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The Truth in a Nutshell

  • C.L.U.E. stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange.
  • MVR stands for Motor Vehicle Record.
  • Driving infractions show up on your MVR and accidents show up on your C.L.U.E. report

car insurance is expensive enough for even the best drivers. Add a ticket or an accident to your record and your policy bounty only goes up. What if you have tickets and accidents on your record that aren ’ t actually yours ?
If this has happened to you, possibly you found yourself asking, “ What if my MVR and C.L.U.E. reports are wrong ? ” Just like errors on a credit composition, there can be errors on your C.L.U.E report and Motor Vehicle Record ( MVR ), and they can cost you thousands if they go unnoticed or unresolved. That ’ s why it ’ second significant to know the difference between a Motor Vehicle ( MVR ) and comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange ( C.L.U.E ) reports .
then, what can you do to “ right ” this “ faulty ” ? Well, beginning, you must be certain they ’ re actually reporting in mistake .
insurance quotes are free here, so before learning more about what happens if there is faulty information on your drive record reports like your C.L.U.E. and MVR report, compare cable car insurance rates with our easy-to-use creature .

What is the difference between an MRV and a C.L.U.E report?

After leaving your stream insurance company, the new indemnity company will know everything about your past insurance claims. policy providers use the C.L.U.E reputation to determine how much risk you have as a driver .
The MVR check lets insurers look at a person ’ s drive and accident history and is part of the background screening process. When comparing an MRV vs. a C.L.U.E report, you ’ ll probably notice that the former puts more emphasis on the driver, while the latter focuses on a particular vehicle .

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What should be on your MVR and C.L.U.E reports?

so, what should be on your Motor Vehicle Record and C.L.U.E. reports ? A common misconception among policy consumers is that a not-at-fault accident will not show up on your reports. This is simply not the case. Your C.L.U.E. report will return an accident whether it is your fault or not .
In fact, your insurance company will likely raise your policy agio for being in an accident that was caused by another driver and paid for by their insurance company. The thought process goes like this ; you are partially at fault for being involved in the first space .

What is an policy premium ? The monetary value you pay for insurance coverage during a given period of clock time .

Different states look at this differently, but there are two concepts at play hera. One is “ comparative negligence ” and the early is “ conducive negligence. ” In the early, it is possible that you are negligent to a degree for the cause of your accident .

Examples of Comparative Negligence and Contributory Negligence

For exercise, person may have been speeding and hit you from behind, but you may have been partially negligent by not signaling your turn into the grocery store, which meant the speeder didn ’ metric ton have adequate time to slow down. In the indemnity world, you ’ re partially at mistake and charged accordingly .
An model of conducive negligence would be crossing the centerline of dealings briefly, and as a solution, being struck by a drink driver. While the drink driver, by all logic, should be the one who “ pays ” here, you technically contributed to the accident by making a simple mistake .
In a state that recognizes conducive negligence, you may not be able to collect damages, because, in the eyes of the police, you were partially to blame .
But in either of these examples, there ’ randomness going to be an accident reported by C.L.U.E. and you will likely be charged for it. Read the future section for information about blatant errors in reports .
What type of damages can I sue for ? There are multiple situations where you can sue, though whether you live in a demerit or no-fault state will limit your correctly to file a lawsuit in some circumstances .

What about blatant errors on your MVR and C.L.U.E reports?

You ’ re not talking about an accident for which you might have been partially creditworthy. If your name is Mike Smith, you ’ re talking about an accident for a different “ Mike Smith ” who lives in a state on english of the state that you ’ ve never stepped foot in. This is surely a different situation and needs to be corrected. In this case, you need to know how to dispute a C.L.U.E. report .
There are a few ways to correct these errors. First, you have to determine which report contains the discrepancy .
While your insurance company or indemnity agent will be able to tell you the details, good remember that motive vehicle driving infractions ( i.e. speeding tickets ) will be listed on your MVR report and accidents will be displayed on your C.L.U.E. report card .

How to Get a Ticket Removed – MVR

We ’ ll originate with the more difficult of the two. Your MVR history is tracked by the department of centrifugal vehicles in your state of matter. This means you will be contacting the appropriate state of matter agency to dispute the find .
You may be advised to contact your State Department of Insurance and “ file a claim ” to start the process of the state research and correcting the error. If it ’ s not wholly obvious that they ’ ve got the wrong person, the process may be slowly. Remember, this is a governmental agency, so don ’ thymine expect anyone to knock themselves out to resolve your issue.

Be affected role and nice with everyone you speak to or you may end up on the merry-go-round of leaving unreturned messages on 10 different people ’ s voicemails. besides, it ’ second best to call very early on in the morning between Tuesday and Thursday, as the average person will be calling on Monday or Friday .

How to Get an Accident Removed – C.L.U.E

Wondering how to fix my C.L.U.E. report ? As you already know, ChoicePoint ’ south police reports can be ordered via LexisNexis online source. however, to get an accident removed, you may simply contact ChoicePoint or LexisNexis — the companies who compile data for the C.L.U.E. drive record report — if you feel there are errors in your LexisNexis drive record or ChoicePoint driving phonograph record report .
Either of these companies will contact the insurance company on your behalf and give them up to 30 days to clear up the discrepancy. If the insurance company doesn ’ thymine respond within this meter skeletal system, the accident will be removed. Some will have car C.L.U.E. report codes which can be found by contacting whichever car insurance company you ’ ra using .
Different states may have different resoluteness options. You ’ re going to be happy if the process doesn ’ t involve the State Department of Insurance ( see above ). It would be best to search C.L.U.E. reports for your specific state. For example, try searching “ C.L.U.E report AZ ” for Arizona-specific C.L.U.E information .
Accidents and tickets can greatly affect your indemnity rates as can be seen in the chart below, which shows average policy rates based on driving records in Miami, FL .
Miami, FL Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates Based on Driving Record

Companies Average Annual Rates with a Clean Record Average Annual Rates with 1 accident Average Annual Rates with 1 DUI Average Annual Rates with 1 Speeding Violation Average Annual Rates
USAA $3,218.06 $3,942.40 $5,781.39 $3,367.42 $4,313.95
Geico $3,166.51 $4,083.86 $6,143.36 $5,020.01 $4,464.58
State Farm $5,470.21 $6,544.92 $6,007.51 $6,007.51 $6,007.55
Nationwide $5,830.30 $6,421.32 $8,667.91 $6,484.93 $6,973.18
Progressive $6,123.09 $9,098.47 $7,665.73 $8,256.07 $7,629.10
Liberty Mutual $6,264.01 $8,138.59 $11,783.73 $8,551.72 $8,728.78
Allstate $10,007.84 $12,092.59 $13,039.52 $11,018.39 $11,713.32
Get Your Rates Quote Now #blank# #blank# #blank# #blank# #blank#

Compare RatesStart Now → As you can see, rates can increase by more than $ 1,000 due to a individual drive rape .

Is there an easy way to fix my C.L.U.E. and MVR report?

many insurers who are preparing bounty quotes for you will merely accept a “ Letter of Experience ” ( LOE ) from the insurance company you were with at the clock time of the inaccurate accident. In reality, this is probably where the error occurred and the insurance company should be the one helping you resolve the matter .
The Letter of Experience is merely a document prepared by the former insurance company that states you did not have an accident ( or at least that finical accident ) during the policy period in wonder. You must call or write the previous insurance company or agent and ask for the LOE for the policy terminus where the accident is reported. They ’ ll know what you ’ re talking about .
Keep in mind that your stream insurance company or agent may not be in besides big of a rush to help you, as it will be apparent you are shopping for indemnity and considering switching insurers. You may have to be dogged here. You will besides want to verify that you have not been paying a higher premium with your anterior insurance company as a result of these inaccurate reports. If you were, demand to get a reappearance premium check for the difference .
If the insurance company you ’ re trying to obtain a quote from will not accept this letter, you may equitable want to move on to an insurance company that will. Would you want to be insured by an indemnity caller that doesn ’ t make things angstrom easy as possible for you ?

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Why do I have to fix my C.L.U.E. and MVR report?

Again, a fairly wonder, and again, liveliness international relations and security network ’ t fair. Insurers are frequently huge companies with tens of thousands or even millions of clients, and that means thousands or millions of claims per year. And barely wish errors on our credit reputation or with our personal bank accounts, we ’ re the ones on the addict to prove ourselves right and the reports wrong. The odds are stacked against us .
As discussed above, you may plainly contact the insurance company you were with when the report in question was prepared. It ’ s likely their “ fault. ” Keep in judgment, that you already paid them in the class of a premium, so the least they can do is resolve errors they may have made regarding your drive records .
You surely shouldn ’ metric ton expect the insurance company to prepare your newly insurance quotes to help you. There ’ sulfur no guarantee you ’ re going to purchase a policy from them, sol why would they spend time ( i.e. money ) helping you get your house in order ?
There ’ mho besides a little piece of built-in protection against policy fraud here. While you may be the most good person on the satellite, there are enough of people out there who aren ’ metric ton and are looking to cut their insurance costs in any way possible, including lying about their previous driving history .
Everyone and their grandma would be disputing claims if an insurance company was creditworthy for figuring it all out. Insurers all over the U.S. would have to hire thousands of people ( this is a multi-billion dollar diligence ) to play detective in claims history disputes, many of which would be bogus .
so, if you think policy is expensive now…imagine what it would cost if the expense of thousands of extra employees were brought on to resolve these matters. Remember, profit margins are already set ; any extra operate expense is passed on immediately to us, the insured. Learn about how much errors can occur in these reports by reading the follow incision .

Why does this happen and how often?

TTAI is not mindful of any finical statistics that show how much errors occur on these reports, but they surely happen and they are not particularly rare. indemnity agents typically claim that it doesn ’ t happen all besides frequently, which is of no consolation to you if you ’ rhenium read this position. You can blame your colleague world and technology for the errors .
The information contained in these reports is keyed into a computer by a person at some charge. People make mistakes every day. Chalk it up to modern liveliness, where you ’ re a faceless account count in a giant computer system .
last, consider the fact that there are millions of insurance claims each year and you won ’ thyroxine be shocked that errors such as these occur from time to time. now that you know what happens if our C.L.U.E. and MVR reports have wrong information on car indemnity, read our FAQ section below .

Frequently Asked Questions: What if my C.L.U.E. and MVR reports are wrong?

We hope we ’ ve covered everything, but equitable in case, check out some coarse questions below .

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#1 – What is a bad MVR score?

This depends on respective factors, including the area in which you live, as driving violations can be ranked differently by submit. An MVR checks for several pieces of data that appear on a driver ’ south license american samoa well as violations, crimes, and early driving-related information. Some states keep records for three years, others may keep them for ten-spot years .

#2 – How do I file a LexisNexis Risk Solutions driving record dispute?

C.L.U.E accident reports come from LexisNexis, a company that deals in legal and risk solutions. The easiest way to file a C.L.U.E report quarrel or a LexisNexis MVR challenge is to contact LexisNexis Consumer Center immediately. You can besides visit the LexisNexis Consumer Portal on-line .

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