What’s the Deal with Making a Cash Offer on a House?

always since the 2008-2009 recession, cash offers have become more prevailing, accounting for 33 % of sales as of 2021 — that ’ s up from 20 % in 2019. Cash offers are more popular in some markets than others ; for buyers trying to find a house in an area where cash offers are prevailing, competing against those offers can be a discouraging depart of the homebuying process .
If you ’ re looking to buy a home in such a market, you need to understand how a cash put up on a house works and what makes such an propose appealing to sellers. once you ’ ve acquired more penetration, you will be in a position to write your own compel offer .

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Cash offers: The basics

When imagining a cash crack, you might be envisioning person coming to the seller with a bag entire of neatly stacked bills, saying they ’ re fix to hand it over right then and there — but how a cash offer is actually presented international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine quite so cinematic .
A cash offer plainly means that a buyer already has the funds available to buy the house and can pay for it without securing a mortgage loan. From the seller ’ s point of view, it doesn ’ t make a lot dispute whether the cash comes from the buyer ’ s personal bank bill or from a mortgage loan. The consort contingencies, which come with extra risks for the seller, are where you ’ ll find most key distinctions between a cash offer and an put up backed by a mortgage loanword .
The most obvious eventuality with an offer that requires financing is, of course, the finance itself. Though you can ( and should ! ) submit your leverage crack with a pre-qualification or preapproval letter from a lender, these funds aren ’ t a sure thing until the loanword is fully approved. From a seller ’ s detail of view, if there are two offers that are differently identical, and one buyer can pay cash, the cash offer is probably to be viewed as the stronger offer because the buyer 1 ) decidedly has the money, which means that they can 2 ) close quickly .
Keep in beware that the number of cash offers floating about fluctuates with the market and at unlike price points. Jason Bragg, a top-selling agent in North Carolina ’ s Winston-Salem area, reports that cash offers are particularly common in 2021 among buyers who are downsizing .
“ I ’ thousand seeing a distribute of cash offers where people are selling their larger four- or five-bedroom house to downsize into a three-bedroom, one-level home, ” says Bragg .
He explains that because the real estate of the realm market in 2021 is thus competitive, these downsizing buyers — who would have otherwise probably financed their adjacent home — are opting to pay cash to make their offer more attractive .
Two real estate professionals looking over appraisal software; appraisals are one way cash offers have an edge over others

If sellers get paid at closing either way, why is cash better?

When you buy a firm with cash, the risk is all yours. If you have to get a mortgage lend, however, the lender shares the gamble, and they often want to take steps to make indisputable the investment is a good one .
The biggest contingency that sellers and buyers avoid when the buyer is paying cash is the financing contingency, as we mentioned above. In other words, if you can ’ thymine secure a lend, you won ’ thyroxine be buying the family. The lender normally besides requires extra contingencies before they ’ ll approve the loan, such as an appraisal contingency to make certain the home is worth the sum they are loaning you to buy it, and an inspection eventuality to see if there are any potential problems .
cash buyers have the choice of taking these same steps for appraisals and inspections, but they aren ’ triiodothyronine required to so to appease a lender. So a cash buyer can waive appraisals and inspections to sweeten the batch for the seller if they choose .
In inadequate, cash offers are enticing to sellers for these reasons :

  • The funds are a sure thing
  • There’s no financing contingency
  • A cash buyer is more likely to waive appraisal and inspections
  • A cash buyer can close faster since there’s no waiting on funding

Let ’ s take a closer search at each patch .

The appraisal

The fact that a cash buy might not require an appraisal can be great for the seller because they don ’ t have to worry about what will happen to the offer if the house doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate survey high enough. A loan contingent on appraisal could fall through, and the seller would have to find another buyer or reduce the price .
Issues pertaining to appraisal accounted for 26 % home purchase delays as of April 2021. You can counter this refer by talking with your real estate of the realm agent and making certain you have done inquiry to verify that the house international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate likely overpriced .
How else can you compete with a cash offer that ’ s waiving the appraisal ? Give yourself some wiggle board :

  • If you have the funds to do it, offer to make up any difference in the appraisal amount if it comes in low.
  • You could also offer to pay for a second appraisal.

The inspection

mortgage loans require an inspection to make surely the house is habitable and in good shape. Again, cash buyers can forego this mistreat since they are taking on the risk themselves. This may be specially appealing to a seller if they know their home has issues and don ’ thymine want to or aren ’ metric ton able to get them fixed. Inspection-related issues besides account for 10 % of delays in home purchases .
All this being said, foregoing a home inspection is a bad move for you as a buyer. Unless you ’ rhenium buy for investment purposes and planning to wholly renovate the house in order to rent or resell it, you ’ ll credibly want to know what you ’ re getting into.

So how can you inspect a base and silent have a competitive offer ? You can avoid asking the seller to pay for any necessary repairs. Home inspections are often used as a negotiation creature, but it ’ s besides identical possible to conduct one just for peace of mind .


Because cash buyers aren ’ thymine obligated to get an appraisal or inspection, these deals may close more promptly. This can appeal to a seller who is looking to move fast and wants to avoid their adjacent mortgage requital .
In club to compete with this, you can offer to let the seller control the timeline and do everything you can on your end to expedite the work :

  • Work with a buyer’s agent who can help you navigate the process and paperwork quickly and efficiently.
  • Make sure you’re already preapproved for your loan (or go through pre-underwriting, if possible) so waiting for that isn’t a factor.
  • Be available — this isn’t the time to go on a trip or turn your phone off. If you’re ready to answer the seller’s questions at a moment’s notice, you may very well come across as easier to deal with than a cash buyer.

What kind of buyers offer cash?

While technically anyone with available funds can offer cash when buying a home, cash buyers do tend to fall into one of a few different categories .
Investors normally offer cash when buying homes to either flick or economic rent out. High-volume investors tend to buy and sell homes frequently, so they ’ re likely to have the kind of cash on handwriting that allows for paying out of pocket rather than having to secure a mortgage loan for each purchase .
Homebuyers who are downsizing, as Bragg noted, may be inclined to pay cash. While the size of a home doesn ’ t necessarily dictate its value, it ’ s not uncommon for the sale of a large family to yield adequate profit to turn around and purchase a smaller property without the fuss of finance .
additionally, buyers who are backed by a cash-purchase product can present a very attractive cash put up on a home they love. HomeLight Cash Offer, for example, gives qualify buyers the power of cash by making an extend on your behalf — even if you however have a home to sell, and even if you actually will need finance .

Price still matters, and it pays to be competitive

Though it ’ mho true that a cash offer may lead to an easier, faster-closing sale, cash international relations and security network ’ thymine always king in the eyes of a seller. The seller gets paid barely the same whether you pay in cash or finance with a loanword. thus if the timeline and contingencies aren ’ thymine much of a concern, the seller has no reason not to take the best put up, regardless of where the money comes from. Which means that, flush if you are using a mortgage, you can absolutely still submit a competitive offer .
Financial incentives in the seller ’ sulfur favor are always a plus. not only can a full-price offer give you an edge over cash if it ’ s a moo cash put up, but you can gain extra advantage by offering to pay close costs. If the seller has a longer timeline in take care, you could consider sweetening the manage by offering to throw in rent-back — where you allow the seller to continue living in the base for a stipulate menstruation of fourth dimension after shutting .
This may particularly be of pastime during a frantic seller ’ s market like we ’ ve seen in 2021, where a fast close is only a profit to the seller if they already have their next base lined up .
And, aside from offering to waive the contingencies we ’ ve already talked about, in states like North Carolina where a due diligence fee is coarse, you ’ ll have another choice for moving your extend to the top of the pile even if you aren ’ metric ton paying cash .
“ due application is the time that a buyer has to investigate a property, ” explains Bragg. “ During this period, the buyer pays a due diligence fee and they lose that money if they terminate for any argue. so, the two things sellers here are looking for are a nice leverage price, and a eminent due diligence tip. ”
Bragg shared that he ’ mho seen due diligence fees vitamin a high as $ 10,000 from tidal bore buyers who are volition to demonstrate their commitment to a home. In early states, a alike fee is often referred to as dear money. While there are situations in which you can get your earnest money back, it ’ s potential to waive that correct if you ’ d like to make an ultra-competitive offer on a home plate. Your agent can help guide you through these fiscal extras during the volunteer process .
If you very, really want this finical home plate, consider writing in an escalation clause. This is helpful in multiple-offer scenarios where you won ’ thyroxine know what early buyers are offering, but if you ’ rhenium will to add an extra, say, $ 5,000 to the highest compete offer, it ’ s the fastest way to put your extend back in front of a seller .
last, consider writing a personal letter to the seller. If you have extenuating circumstances or a special aroused attachment to the home that might tug at a seller ’ sulfur heartstrings, this can work in your party favor .
bottom line : A higher price, as few contingencies as possible, and an emotional entreaty can put you far ahead of any cash offer a seller might be considering.

Handling cash offers as a buyer

There are many reasons a seller might prefer a cash cope, and you won ’ triiodothyronine know what separate of the cash deal is most appealing to them unless you try to negotiate. A good agent should be able to assess the seller ’ second position and give you advice on how to write the best possible offer .
At the goal of the day, it might be easier than you think to outshine a cash volunteer. The key is to make things as easy for the seller as possible .
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