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even if you have n’t found the perfect rental equitable however, understanding the lotion action in progress will make everything a distribute less nerve-racking. Every building and landlord will have a slenderly different blessing procedure for prospective tenants, but the goal is to make certain you have the ability to pay rent on meter and wo n’t endanger early tenants .

What documents do I need for the application?

You can prepare a rental application days, weeks, or months before you find the perfect place—and doing then is the best way to make indisputable you get the place you want. While specific forms may vary, about all landlords will want to review the same cosmopolitan things : your income, your credit score, your lease history, and your condemnable background ( if applicable ). caretaker can help you streamline this process— log in to order a credit report, human body out whether you need a guarantor, and request reference book letters .

Rental application form

Most landlords will ask you to fill out a standard rental application that looks something like this. The form asks for your complete sociable security number, which is used to run your credit and background. The landlord does this using a third-party credit rating agency and a background check military service. Your background check will surface condemnable history or history of eviction on your record .

Pay stubs, tax documents, and employer letters

Any landlord—small or large—wants to be indisputable that you ‘ll pay the rent on clock time each calendar month. Most landlords will ask for pay up stubs and copies of your tax returns. If you ‘re not getting pay stubs from your employer already, then you should ask for any kind of receipt of payment on company letterhead. It should list the date that you were paid and the total. You can besides ask your employer to write you a letter confirming your income.

If you ’ re moving to start a new job, have your new employer provide you with an offer letter on company letterhead. If you work freelance, get signed copies of contracts with your clients, download your most late bank statements, and circle the incoming payments from these contracts. Make surely they correspond to the numbers on your contracts deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as possible, and you can besides collect your most holocene outgoing invoices. If your income comes from sources other than full- or part-time employment or mercenary work, you can besides ask for a letter from a certified populace accountant and add this to your application .

A copy of government-issued identification

Every lease application will require a copy of your government-issued photograph ID to verify your identity. This can be a driver ’ second license or pass .

Reference letters

To further verify your identity ( and character ), some landlords will ask to see letters of citation from people you have previously rented from. They may flush want references from people who know you personally or people you have worked with. You can contact your by landlords and ask them to write a brief letter vouching for you and outlining what you were like as a tenant. Get at least one letter from a landlord you have rented from ahead. You can complement this with a letter or two from personal references .

Do I have to pay a fee to apply?

Some kind of non-refundable fee is about constantly required to apply for a rental. The purpose of an application fee is to cover the costs associated with running your background and citation check, sol make sure that the application fee you are being asked to pay is n’t much higher than the cost of these third-party services ( typically somewhere between $ 30-40 ). Some states and cities even cap application fees, so make sure you ‘re not being overcharged. You can try asking if the landlord in wonder will refund the fee if you ‘re not accepted, or if any character of the fee can be applied to your rent or security situate if you are approved, but the answer will likely be no .

How long does it take for a rental application to be approved?

Although the timeline varies, you can by and large expect to hear second 24 to 72 hours after you submit an application. This is pretty reproducible across the country, although we ‘ve heard of landlords taking a long as two weeks to get spinal column to likely tenants. How long it takes depends on how thorough your landlord or property coach is being—if they ‘re calling former landlords to ask about your behavior as a tenant, or your employer to double-check your wage, the process will credibly take longer.

What are some reasons my application might get rejected?

Your income is too low.

If your annual income is n’t adequate to reliably breed rent payments, then a landlord will likely reject your application or ask you to get a guarantor. Most landlords expect you to make 40 times the monthly rip on an annual basis ( or two to three times the monthly rent on a monthly footing ) .

You have a poor credit history.

If your application is not approved for a argue related to your credit or background discipline, you have the correct to know why. The landlord is required by federal law to serve you with something called an “ adverse action detect ” that must include :

  • The name, address and phone number of the consumer reporting agency that provided the report
  • A statement that the decision to reject the application was the landlord’s and not related to the consumer reporting agency
  • Information detailing your right to argue the accuracy or completeness of the report

It should besides let you know that you can get a barren report from the like agency if you request it within 60 days of receiving the notice. If you ’ re having worry finding an apartment because you have bad credit, check out our tips for renting with bad or no accredit .

Your criminal history suggests you might endanger the safety of other tenants.

It ’ south illegal for a landlord to have a blanket policy of rejecting applicants with criminal backgrounds. That is considered discriminatory. however, if something in your criminal history makes it probably that renting to you would put the safety of other tenants in question, your landlord may refuse your application on those grounds .

Does a landlord have to tell me why they rejected my application?

It depends. If a landlord denies your application for any argue unrelated to your criminal background or credit report, they are not legally required to tell you why. however, if a landlord wants to be clear that they have not violated the Fair Housing Act —which prohibits a landlord from rejecting a rental applicant based on rush, religion, and other protected categories—they may tell you why they rejected you if you ‘re persistent adequate .

Is it possible to change a landlord’s mind?

If your lotion is rejected, try talking to the landlord. It ’ s possible—especially if you ’ rhenium dealing with an autonomous landlord and not a management company—that you will be able to assuage their concerns through a conversation. They may ask you to provide more software documentation. If you love the apartment, it ’ randomness worth asking if there ’ s anything you can do to change their heed.

My application was approved—now what?

about every landlord will require a security deposit upon move-in. Check the laws in your area to see if your department of state limits the amount that a landlord may charge as a security lodge. local law may besides describe how a landlord is required to store your security deposition, or if they must give you a receipt when you pay your deposition. Although it can vary, the standard security system lodge amount is equivalent to one month ’ second lease. It ‘s less park, but some landlords may choose to charge a non-refundable move-in fee rather of a security deposit. A move-in fee is intended to cover the costs associated with changing tenants and preparing the unit of measurement for a new person to live in it, like changing the locks on the doors. Unlike a security sediment, a move-in fee will not be returned to you when you move out of the whole. often, a landlord will besides require you to make a payment towards the rent when you sign a lease. Some landlords will not ask for this, but in more competitive rental markets, it ’ randomness common practice. You may be asked to pay inaugural calendar month ’ south rend, or, in some cases, first and last calendar month ’ sulfur lease .

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