4 Ways to Deposit Money to BPI Account – Para sa Pinoy

By Depositing money to a BPI Account can be done in different ways .
Whether you ’ re depositing money to your personal report or to another person or company ’ second report, this article is for you .

Option 1: BPI Branch Over-the-Counter

This is the most common and democratic room of depositing money to a BPI history.

Although this is time-consuming because you have to personally go to the trust and line up, most clients still prefer this because it ’ s the safest and most fasten way to send money to a BPI report .
Why? Because the bank officer/teller verifies the account name and report total of your recipient role. This way you ’ re assured that you ’ re depositing the money to the chastise account .
Getting a Queue Number
To deposit money at the bank, you need to get a Queue Number either through the computerized line up system called BPI Express Assist at the banks or through BEA Online .
To save meter and to spare yourself from waiting in long queues at the bank, I suggest you set an appointment and get your Queue Number via BEA Online .
barely logarithm in to your BPI Express Online Account and click BEA Online. then enter all the needed information and print or take eminence of your e-Queue Number, which you need to present when you go to the bank .
What ’ sulfur beneficial about this is that your queue number will be flashed on the riddle within 30 minutes of your appointment agenda .
Click here to watch the video recording tutorial for BPI Express Assist ( BEA Online )

Option 2: BPI Express Deposit Machine

With BPI Express Machine, you don ’ t need to get a Queue Number. If the machine is available, you can go ahead and deposit the money to a BPI report immediately .
There are two ways to deposit money using the BPI Express Deposit machine :

  • With ATM Card – Insert the ATM card in the machine and follow the next instructions to deposit money.
  • Without ATM Card – Enter the ATM Card Number (located at the front of the card) of the recipient.

If you ’ re deposit to another person ’ mho account, you need to ask permission from the cardholder to get his ATM batting order number and the JAI to be able to deposit money using the machine .

Option 3: BPI Express Online

If you want to be able to access your BPI history and send money to another account ( anytime and anywhere ), you need to follow these steps :

  • Enroll and Activate your BPI Account in BPI Express Online Banking
  • Enroll and Activate Third Party Account in your BPI Express Online Account
  • Transfer Money to enrolled accounts

Watch these television tutorials for BPI Express Online .

Option 4: BPI Mobile Banking App

once you enrolled in BPI Express Online, you can then download the BPI Mobile Banking app .
equitable tap the app on your device to access your BPI report. It has many useful features including :

  • Transfer to enrolled accounts
  • Transfer money to anyone (including unenrolled accounts)

Our technology is constantly changing and on-line bank is no exception .
Let ’ s take advantage of these things not only because they ’ ra fast and convenient for us but besides because it ’ s the best thing to do. They make things easier for us and we can be more productive in many ways .
Be open to changes and don ’ metric ton stay to the old ways of doing things including depositing money to a BPI report .
Try the express lodge machine, you ’ ll love it !
Maximize the consumption of your smartphone and internet association. Try BPI Express Online .
You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always need to go to the bank to do your deposit transactions. Explore other options like the ones I shared above .
I hope you found these tips helpful .
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