Deducting Computers Bought for Work

Don’t miss out on this important business expense deduction with more options under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Computers you purchase to use in your occupation or on the job are a deductible business expense. If fact, you may be able to deduct the stallion cost in a individual year. And computers are no long considered listed property under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act so there is less commemorate keeping required and you can use bonus disparagement .

If You’re an Employee

If you ‘re an employee in person else ‘s business and you buy a computer to use in your work, you should get your employer to reimburse you for the cost. The employer will then be able to deduct the monetary value as a business expense. You need not include the cost in your employee income. If your employer does not reimburse you, you used to be able to deduct the cost to the extent it and your other unreimbursed employee expenses exceeded 2 % of your adjusted crying income. For exemplar, if your AGI was $ 100,000, you could deduct the sum of your unreimbursed employee expenses exceeding $ 2,000. This in no longer allowed under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act effective. Starting in 2018, these unreimbursed employee expenses can no long be deducted .

If You Have Your Own Business

If you purchase a computer for use in your own business, there is no problem deducting the whole monetary value. normally, you can deduct the stallion cost in a single class alternatively of depreciating it over five years.

Section 179 Deduction

If you use the computer in your occupation more than 50 % of the prison term, you can deduct the stallion cost under a provision of the tax law called Section 179. Under section 179, you can deduct in a single year the price of palpable personal property ( new or used ) that you buy for your business, including computers, commercial enterprise equipment and machinery, and office furniture. Starting in 2018, there is a $ 1 million annual restrict on the come you can deduct under section 179 ( adjusted for ostentation each year ). See incision 179 : What Every clientele Owner Needs to Know for more information on section 179 .
If you use the calculator for both commercial enterprise and personal purposes ( such as playing computer games ), your deduction is reduced by the percentage of your personal use. For example, if you use your computer 60 % of the time for occupation and 40 % of the fourth dimension for personal consumption, you can deduct only 60 % of the monetary value. If your computer cost $ 1,000 you could alone depreciate $ 600 .
You ca n’t use section 179 to deduct in one year more than your net taxable business income for the class. Thus, if you made no money, you get no discount. But you can save the deduction for future years when you do earn a profit. If you ‘re a sole owner and you have a job in summation to your business, you can add your wage to your total business income. If you ‘re a marital sole owner and file a roast tax render, you can include your spouse ‘s wage and commercial enterprise income in this sum ampere well .
There is another crucial limitation regarding the business use of place : You must use the property over half the time for business in the year in which you buy it. You ca n’t convert property you previously used for personal practice to business use and claim a segment 179 deduction for the monetary value.

You can use section 179 expensing only for property that you purchase—not for leased property or property you inherit or receive as a giving. You besides ca n’t use it for property that you buy from a relative or a pot or an organization that you control .


If you use an item for occupation less than half the time, it wo n’t qualify for section 179 and you will have to deduct the cost a helping at a clock time over several years — a process called depreciation. There is no necessity that you use the computer at least 51 % of the fourth dimension for business to be depreciated. You can depreciate business place even if you use it merely 1 % for commercial enterprise and the pillow of the time for personal manipulation. however, as with Section 179, your depreciation deduction is reduced by the total of your personal practice of the place. For exercise, if you use your computer 40 % of the clock for business and 60 % of the prison term for personal use ( such as playing calculator games ), you can only depreciate 40 % of the price. If your calculator cost $ 1,000 you could only depreciate $ 400 .
Office equipment such as a computer is deducted over five years.

Computers No Longer Listed Property

effective 2018, under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, computers are no long considered “ listed place. ” Listed property generally includes items that can well be used for personal american samoa well as business purposes, such as cars, cameras, stereo, and — anterior to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — computers. The IRS has more rigorous recordkeeping rules for these items to make surely they are in fact used for clientele and not personal purposes .
Under prior law, there was a partial derivative exception to the recordkeeping requirement for computers. namely, if you used a computer or calculator peripheral ( such as a printer ) alone for business and kept it at your business location, you did not have to comply with the listed property recordkeeping requirements. effective 2018, there are no recordkeeping requirements for any business practice of computers .

First-Year Bonus Depreciation Allowed

To qualify for freshman bonus depreciation, place classified as list property under the tax code must be used over 50 % of the time for business. Because computers will no long be classified as listed property ( see above ), you can use bonus disparagement to deduct computers used less than 50 % of the time for business starting in 2018. Bonus depreciation allows you to deduct a solid amount of the cost of an item used for business in the first year that you purchase it. For more information, see incision 179 and Bonus Depreciation Changes Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act .

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