual birthday rewards. It besides offers interest on your balance indeed kids can learn about compound interest. Read our full reappraisal of the Bendigo Bank PiggySaver Account. Bendigo Bank Term Deposit With a Bendigo Bank Term Deposit, you have the choice of locking your savings with a fix rate for a length of fourth dimension of your choice. You can open a term deposit from 1 month up to 5 years. The minimum deposit you need is $ 1,000 and you can choose to receive your interest payments monthly, annually or at maturity of the account.

Read our wide review of the Bendigo Bank Term Deposit .

Different ways to bank with Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank offers many different ways to do your bank .

Bank branches

Bendigo Bank has more than 500 branches in Australia, including around 300 branches as separate of its community bank network. This community outgrowth is run by banking volunteers to give access to fiscal products and services ( offered by Bendigo ) to regional communities. Profits from these community branches goes second into the community to fund things like schools, sporting equipment, artwork and cultural projects, and the environment .

ATM network

Bendigo has approximately 500 ATMs available in Australia, by and large located in the southerly character of the area. Customers can besides entree all major bank ATMs to withdraw cash for absolve .


If you need to deposit cash into your account and do n’t have a Bendigo branch nearby, you can do this at a participating Australia Post shop class using Bank @ Post .

Bendigo Bank Internet and mobile banking

Commonwealth Bank ‘s on-line bank platform is called Bendigo e-banking. You can go on-line 24/7 to do your daily bank including opinion your balances, pay bills, transfer money between accounts and make BPAY payments, view and download your statements and open raw Bendigo Bank accounts. The Bendigo Bank app is release to download from Google Play or the App Store. You can set up your own PayID in the app to use rather of your BSB and Account Number when receiving money, and use Osko to make instantaneous bank-to-bank transfers .

Contactless payment options

Bendigo Bank offers Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay to customers with a Bendigo debit calling card.

Pros and cons of banking with Bendigo bank


  • Community banking. Bendigo’s community banking program helps fund things like sports equipment, infrastructure and community amenities in regional towns.
  • Variety of accounts. Bendigo offers dedicated bank accounts for kids, community organisations, students and customers in retirement.
  • Bank branches. Unlike many digital and online banks, Bendigo still offers a network of physical bank branches.
  • Lots of ways to bank. You can use bank branches, smart ATMs, Internet banking, mobile banking, Bank@Post or digital wallets.


  • Fees. Bendigo’s bank account charges a monthly account keeping fee unless you deposit a certain amount each month.
  • Limited ATM access. Bendigo Bank has less of a physical ATM presence than the Big Four banks.

How to apply for a Bendigo Bank account online

You can apply for a new Bendigo Bank account on-line in less than 10 minutes. Just make certain you meet the eligibility criteria and have the necessary documents handy before you start your application .


  • You’re over 18 years old, unless you’re applying for a student or kid’s account
  • You’re an Australian resident for tax purposes
  • You have an Australian phone number and residential address


  • Personal details like your name, date of birth, residential address, phone number and email address
  • ID documents such as your driver’s licence, Medicare card, passport or proof-of-age card

If you have n’t found what you ‘re looking for so far, you can compare a wide rate of extra savings accounts and deposit accounts from early providers with Finder .

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