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Credit circuit board issuers are constantly coming up with modern strategies to bring on new cardmembers or keep current cardmembers satisfied. One of the latest trends here is not related to more rewards or no annual tip. alternatively, it ’ south all about the weight of the credit menu .
Metal citation cards are proving popular with consumers. The heavier weight gives the cardholder a palpate of importance and heft behind the transaction that a flimsy, fictile batting order doesn ’ thyroxine provide .
several companies have taken the raw epicurean feel of metal accredit cards to the masses, including American Express, Barclays, and Chase. These issuers reserve the new choice in material for lavishness wag options, like the Platinum Card by American Express, the Luxury Black Card by Barclays, and the Chase Sapphire Preferred .
While having a hefty metal credit rating wag is a show of condition, they besides have one significant downside compared to their formative counterparts – they can be hard to destroy.

Why Destroy a Metal Credit Card?

All credit cards have exhalation dates. In most cases, the credit card issuer just sends a new refilling calling card within a few months of that go steady. With formative credit rating cards, a user can cut up the previous card and discard it. But with metallic cards, it ’ south not as easy to barely destroy it by cutting it into pieces when it expires .
Credit poster users may besides want to destroy a alloy card if imposter has occurred on the score, if they no longer want easy access to the card in an attempt to reduce spend, or if they are no longer using the report at all. In each of these cases, destroying a alloy credit wag takes some creativity .
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How to Destroy Metal Credit Cards

fortunately, if you want to destroy a metal recognition card for any rationality, you have a few options. The most normally use strategies for getting rid of a metallic recognition card, along with their potency :

1) Talk to Your Credit Card Company

closely all credit rating card companies that offer metallic element credit cards give cardmembers the option to request a prepay envelope used to return an exhale or replaced metal batting order safely .
The credit calling card caller is then responsible for destroying or recycling the old card, and cardmembers can rest assured their card information is safely discarded directly with the calling card issuer .
Most credit batting order companies are bequeath and able to do this, including Chase and American Express.

2) Use Heavy Duty Scissors

unfortunately, heavy-duty scissors may not work in completely destroying a metallic element recognition card. If you have a couple, though, it ’ sulfur worth a inject to see if it works for you .

3) Use a Drill or Torch

A more extreme method acting of destroying a metal credit card is to get more extreme tools involved. Some credit card users have reported using a drill or metal cutting machine to destroy a metal accredit tease with varying levels of achiever. You could use a drill to put holes through your chip, charismatic stripe, and some of the numbers on the card to leave it unserviceable .
Others have moved on to fire as a direction to melt the tease down, but the credit card numbers on the back are frequently leave integral .
Neither method may work fully, though, meaning credit card users may be left with only one feasible option – returning it to the issuer .

Bottom Line

In total, sending a alloy credit menu back to the issuer in a prepay envelope provided by the company is the most efficient way to have a circuit board safely destroyed. closely all credit menu companies offering metallic accredit cards provide this overhaul with a simple request from the history holder without commit .
Cardholders can try to destroy a metal credit card on their own, but their best bet is to send it back.

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